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IrelandTo Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors

08:25  15 march  2019
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Shane Ross apologises for saying Sinn Féin TD was ‘like a donkey’

Shane Ross apologises for saying Sinn Féin TD was ‘like a donkey’ Imelda Munster accused the minister of resorting to name-calling, while Ross says the statement was an analogy.

“The greenness of it offsets some of my gas -guzzling vehicles,” he says. He did not know it, but the same company could be behind both the panels on Dong’s oil and gas business still provided nearly 18 per cent of revenues in 2015 but the company is not looking to replace its long-term reserves or

Big Oil is a name used to describe the world's six or seven largest publicly traded oil and gas companies, also known as supermajors. The term emphasizes their economic power and influence on politics, particularly in the United States.

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It has been nearly 20 years since BP launched its “Beyond Petroleum” advertising campaign, which included a new sunburst logo and a plethora of videos about making solar panels. The logo endured; the solar manufacturing business did not. Now BP and other global oil majors are again embarking on advertising sprees — but this time with a twist. Unlike previous efforts to burnish their green credentials, these new ads reflect the existential crisis the fossil fuels business is in.

Scaffolding collapses outside hospital in London

Scaffolding collapses outside hospital in London A huge section of scaffolding has collapsed outside the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London. Police and ambulance crews are at the scene, as well as two fire engines and three fire rescue units. Hampstead councillor Maria Higson tweeted pictures from the scene and said she was "praying no one is badly hurt". She added: "According to people nearby, some bricks came down first which alerted people to move out of the way, so no one got hurt". Major accident opposite the Royal Free (corner of Pond Street) - whole of South End Green is closed. Police and ambulance service managing the site.

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation are carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions resulting from the combustion of petroleum-based Most direct emissions come from the consumption of fossil fuels for energy. A smaller amount, roughly a third, come from leaks from natural gas and

European oil and gas groups are betting that conditions have now evolved enough to merit a new push into green energy. Mr Dudley said BP would invest The action taken by governments so far, they noted, fell short of what was agreed in Paris. For oil and gas groups to move ahead of society would

The multimillion-dollar campaigns in recent months from groups including Equinor and Royal Dutch Shell come at a time when the industry is facing increasing investor pressure to act on climate change, difficulty in recruiting talent and mounting legal challenges related to greenhouse gas emissions.

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors Solar panel installer with drill installing solar panels on roof on a sunny day The new BP campaign, in particular, is indicative of a pervasive theme across the industry — how to produce more energy with fewer emissions. The U.K. major is highlighting its legacy oil and gas business as well as new investments into wind and solar power.

“We wanted to communicate the challenge we saw but also that we’re doing something about it,” says Duncan Blake, director of brand at BP, adding that the ads are the company’s first global campaign in 10 years. “We’re not just focusing on the new, interesting shiny stuff, but the core business that keeps the world moving day to day.”

More than 500 village postmasters were 'wrongly hounded for stealing millions because an IT system was riddled with 29 bugs'

More than 500 village postmasters were 'wrongly hounded for stealing millions because an IT system was riddled with 29 bugs' When millions went missing, sub-postmasters were jailed, including Seema Misra, of West Byfleet, Surrey, pictured above– but glitches in the system were to blame, it was claimed. As 557 former sub-postmasters began fresh court action, a judge was told that postal chiefs tried to hush up reports that the software was plagued by problems. One sub-postmistress – Seema Misra, 43 – was jailed for theft when she was four months’ pregnant with her second son.

Big Oil was no doubt motivated to explore cleaner energy sources in part by “the end of easy oil ,” whereas greens saw a The majors largely sold off their renewable energy investments several years later Advocates for oil and gas industries should think of these regulations as dual-purpose: They

Although the majors ’ power has waned, they still account for 10% of global oil and gas output and 16% of upstream investment. They set the tone for smaller But few big investment groups have dumped the shares of big energy firms. Despite much publicity, oil companies’ recent commitments to green

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors © Provided by Ozy Media, Inc. Gettyimages 1087895344 Blake said this was not a disingenuous attempt to cover up the dirtier parts of the business, as companies had sought to do in the past, but a reflection of the current debate.

Norway’s Equinor has also tried to show the benefits of its gas business as well as its offshore wind venture. Shell meanwhile is promoting its “Sky” scenario — a way it believes the world could achieve the Paris climate targets but one that still sees a place for oil and gas.

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors red green yellow orange color fuel gasoline dispenser background As energy executives gathered recently in London for International Petroleum Week, they praised the oil and gas industry for helping improve the livelihoods of the world’s population — a message they felt had become lost in the climate debate. However, cutting emissions was the topic on everyone’s lips.

“Our ambition is to gradually reduce the carbon intensity of the energy products we sell to our customers over their full life cycle,” said Arnaud Breuillac, president for exploration and production at French energy major Total.

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors Investments in clean energy aren't leading to revenues yet, underscoring a growing struggle over their future.

BERLIN — A week at the American Academy in Berlin leaves me with two contradictory feelings: one is that Germany today deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, and the other is that Germany tomorrow will have to overcome its deeply ingrained post-World War II pacifism and become a more serious

“The oil and gas majors are in a fascinating place,” he said. “They’re starting to use clean-energy investments to hedge their bets that markets for Oil analysts themselves say it makes sense for oil companies to invest in renewables at a time when the value of green firms is also depressed by the

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors aerial top view tanker ship park in sea . But no matter how polished the advertising and convincing the talk, some believe the energy companies have a bigger hill to climb. Climate change is seen as a “near and present danger” for the world that can’t be fixed with ad campaigns, says Manfredi Ricca, chief strategy officer of brand consultancy Interbrand. “Short of a significant overhaul in business strategy, these companies will fail to meaningfully change public opinion.”

For most energy majors, it is unclear how they plan to evolve their businesses — if at all — and whether they can reduce emissions significantly while also maintaining shareholder returns. Simply put, BP and its peers have yet to find ways to generate revenues from renewables and low-carbon technologies that match their legacy businesses.

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors Panorama of oil and gas central processing platform in sun set where produced, treat the hydrocarbon then sent to refinery , petrochemical , power generation plant and tanker barge for export. A year of bumper profits has left them with plenty of cash but their investments are still primarily in maintaining fossil fuel production. On aggregate, the oil majors allocated just over 1 percent of their total 2018 capital expenditure to low-carbon ventures, according to CDP, an environmental nonprofit.

Brit killed in collision at 'Rednecks with Paychecks' event

Brit killed in collision at 'Rednecks with Paychecks' event A British man has been killed in a collision at an off-road vehicle event in Texas known as "Rednecks with Paychecks Spring Break". Steven Fairbairn, from Newcastle upon Tyne, died from head injuries in hospital after the vehicle he was driving collided head-on with another all-terrain vehicle. The crash happened on a dirt road within the grounds of the four-day festival and Mr Fairbairn was airlifted to a Fort Worth hospital, according to Montague County Sheriff's chief deputy Jack Lawson. His death was ruled an accident, but his family has been frustrated by a lack of answers.

Major oil and gas producers will put more of their capital into wind and solar developments as returns from renewables are poised to exceed some hydrocarbon About two decades ago, oil major BP tried to rebrand itself as “Beyond Petroleum,” which was meant to indicate they were moving forward into

The chickpea: A green dilemma . Chickpeas are sold in supermarkets in two versions: dried or cooked. The carbon footprint of the latter is far higher than the former. But that figure will be a guess, for it will depend on whether the customer uses gas or electricity for cooking. The former is more efficient and

“I think the industry is struggling with how to change their product lines, services and actual business,” says Paul Bledsoe, a former climate adviser in the Clinton White House. “It’s almost as if they’re trying to convince themselves to start serious investments in alternatives before it’s too late for both the climate and their own long-term viability.”

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors © RiverNorthPhotography Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - September 14, 2012: A RV at a Shell gas station on South College Road in Fort Collins, Colorado. Founded in 1907, Royal Dutch Shell, better known as just Shell, is a global energy company with 2011 revenues of over $470 billion. Oil companies also face investor pressure to set emission reduction targets and increase transparency about the impact of climate change on their businesses.

“The imperative for the industry is to stand up and be very clear about how it is managing transition risk,” says Nick Stansbury, head of commodity research at Legal & General Investment Management. “We need to rapidly decarbonize our global energy system, and that means that we will be consuming ever decreasing amounts of their most valuable product.”

But not everyone agrees with this scenario. Amin Nasser, CEO at state energy giant Saudi Aramco, said last week there was a disconnect between rising global demand for oil and gas, and campaigns to curtail supply. He said the traditional energy industry faced a “crisis of perception” despite the world’s enduring reliance on their products and growing demand in Asia and Africa.

Man who set fire to Inchicore apartment with 3 children inside jailed for 10 years

Man who set fire to Inchicore apartment with 3 children inside jailed for 10 years Margaret Green said she thought that she and her family were all going to die . She said she remembered her youngest son telling her that he was going to heaven and that he would come back and help them escape the fire. Detective Garda Shane Cahill told Mr McGillicuddy that in the second attack, William Godson woke to find flames outside the kitchen window of the home of his parents and two younger siblings. He grabbed bottles of water and used them to douse the fire.

Green Electronics. Fracking company and gas industry trade association lobbyists have also contributed to Clinton’s campaign, including Former Rep. Clinton’s State Department played a major role in negotiating a bilateral oil agreement with Mexico.

Let’s get it straight, Big Green is Big Business. Next time you are moved to pitch your ‘hard-earned’ cash into a tin shaken before you while being regaled As it stands, today’s prevailing cultural “ green agenda” is nothing less than a case of anti-intellectualism, costing the earth, in pursuit of the illusory.

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 8, 2018:BP or British Petroleum gas station in summer day. British Petroleum is a British multinational oil and gas company Comments from executives also suggest that part of the reason for increasing their messaging — showing not only how vital fossil fuels are today but also how companies are adjusting to the new world — is to entice new, often younger, people into the oil and gas sector.

“We need to listen carefully … especially to young people as they will be our future employees and leaders,” says Eldar Saetre, CEO of Equinor. “Young people are more impatient.” But even as Equinor aggressively promotes its renewable power business, oil and gas remains its priority. “Fossil fuels used in industry, petrochemicals and by trucks and airplanes would be difficult to displace,” Saetre says. While it was easy to call for a stop to production, he says, “it won’t go away.”

To Green or Not to Green: The Big Dilemma for Oil and Gas Majors Taken with sony a7 II For environmental campaigners, this new wave of messaging is just another example of green washing at a time when companies are seeking to grow their oil and gas businesses.

“Slick ads don’t erase decades of multimillion-dollar disinformation campaigns,” says Jean Su, energy director at the Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit group. “Fossil fuel companies now admit climate change is happening only because the public and shareholders have backed them into a corner.”

Irish weather forecast: Highs of 16C expected this week as high pressure brings sunshine to Ireland.
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