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After 2 years Corona Pause: Paaspop Festival in the Netherlands

Saturday  17:40,   16 april 2022

After two years forced Corona pause, the festival season is starting again this year. For example, in the Netherlands the Paaspop Festival in Schijndel near Eindhoven. It invites more than 30,000 visitors again this year. Metal, pop and rock fans... >>>

Amandine PELLISSARD (Many families) Threatened with death: new revelations on the person who harasses the

Saturday  17:15,   16 april 2022

© Capture Instagram Amandine Pellissard (many families) Threatened with death: new revelations on the person who harasses the star of the show Families Many, life in XXL, Amandine Pelissard is regularly the target of criticism. However for a few... >>>

Seine-et-Marne: This shelter has recovered 28 animals in Ukraine and looking for foster families

Friday  17:50,   15 april 2022

Refuge volunteers have "trocked" animals against a croquette stock at the Polish border © Lana Boocock / Caters News / SIPA The 21 dogs and 7 cats were treated and must now be isolated for six months before adoption. (Illustration) Rescue - Refuge... >>>

Festival of Cannes 2022: a politico-religious thriller in Egypt and a portrait of African exiles in Belgium in the running for the gold palm

Friday  15:45,   15 april 2022

No filmmaker in the first draft of the official selection of the Festival to represent an African continent Who will be clearly visible on the big screen. © provided by FRANCINFO As often, African filmmakers and movies are counted on the fingertips >>>

The best tips for a visit to Klagenfurt

Friday  14:35,   15 april 2022

Already the location of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is fantastic. The Austrian town in southern Carinthia is also located in the triangeering of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. As a result, life is traditionally influenced multicultural there. Anyone who >>>

in Toulouse, the objects given by families enrich the collections of the museum of resistance and deportation

Friday  13:15,   15 april 2022

for the sake of conservation, descendants of deported or resistent during the Second World War regularly give objects that belonged to their ancestors . So many testimonies that join the collections of the Departmental Museum of Resistance and... >>>

Man, Woman or ... X: The non-binary passport arrives in the United States

Thursday  21:20,   14 april 2022

© AFP C ' is a new small box on an administrative form, checked Monday after months of waiting: D. Ojeda, A person who identifies himself as non-binary, can now request an American passport with a "X", nor masculine or female genre. my family... >>>

Fire! Chatterton, Izia, Wild Aloïse ... The Festival of Old Plows celebrates its 30 years in preview at the cheap with pop and joyful events

Thursday  21:15,   14 april 2022

The left bank store goes on summer time from summer April 30 by inviting the Festival of Old Plows for a white card on the occasion of its 30th birthday. Seven free concerts are scheduled between May 3 and June 14, 2022. © provided by franceinfo we >>>

Cannes 2022: Kirill Serebrennikov, David Cronenberg, Ethan Coen in the Festival program

Thursday  18:15,   14 april 2022

For the 75th birthday, the glamor should return to Cannes. With his film "Tchaikovsky's wife" also Kirill Serebrennikov occurs. © Marcus Brandt / DPA Award-winning Governors and International Stars: The list of 18 Favorites, which will be sent to... >>>

Lotto: Hesse cracks record jackpot of 45 million

Thursday  15:35,   14 april 2022

because of a special rule his chance was significantly higher than usual: a tipper from the Rhine-Main area has cleared out the lottery. © Arne Dedert / DPA A Tipper from the Rhine-Main area has cracked the Lotto Record Jackpot of 45 million euros. >>>

"I'm really scared!" : Amandine PELLISSARD (Many families) unveils his next tattoo in tribute to his children

Wednesday  21:55,   13 april 2022

© @lesciseauxparisiens "I really scared!" : Amandine PELLISSARD (Many families) unveils his next tattoo in tribute to his children at his last Live Instagram, Amandine Pelissard unveiled his tattoo project, in honor of his eight children.... >>>

image viewing to Ukraine visit: The hesitation of Olaf Scholz is dangerous

Wednesday  21:40,   13 april 2022

You look a bit like the main actors of the next Netflix mystery series, if you look so gloomy and closed to the camera: the picture, what the delegation German and Ukrainian parliamentarian Send on Wednesday from their meeting in West Ukraine, but... >>>

footballers emotional? - Trainer Shiels in Criticism

Wednesday  19:00,   13 april 2022

The National Trainer of Northern Irish Soccer Women has provided with statements about the alleged emotionality of players for discussions. © Bob Frid / EPA / DPA England's former national goalkeeper described the statements of coach shiels as... >>>

Families Numerous, Life in XXL (TF1): The Hubert has set a very precise rule before participating in the emission

Wednesday  17:30,   13 april 2022

The family show of TF1 focuses on renewal and integrates with every season of new tribes. The Hubert have recently made their entry into "many families, life in XXL" and a precise condition. © instagram @ family_hubert.tf1 The family show of TF1... >>>

A pro-Russian parade causes the anger of the Irish

Wednesday  17:15,   13 april 2022

a dozen vehicles descend the motorway near Dublin column. The first of them, a green jeep, arbore the symbol " z " , used everywhere in Ukraine by the Russian army. Behind him, the cars of the convoy float Irish and Russian flags at their windows.... >>>