Ireland 'Inaccurate and misleading': HSE and psychiatrists warn over Scientology-linked group leaflet on antipsychotic medication

12:05  22 january  2020
12:05  22 january  2020 Source:   thejournal.ie

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Learn more how Scientologists visit medical doctors and use medication to treat physical illness and disease while not using illegal street drugs or psychiatric substances. What is scientology ’s view on drugs and medicine ?

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THE HSE AND clinical psychiatrists have strongly criticised pamphlets being delivered across Dublin regarding antipsychotic medicines. 

Leaflets warning people about the dangers of taking prescription antipsychotic medication were sent to residents in south Dublin by a group linked to the Church of Scientology in recent weeks.

The pamphlets are titled “Antipsychotics: The facts about the effects”, and are part of what is described as a psychotropic drug series published by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

The CCHR describes itself as “a nonprofit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 180 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices”.

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Antipsychotic medications and psychotic symptoms. During a psychotic episode, the person Antipsychotic medications should come with a leaflet about the specific medication prescribed. The following content is displayed as Tabs. Once you have activated a link navigate to the end of the

If someone taking antipsychotic medication is thinking about stopping, it is important to consider what happened during previous episodes of illness. It is important that they stay in contact with their doctor or mental health worker, even if they have been well for a few weeks or months without medication .

It was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Dr Thomas Szasz.

As part of their religious “code”, Scientologists pledge “to expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practises in the field of mental health”.

The pamphlet being distributed claims that saying that mental conditions are diseases caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain is “dishonest, harmful and often deadly”.

The headquarter of the German Scientology is seen in Munich. (Photo by Alexander Pohl/NurPhoto via Getty Images) © Catalyst Images The headquarter of the German Scientology is seen in Munich. (Photo by Alexander Pohl/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

It says that its purpose is to “[provide] the information in this publication as a public service in the interest of informed consent”.

It claims:

“There is no question that people do experience problems and upsets in life that may result in mental troubles, sometimes very serious. But to say that these are ‘medical diseases’ or caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’ that can only be treated with dangerous drugs is dishonest, harmful and often deadly.

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type of health plan ( group health plan, self-funded health plan, etc.) state where insurance is issued (in physicians' offices, clinics, break rooms at workplaces) and share the link with others who

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“What psychiatric drugs do instead is mask the real cause of problems, often denying you the opportunity to search for workable, effective solutions. It is important to understand that there is a big difference between medical disease and psychiatric ‘disorders’.

“In medicine, a condition is only labelled a disease after it has met strict standards: You have to isolate a predictable group of symptoms, be able to locate the cause of the symptoms or see how they function.”

However, experts in the field of psychiatry have strongly disputed those claims. 

A logo of Scientology Religious organisation is seen in Stuttgart, Germany on January 14, 2020. (Photo by Agron Beqiri/NurPhoto via Getty Images) © Catalyst Images A logo of Scientology Religious organisation is seen in Stuttgart, Germany on January 14, 2020. (Photo by Agron Beqiri/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The HSE told TheJournal.ie it is aware of the materials being distributed, and described them as “misleading and inaccurate”. 

The information contained within this leaflet is misleading, inaccurate and shows no evidence of any understanding of the complex biological, psychological and social contributors to mental illness. The HSE advises that if this leaflet causes concern to any person who is being treated with antipsychotic medication, that they contact their GP or a member of the mental health team that is looking after them. 

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Non-emergency antipsychotic medication should only be used in patients with dementia when agitation and psychosis symptoms are In patients who show adequate response to the medication , an attempt to taper and withdraw the antipsychotic should be made within four months of starting.

Since the founding of the Church of Scientology in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard, the relationship between Scientology and psychiatry has been dominated by strong opposition by the organization against

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland has also hit out at information contained in the leaflets. 

Dr Maeve Doyle, Director of Communication and Public Education and Consultant Psychiatrist at the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland said the pamphlets contained “inaccurate and out-of-date data”. 

She said: “The college would urge caution around erroneous and potentially harmful information about mental illnesses in these leaflets. The leaflet refers to medical conditions involving the brain, for which extensive, and an increasing, scientific evidence base around causes and treatments of these illness exist and continue to emerge.

“Causes of illness mentioned are multifactorial – there are many environmental causes such as substance use and traumatic events and also genetic vulnerabilities.

“Some conditions are developmental in origin, particularly the childhood onset conditions. There is a strong association between physical and mental health also.”

Dr Doyle added that multidisciplinary team approaches are used nowadays and there are interventions and supportive services such as the HSE Early Intervention Psychosis Clinical Programme which are not just about using antipsychotics but incorporate tailored treatment plans and education for patients and carers/family members.

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Learn about the early warning signs of mental illness, symptoms, and how to take action at Psychiatry . org . Learning about developing symptoms, or early warning signs, and taking action can help.

Medications for Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders. A person who is psychotic is out of touch with reality. People with psychosis may hear “voices” or have strange and illogical ideas (for example, thinking that others can hear their thoughts, or are trying to harm them

She said: “Informed consent by patients around antipsychotic prescribing is always sought. Information on the medication, including side effects, is provided and explained and or provided in leaflets to patients. Extensive monitoring, including with physical tests, is carried out when someone is on antipsychotics.

To suggest that no mental health problem should receive treatment is entirely incorrect and goes against a large body of scientific and clinical knowledge. This leaflet could cause unnecessary distress to people who are already receiving treatment and may cause them to stop their treatment with serious consequences for themselves and their families. It may also prevent people who are in urgent need of treatment from seeking help.

The HSE has previously been outspoken about medical claims made by groups linked to the Church of Scientology.

A Scientology-linked Narconon drug treatment facility has been planned for Ballivor, Meath. It uses a detoxification method which has been criticised by medics in Ireland. 

The programme involves taking high doses of vitamins as well as spending prolonged periods in a sauna, and bouts of exercise.

A consultant psychiatrist in substance misuse from the HSE’s National Drug Treatment Centre said that this particular programme has no basis in science.

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Antipsychotic medication facts. Experiences vary: all antipsychotic drugs are designed to do the same thing — reduce psychotic symptoms and keep them away — but Reality: Antipsychotic medications aren’t addictive and you won’t need to take more over time to get the same effect.

The doctor said: “Scientology’s drug treatment programme has no standing amongst medical professionals involved in the treatment of persons with alcohol and drug use disorders.

“It comprises a series of interventions (‘Narconon’) with limited or no basis in a scientific understanding of human physiology and brain functioning and may potentially be harmful directly (with overuse of vitamins and other products) and indirectly in that persons are engaging in an intervention with no evidence of potential benefit for them.”

In response to the HSE’s claims, a spokesman for Narconon previously told TheJournal.ie: “Narconon follows the laws and regulations of the country in which they operate. Narconon prides itself is [sic] setting and maintaining the highest of standards in all aspects of the programme.”

The Church of Scientology has been contacted for comment.


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