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Ireland250,000 smear tests were sent to unapproved labs

09:15  12 june  2019
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Pap tests , used to detect precancerous changes in the uterine cervix, are recommended every three years for women, starting three years after the first sexual The liquid-based Pap test has been found to allow for slightly better diagnoses and fewer false negatives, so most tests in the United States are

Thousands of Irish women’s smear tests were regularly tested in unapproved laboratories overseas but there is no evidence of deficiencies in the In many cases, a review of their original smears produced a discordant result from the original one. The number of labs now known to have carried out

250,000 smear tests were sent to unapproved labs Important findings: Lorraine Walsh and Stephen Teap speak about Dr Gabriel Scally’s report. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

As many as 250,000 smear tests from women in Ireland were read in labs in the US and the UK which were unapproved and not inspected by CervicalCheck.

The shocking extent of the transfer of slides to locations such as Grand Rapids, Michigan; Lansing, Illinois; Hawaii; and Manchester, England, was revealed in the second investigative report of Dr Gabriel Scally.

Until last year CervicalCheck was only aware of six labs which were officially being used to carry out its cervical screening, but Dr Scally found the real number was 16 with 10 unapproved centres used. All but one was accredited.

Simon Harris says he'll look to protect Ruth Morrissey award in any appeal of her court case

Simon Harris says he'll look to protect Ruth Morrissey award in any appeal of her court case The two laboratories involved in the case have said that they would appeal.

THE OUTSOURCING OF screening smear tests in the US has been raised as an issue of concern in the latest report of the Scally Inquiry into the CervicalCheck controversy. When he first took on the review following the CervicalCheck, the number of labs screening smear tests was thought to be six.

Irish women’s smear tests were regularly tested in unapproved overseas laboratories but there is no evidence of deficiencies in screening quality of any lab , according to a new report into the CervicalCheck controversy. All but one of the labs had the appropriate accreditation to carry out work

Major concern emerged about the lab based in Salford, Manchester, where 91,000 tests were examined.

Dr Scally found it started taking tests from CervicalCheck in 2016 but was not independently accredited - to ensure it met standards - until two months ago, on his request. The UK facility, operated by Medlab in Dublin, started with just one laboratory scientist and now has only four staff.

Dr Scally said: "I find the circumstances surrounding the screening of Irish women's slides in Salford particularly surprising, and disturbing, in terms of the level of governance expected in a public health programme."

Although all four staff have their outcomes recorded by Medlab in Dublin, he said he was of the view that remote working by a very small number of staff should be avoided.

State Claims Agency to appeal €2.1m award for damages made to terminally ill mum Ruth Morrissey

State Claims Agency to appeal €2.1m award for damages made to terminally ill mum Ruth Morrissey The cervical cancer campaigner and her husband Paul were awarded the huge sum on May 3 over the misreading of smear tests and the failure to tell her about it . A State Claims Agency spokesman stressed its appeal to the Supreme Court centred on “a number of important legal points that may have significant implications for the State”. Health Minister Simon Harris told RTE today he will look to insulate the total award. He said: “What I would like to see happen is to try and find a mechanism to protect Ms Morrissey’s interest from any appeal that may happen....

In some cases, women are still being asked to wait longer than 33 weeks to receive the results of their smear tests . The remaining 10 per cent of slides Although the labs did not have the required ISO accreditation, he found there was “no reason” on quality grounds why existing contracts should not

When you have a cervical screening test your test sample is sent to 1 of 3 labs that we use. The lab then follows a standard process as they test the samples. There are usually about 250 , 000 cervical screening tests each year. This increase in 2018 was due to understandable concerns about cervical

Dr Scally said that he could not find any evidence of quality deficiencies in any of the unapproved labs but he also said there were gaps in some of the data he had access to.

"We have not identified any evidence that the lab services used in the past or those currently used by CervicalCheck have provided, or are providing a service which does not meet acceptable standards in their country," he said.

Some of the labs have now closed.

The largest outsourcing was carried out by CPL, based in Austin, Texas, which worked for CervicalCheck from 2010 to 2013. It sent tests to San Antonio, Las Vegas, Victoria, Hawaii and Florida. Dr Scally remarked the distance between these labs was often considerable - Honolulu is 6,000km from Austin.

250,000 smear tests were sent to unapproved labs Probe: Dr Gabriel Scally arrives at Buswells Hotel in Dublin yesterday to deliver his report. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

The name of the US lab was included in a letter to a woman's GP but not to CervicalCheck.

Ruth Morrissey feels 'powerless' as €2.1m cancer award appealed

Ruth Morrissey feels 'powerless' as €2.1m cancer award appealed Health Minister Simon Harris was warned last week that terminally ill Ruth Morrissey was "frightened" for the future of her family and she was appealing to him to ensure her High Court award of €2.1m was secure. 

Smear tests are the best way of detecting early changes in the cells in the cervix, which is the lower, narrower part of the uterus that joins to the top end of Step 4: The cells are then put on a slide and sealed in a container that’s sent off to the lab , where the cells will be looked at under a microscope.

RTE report that over 300, 000 tests sent to Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) in Austin, Texas were outsourced. Dr Gabriel Scally’s second report, due to go before Cabinet today, found that while the labs were accredited, CPL should have consulted with CervicalCheck in writing before

CPL defended the move on the grounds it had a spike in tests and wanted to maintain turnaround times.

Dr Scally said there was no written evidence of CervicalCheck being notified of the outsourcing, although Medlab said the UK lab was mentioned at a meetings.

He criticised the failures in CervicalCheck's quality assurance which failed to pick up on the additional labs.

He had previously described its surveillance as virtually non-existent.

The early rounds of visits to the main labs by CervicalCheck inspectors were limited and "opportunities were missed" to develop a quality assurance process, he added.

Medlab also failed to tell the Irish watchdog responsible for inspecting labs, the Irish National Accreditation Board, the UK facility was operational in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Health Minister Simon Harris said he "hoped Dr Scally's comments will reassure Irish women that they can trust the results they receive from the CervicalCheck programme and that they should continue to attend for their scheduled screenings".

Commenting on the findings, CervicalCheck campaigners Lorraine Walsh and Stephen Teap said the report was "disturbing".

'She wants it to be over': Ruth Morrissey 'very upset' over State move to appeal CervicalCheck case

'She wants it to be over': Ruth Morrissey 'very upset' over State move to appeal CervicalCheck case 'She wants it to be over': Ruth Morrissey 'very upset' over State move to appeal CervicalCheck case

Pap tests , sometimes called Pap smears , are very important tests for finding abnormal cells on your cervix that could lead to cervical cancer. Pap tests may be part of your regular check up, pelvic exam or well-woman exam. During a Pap test , your doctor or nurse puts a metal or plastic speculum into

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Mr Teap said he had his late wife Irene's test result at home.

It says Austin, Texas, on it, as does the result of every other woman who got their slides done through CPL. "But the problem is, we don't know where they were read," he said.

Vicky Phelan, who settled her case against CPL, hoped the review of over 1,000 slides by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists would provide more answers.


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