India Sudan: No negotiation with the army after the putsch, says a minister

20:55  30 october  2021
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in Sudan, Pro-Military and Pro-Civilians are competing for

 in Sudan, Pro-Military and Pro-Civilians are competing for © Ashraf Shazly Manifestation in Khartoum for a civilian power, 21 October 2021 Thousands of supporters of a civilian power in Sudan parade Thursday to Khartoum, In a Demonstration of Force against a sit-in which has been calling for six days "a military government" to take the country out, one of the poorest in the world, of the marasm.

La ministre soudanaise des Affaires étrangères Mariam al-Sadeq al-Mahdi, à Alger, le 30 août 2021 © Ryad Kramdi the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariam Al-Sadeq al-Mahdi, in Algiers, August 30, 2021

denouncing a blow to State "Grotesque", the Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam Al-Sadeq al-Mahdi stated to AFP Saturday that neither it neither the prime minister overthrown Abdallah Hamdok would negotiate with the soldiers who put "a whole people in a state of 'arrest".

Monday Before dawn, soldiers arrested the head of government at home in Khartoum while General and Head of Army Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane, announced to dissolve all the institutions of the country. Since then, the technocrat has been brought back to his home but is still not free from his movements, according to the UN.

"Coup d'état" in Sudan. The Prime Minister and most of his ministers arrested

 © Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok was placed in residence supervised by a military group. The tensions of these last days born from the breakage between the military and the civilian power resulted, Monday, October 25, on the arrest of several ministers and the placement, by a group of unidentified soldiers, Prime Minister Sudanese Abdallah Hamdok in supervised residence.

Ms. Mahdi, attached by phone by AFP, she escaped the raid and even been able to meet Friday the American business officer in Khartoum to discuss the democratic transition killed in the egg.

Saturday, while tens of thousands of protesters rise against General Burhane, alone to the orders since the coup, the minister is reclusing at home, hanging on the phone to have news of the parades she encouraged .

"Abdallah Hamdok is a nationalist, a cultivated man and a politician, he will not participate in this grotesque act, this betrayal led by the putschists," says Mahdi, whereas, according to press information, General Burhane has a Time considered Mr. Hamdok as chief of the cabinet he promised soon.

The own father of the diplomat, Sadeq al-Mahdi, democratically elected prime minister, had been overthrown by a coup d'état Omar El-Bésir in 1989.

Sudan: The Prime Minister returned to his home, under surveillance

 Sudan: The Prime Minister returned to his home, under surveillance Sudan-Politics-Hamdok: Sudan: The Prime Minister returned to his home, under surveillance © Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Sudan: the Prime Minister returned to His home, under surveillance Khartoum (Reuters) - The Prime Minister of the Sudanese Civil Government, Abdallah Hamdok, is now at home, said Tuesday to Reuters a source in his services and a safe source, without giving more details.

thirty years later, the army obeyed the will of thousands protesters and deposed it.

Today is his former head of the Army, General Burhan, who is at the origin of the dissolution of all Sudanese institutions, including the government that Ms. Mahdi judges always "alone legitimate".

Video: Coup d'état in Sudan: The Prime Minister Arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum (France 24)

- "Treathison" of the people -

in the past, "I Forwarding the military because they supported the Sudanese people "against the Beach autocrat, recognizes Ms. Mahdi. But today, "impossible that I discuss with them," she adds, after "the betrayal of October 25 which is a very very harmful act".

An act that it condemns as "illogical and irresponsible". He goes "against the will of the Sudanese people who does not want a military power and said in the street," she says.

Coup d'état in Sudan: The AU suspends the country of its instances, the arrests multiply

 Coup d'état in Sudan: The AU suspends the country of its instances, the arrests multiply © RFI / Miguel Martins The headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa. At the end of a long meeting, the African Union Peace and Security Council decided to "suspend" the Sudan of the AU's bodies until the power of a transitional government led by civilians. At the same time, the arrests of civilians continue in Khartoum.

To save the country, already stuck in the political and economic marasm, "the only solution is to return to the constitutional declaration and immediately release all political prisoners," says Mahdi.

In 2019, when soldiers and civilians have joined Sudan to its first free election for decades, they have ratified a "constitutional declaration" providing for the creation of a council of military-civilian sovereignty and a government, as the first step.

Several institutions like Parliament and the Constitutional Court had to follow, but have never been born. As for the Council of Sovereignty, it was to be given to the civilians who would lead alone the country to democracy, but as far as the deadline, General Burhane intervened, plunging Monday the country into the unknown.

Since then, the list of opposition figures at the stopped coup continues to lie down. Among them is the brother of the minister, Sedig al-Sadeq al-Mahdi, number two as she from the Oumma party, the greater Sudanese party founded by their father.

"We still have no news of those who have been arrested," deplores Ms. Mahdi, herself imprisoned under the regime of Bashir, that she announced wishing to submit, on behalf of her country, to the International Criminal Court (ICC) two months ago.

Currently behind the bars in Khartoum, Mr. Bashir is particularly sought after by the Tribunal in The Hague for "Genocide" in the deadly conflict in Darfur (East).

"We are a whole people in arrest because we can no longer have news of each other", regrets Ms. Mahdi.

Since Monday, telephone communications and a fortiorly the Internet have remained most of the time in the country, a radio silence to which the international community has called up.


Sudan: Military gestures do not call the street, the UN is worried .
© Ap - Marwan Ali in the streets of Khartoum, November 4, 2021, protesters show their rejection of Burhan coup . The UN Human Rights Council asked Friday, November 5, the "immediate return" of the civilian government, after the Putsch of October 25.

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