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Bar Refaeli has started its social service.

Monday  17:10,   21 september 2020

Bar Refaeli comes from Israel - you can order a travel guide to the country here. Refaeli was convicted of tax evasion in mid-September; her mother Zipi Refaeli even has to go to prison for 16 months. In addition, mother and daughter were sentenced >>>

Festival. Mini but sturdy fishermen of the world

Sunday  20:05,   20 september 2020

© OUEST-FRANCE Among the highlights of the meeting, the intervention of Isabelle Thomas, at the end of the screening of the documentary, "Wait and sea, dans les eaux trouble of Brexit ”, with directors Simon Coss and Antoine Tracou. Brexit,... >>>

Bad weather in the Gard: The three-hour rainfall record in mainland France has been broken

Sunday  17:05,   20 september 2020

It fell in twelve hours in the town of Valleraugue the equivalent of a year of rain in Nîmes, including 360 mm in just three hours © D. Tral / Météo Languedoc The Gard was hit by violent floods, especially in... >>>

election 2021: Federal Minister of Justice Lambrecht is no longer running for Bundestag

Monday  19:00,   07 september 2020

© dpa The lawyer has been Federal Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection since June 2019. The SPD politician will no longer run as a candidate in the federal election. The decision should only be about the Bundestag candidacy. The Federal... >>>

A US-Israeli delegation leaves the Emirates after an unprecedented visit

Tuesday  19:25,   01 september 2020

© NIR ELIAS Meir Ben-Shabbat Israeli national security adviser greets on leaving Abu Dhabi, September 1, 2020 A US-Israeli delegation left Abu Dhabi on Tuesday at the end of an unprecedented official visit where the leaders of the three countries... >>>

Five years after the photo of Aylan Kurdi, his aunt calls not to close his eyes

Tuesday  19:20,   01 september 2020

© Nilufer Demir The little Syrian Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach in Bodrum (southern Turkey), September 2, 2005 He Five years ago, the photo of little Syrian Aylan Kurdi stranded on a beach caused a shock wave. On Tuesday, her aunt appealed not... >>>

Venice Film Festival: Lav Diaz, the engagement of the Filipino filmmaker in "a word, a gesture, a silence"

Tuesday  17:10,   01 september 2020

© Siegfried Forster / RFI The Filipino director Lav Diaz will present at the Venice Film Festival 2020 his new film "Genus Pan ”. The 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival will open its doors on Wednesday 2 September. Filipino director Lav Diaz, >>>

Ryanair: A flight escorted by two fighter planes, two men arrested for terrorism and then released

Tuesday  16:35,   01 september 2020

A "suspicious object in the toilet" of the aircraft had been reported © JP PARIENTE / SIPA A Ryanair plane, an image that could become rare in the coming months SECURITY - A "suspicious object in the toilet" of the device had been reported British... >>>

Meeting of the Order. Editing of the Beaujoire park scene in progress

Sunday  02:09,   30 august 2020

© Ouest France The assembly of the main stage at the Beaujoire exhibition center started on Wednesday 26 August. Placed on the grass in front of the Erdre, technicians are working on the main stage to get it ready for the start of concerts at the... >>>

Haselböck starts festival directorship

Saturday  20:47,   29 august 2020

© Danny Gohlke / dpa / Archivbild music manager Ursula Haselböck takes part in a press conference. The new director of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival is a child of the mountains, now has the Schwerin lake in the north German lowlands in front... >>>

What to do in Rennes this Saturday, August 29?

Saturday  18:11,   29 august 2020

© Archives La Péniche Spectacle is back to school this Saturday, August 29, 2020. Swing concert on the deck of the Péniche Spectacle, discovery of the shared gardens of La Prévalaye and the world of flowers at the Ecomuseum. Some ideas for outings... >>>

Meat industry: Tönnies is allowed to take over a company with contract workers

Friday  03:19,   28 august 2020

© dpa According to the Cartel Office, Germany's largest meat company is allowed to take over the Lazar company with contract workers. The meat company buys the Baden-Württemberg company Lazar GmbH. With this, Tönnies is reacting to the stricter... >>>

Good oral hygiene begins at home

Friday  03:18,   28 august 2020

© Mareen Fischinger / Westend61 / Cover Images To keep teeth in perfect condition, you need to go to the dentist twice a year and brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. But many people forget or choose not to floss. Dental floss is really... >>>

Algeria. A referendum on a revision of the Constitution will take place on November 1

Tuesday  05:20,   25 august 2020

© RYAD KRAMDI / AFP During his inauguration in December, President Tebboune pledged to revise the fundamental law of Algeria. On November 1st, Algerians will vote on a revision of their Constitution. A project which is supposed to respond to the... >>>