India in India, a couple brave floods by going to his marriage in a giant boiler

08:45  21 october  2021
08:45  21 october  2021 Source:   slate.fr

China: dozens of coal mines closed by floods

 China: dozens of coal mines closed by floods © AFP d es floods resulted in the closing of dozens of coal mines in a large producing region of northern China, while the country tries to Increase extraction to prevent electricity shortages. More than 60 mines have ceased their activity in the province of Shanxi, west of Beijing, where diluvian rains also led to the evacuation of at least 120,000 people, reported local media.

Les inondations qui frappent l'État du Kerala en Inde n'ont pas empêché ce couple de se rendre à son mariage. | Capture d'écran asianetnews via YouTube © The floods that strike the state of Kerala in India did not prevent this couple from going to his ... Floods Who strike the state of Kerala in India did not prevent this couple from getting to her marriage. | AsianetNews screenshot via YouTube

This is an input of the most original: an Indian couple went to the place of his wedding in a giant cauldron, braving the deadly floods that hit the country . Since Monday, October 18, the images of their mode of transport have become viral.

Akash Kunjumon, 26, and its future wife, Aiswarya, 22, have floated in the disturbances of the state of Kerala where large floods and landslides have killed at least twenty-seven people. The Indian Army and Navy were also mobilized to rescue the inhabitants of the region.

South Africa: The first Messenger RNA vaccine in preparation

 South Africa: The first Messenger RNA vaccine in preparation © Towfiqué BARBHUYA / UNSPLASH South Africa: The first Vaccine in RNA messenger on the continent in preparation South Africa, which militates for equitable access Anti-Covid vaccines, has embarked on the design of a first African vaccine at RNA Messenger (mRNA), to terminate the continent's dependence on rich countries. The innovative mRNA technology is to inject in the body of genetic instructions that dictate the patient's cells what to make to combat the disease.

"A marriage I did not expect at all"

interrogated by the Reuters news agency, the mother of the future husband said that the couple wanted the marriage to be maintained, relate NBC News : "We Planes organized marriage and celebrated it at the scheduled time, despite floods. "

"We did not know that there would be so much water. We tried to have a boat, but we could not get one, "explained the husband, surprised by the magnitude of the floods. As for the bride, she entrusted to the local Asianet media that "it turned out to be a marriage to which [she did not expect at all."

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in the video become viral, two men and a cameraman are present. They help the couple, installed in its giant cauldron, crossing flooded roads by guiding it to the Panayannurkavu Temple Devi, in the district of Alappuzha, where the wedding ceremony took place.

The ceremony eventually took place , with less than ten guests present.

India spreads the idea of ​​setting a carbon neutralize .
climate-on India: India spreads the idea of ​​setting a target of carbon neutralize © Reuters / Francis Mascarenhas India discards The idea of ​​setting a target of neutral carbon New Delhi (Reuters) - India has rejected calls on Wednesday calls for an objective of carbon neutrality, stating that it was more important for the international community to present A roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid a dangerous rise in temperatures.

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