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Ireland Jurors asked to consider if accused men 'really cared' whether alleged rape victim said no

11:35  09 november  2019
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Rape accused denies he and co-accused 'swapped over' sexual activity with woman

  Rape accused denies he and co-accused 'swapped over' sexual activity with woman Rape accused denies he and co-accused 'swapped over' sexual activity with womanThe jury at the Central Criminal Court heard that the defendant (29) told gardaí after his arrest that he didn’t go out that night with any intention to have sex and if he wanted sex he could go to his wife.

A young woman who said she had been raped went on to kill herself after the Crown Prosecution The CPS had pursued De Freitas for allegedly making up the rape allegation after the man at the “I have asked the team which dealt with this case for a full explanation which addresses all of the De

Families of alleged rape victims say HSE failed: 'They were protecting him and not her'. The family asked to have the accused senior transferred to another school, but officials told the For a victim of sexual assault, Pulice said being in the same building as the abuser can cause anxiety, depression

a car driving down a street in front of a building © Shutterstock Pierre-Olivier TWO MEN ACCUSED of raping a woman after she “blacked out” at a party didn’t care that she wasn’t consenting and took advantage of her, prosecution counsel has told their trial.

Eilis Brennan SC said that a lack of concern for the woman shown by the two defendants outside of the bedroom was “highly indicative” of a lack of concern inside the room.

The jury at the Central Criminal Court trial has heard evidence that the first accused talked about getting the woman out of the flat and that other men at the party were invited to go into the bedroom and “chance a blowjob” and “try her”.

Gang cleared of rape 'because girl, 14, didn't fight back'

  Gang cleared of rape 'because girl, 14, didn't fight back' People in Spain have expressed outrage after a court cleared five men of rape, ruling they did not use violence against their 14-year-old victim. The court in Barcelona said the girl was drunk and unconscious at the time and did not fight back.Instead the men were guilty of a lesser charge of sexual abuse because they did not use violence or intimidation, and their act could not be considered sexual assault.They were sentenced to 10-12 years in jail and fined €12,000 (£10,300).

She accused him of raping her three times in one terrifying hour. After she was kicked out of the car We followed the Kelly case and hoped that jurors ’ belief in forensic evidence and corroborating Meanwhile, victims who reported their attacks and submitted to intrusive forensic examinations sat

Four males are accused of gang- raping a then 15-year-old girl at a house party in 2012. The Crown prosecutor has asked the jury in an alleged gang- rape trial to review evidence "dispassionately The alleged victim said she remembered waking in a dark room to find herself drenched in water while

The prosecution case is that on two occasions during the night, the woman came to in a bedroom to find the defendants raping her.

Not guilty plea

The two Leitrim men have pleaded not guilty to rape in a flat in a town in the county on a date in 2017. The second accused also denies a charge of oral rape of the woman. The defendants and the complainant are now aged in their 20s and knew one another from school.

The jury began deliberations just after lunchtime yesterday and will resume on Monday morning.

In her closing speech to the jury, Brennan said that there was a view in the party that “this was a woman who was in the room, she was vulnerable, she was in position to be taken advantage of”.

The woman gave evidence that she heard laughter and heard men outside the bedroom saying, “you fucked her too, you get her out”.

Amazon's Alexa may have witnessed alleged Florida murder, authorities say

  Amazon's Alexa may have witnessed alleged Florida murder, authorities say Adam Reechard Crespo is charged with murder in connection to the July death of his girlfriend, Silvia Galva, in Hallandale Beach.Adam Reechard Crespo, 43, is charged with murder in connection to the July death of Silvia Galva, who died after suffering a stab wound to the chest.

In reality, many rape victims offer no physical resistance, many suffer no injury, many delay reporting rapes for significant periods and many react to The researchers also examined whether educational guidance given to jurors about these issues by a judge or expert witness would lead to a fairer, less

At the hospital, she said she was asked "humiliating and accusatory questions" by investigators, such as what she was wearing, what and how much she Their line of questioning continued, she added, with inquiries into whether she often had one-night stands, if she ever said " no " and how many men

Brennan told the jurors they were entitled to look at their behaviour outside the room when they consider whether they really cared whether she was saying no.

“Did they care, did they know she was drunk and unable to stand up for herself?” she said.


The woman and the two men were drinking at a party in a pub in the town. The party moved to a flat and the first accused said he later had consensual sex with the woman there.

The second man said he then went into the bedroom and after some “small talk” he asked the woman for a “blowjob” and she consented to oral sex. The woman said she never consented and when she left the party alone she met her fiancé and told him that at least two men had raped her.

In her evidence the woman agreed with Conor Devally SC, defending, that she felt demeaned by words she heard being said outside the bedroom and agreed they made her feel “worthless, there to be used”.

Thousands protest in Spain after men cleared of raping unconscious girl

  Thousands protest in Spain after men cleared of raping unconscious girl Thousands of people across Spain have taken to the streets in protest after five men who took turns to have sex with an unconscious 14-year-old girl were cleared of raping her. The decision by a court in Barcelona to convict the men of a lesser count of sexual abuse because they did not use violence or intimidation has sparked outrage, and campaigners are demanding a change in the law.Demonstrations were held in dozens of cities on Monday night, including the capital Madrid - where hundreds of people gathered at the gates of the ministry of justice.

The final alleged victim to testify in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial told jurors on Thursday the former Penn State University assistant football “It’s all black,” he told jurors said . Another 25-year-old man also told of showering with Sandusky as a young boy, sleeping at Sandusky’s home and

False rape accusations are a huge problem, And feminist organizations and those who cave to Yes, Sometimes the rape victim is to blame. The most ludicrous aspect of Canadian law is the provision Like one sign said instead of telling women not to do certain things how about telling the men not to

Devally told the jury that the complainant consented to sex with his client but was later upset by the behaviour afterwards of “immature lads behaving poorly” outside the bedroom. He said she felt “sullied by mockery” and said “it is quite reasonable that [she] would condemn the entire night as a fiasco”.

“She is feeling like her self-esteem has being absolutely trashed,” he said. He submitted that as a result she “reconstructed” the night so that it was maintained that she had no time earlier for his client.

He said this is understandable but it wasn’t true. He said others at the party testified that they were chatting and flirting and that she touched his leg.

He said they were seen dancing really close and one witness said she was “grinding up against him”. In cross-examination the complainant said she didn’t remember any of this.

He said when the woman got to the party she put her bag into his client’s bedroom. He said this was evidence that she intended to stay in that room and was “staking it out”.

The woman had testified that she didn’t know everyone at the party and put the bag there for safekeeping.

Two men found guilty of rape of woman following Donegal 'student night'

  Two men found guilty of rape of woman following Donegal 'student night' Two men found guilty of rape of woman following Donegal 'student night'Boakye Osei (29) of Twoban, Burnfoot and Kelvin Opoku (33) of Cill Graine, Letterkenny had pleaded not guilty to rape of the woman in a town in the county in February 2015.

Rape and incest victims have always unjustly been victims of the “Scarlet Letter Syndrome,” but Catholic health care professionals have developed a rape protocol that has been approved by the Both woman and child really need all the help and love we as a Church and Christian can give them.

But some victims ' advocates say such a rapid response is unusual, and that the criminal justice KOROBOV: You're absolutely right. When we talk to jurors from the very beginning in jury And they have rape kits that are really very nicely done. Their goal is you get as much evidence as possible.

Counsel said his client “couldn’t deal with” the woman telling him she loved him during sex and this is why he wanted her out of the flat.

He said the jury could not dismiss the possibility that “this is a young fella that doesn’t know how to handle” a more mature woman and not a rapist who wanted rid of his victim.

Colm Smyth SC, defending the second accused, said that the prosecution case that the complainant was “comatose” and unable to give consent was a “spin” on the evidence. He said that no witness saw her in an incapacitated state or out of control.

He said the woman herself said she had not had “a great quantity of drink”. He said at the party she “squared up” to a man because people were laughing at her dancing.

“If you were so near to comatose how would you have the sense to know you were being sneered at? She was in full control of her faculties,” Smyth said.

He said the woman never scratched his client’s face and never sought to leave the flat in terror.

When confronted with the allegations this defendant told gardaí they were “bullshit” and untrue. He said the woman had consented to oral sex and had pushed her hand down into his trousers and grabbed his penis.

Counsel said if her DNA had been found inside his client’s trousers, that would support his account but they were never tested because gardaí failed to seize them. He said the garda investigation was below the proper standard and he accused one detective of lying.


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Co Antrim teen accused of rape, blackmail and harassment in case involving five suspected victims .
A judge heard he allegedly boasted to police about his computer abilities , saying that he deliberately sought out and crashed strangers’ internet games.During interviews he was also said to have stated: “All girls these days are sl**s.”The teenager is charged with 21 offences, including:rape,causing a child to engage in sexual activity,trying to blackmail one alleged victim into paying £500, and,multiple counts of possessing, distributing and inciting girls to take indecent photographs.

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