Ireland Brittany: "They know they are the last". The Bigoudenes and their caps threatened with disappearance

10:05  10 april  2020
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'Tiger King': What Happened to Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband, Don Lewis?

  'Tiger King': What Happened to Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband, Don Lewis? 'Tiger King': What Happened to Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband, Don Lewis?The Netflix documentary featuring Joe Exotic, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” quickly found a captive audience of would-be investigators, trapped inside homes across the country because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We all know about German people inhabiting the banks of the Yauza river, where little Peter, the future tsar of all Russia, ran around, made friends and got his first ideas of learning about ships and fleets. They were both great football fans and decided to introduce this game to the workers of the factory.

French: Le Pays Bigouden ) historically known as " Cap Caval" and located along the Bay of The term bigoudène should not be confused with "bigoudénnie", the geographical concentration of and they are wearing the strange bigoudène coif, kind of variegated headband that hides their 2018, the then doyenne (eldest) of the Bigoudènes Marie Pochat died at the age of 102 in her native Brittany .

Tuesday evening, Marie-Louise Lopéré died at the age of 97. Famous for her appearance in Tipiak advertising, she was one of the last to wear the

Photo de quatre bigoudènes prise en 2009 au Guilvinec. Au premier plan, Marie-Louise Lopéré, décédée mardi. A l'arrière-plan, Alexia Caoudal, toujours en vie. headdress © ZEPPELIN / SIPA Photo of four bigoudenes taken in 2009 at Guilvinec. In the foreground, Marie-Louise Lopéré, who died on Tuesday. In the background, Alexia Caoudal, still alive. HERITAGE - Tuesday evening, Marie-Louise Lopéré died at the age of 97. Famous for her appearance in Tipiak advertising, she was one of the last to wear the

Thirty-five to 40 cm headdress of fine lace proudly erected above the head. Years passed but the Bigoudene headdress remains one of the emblems of Brittany. Brought to the eyes of the general public by Tipiak (Pirates!) Advertising or by the stickers from the A-Aise Breizh brand, this symbol of the region lost Tuesday evening one of its most beautiful ambassadors. Marie-Louise Lopéré died at the age of 97 in the nursing home of Penmarc’h where she had been living for a few years. It was there, at the very end of Finistère, that this elegant white headdress was born. And this is where it will probably die out in a few years.

How the pandemic affects terrorism

 How the pandemic affects terrorism © Uncredited Archive image of a vehicle convoy with members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia. Johannesburg. The members of terrorist organizations such as IS are also threatened by the corona virus. However, some of them see new opportunities in the chaos of the pandemic. The latest statements by the terrorist organizations Islamic State and Al Qaeda fluctuate between worry and propaganda. The virus was a punishment for the unbelievers, it was said from one side.

The history of humankind is full of mysteries that we may never solve. Many of them are connected to mysterious events that didn’t have any witnesses. The lighthouse located on the Scottish island Eilean Mor is known for the mysterious story of the disappearance of 3 adult men.

B. It is known that the strength of radio wave radiation decreases with distance. It suggests that hands-free sets may be effective in avoiding all the The study showed that girls more often text parents to let them know they were safe than boys. They also use text messaging for socializing purposes.

“She was elegant. Marie-Louise had a beautiful port of head. She liked to put on her headdress, like everyone who chose to continue wearing it ”. Michel Bolzer is one of the most knowledgeable of the traditional costume of his territory, the Bigouden country. It is here, in this end of the country uniting 20 municipalities south of Quimper (Finistère), that the famous headdress was born several centuries ago. The embroiderers did not know that their creation would become the emblem of a region and a sticker that would be stuck on the back of a four-wheeled motor vehicle called a car.

Very popular at the beginning of the 20th century, the lace headdress was gradually put away in the wooden cupboards of cold stone houses in the Bigouden region. "In 1976, around 3,000 women still wore it," says Michel Bolzer. The industrial revolution and the acceleration of our rhythms of life had almost had their skin. "For convenience, for modernity, some have stopped wearing it." But not Marie-Louise Lopéré, who continued to hoist her headdress until 2017, the year of her hospitalization.

Coronavirus: nearly 2,000 dead in 24 hours in the United States, glimmer of hope in New York

 Coronavirus: nearly 2,000 dead in 24 hours in the United States, glimmer of hope in New York © Brendan McDermid, Reuters A patient taken to the emergency room in New York on April 7, 2020. With 1,939 people died in In the past 24 hours, the United States delivered the worst global daily report on the Covid-19 on Tuesday. New York State remains the main focus of the pandemic but the average of new hospitalizations is decreasing, a sign of hope. For his part, Donald Trump has threatened to suspend the American contribution to the WHO.

Scientists believe New York’s measles outbreak has its roots in Uman, Ukraine, the site of a Rosh Hoshana pilgrimage that attracts tens of thousands of Orthodox men each year.Credit Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

A remarkable story of success. When it comes to wildlife, the stories that are told in magazines and on television tend to be stories of catastrophe and destruction – stories about the disappearance of species in the face of ever-more destructive human activity.

"It’s an emblematic face that is gone"

At the age of 90, she even agreed to lend her image to the Tipiak brand in 2012 to replace the three bigoudenes who were too old to continue shooting. "She didn’t do it to show off but she’s not proud to wear this costume," said Raynald Tanter. The mayor of Penmarc’h will remain marked for life by the headdress. That of his grandmother, but also those of his most famous citizens. "It’s an iconic face that is gone. It's sad. She always had a smile, ”says the mayor.

Brittany: Bigoudène Marie-Louise Lopéré, star of Tipiak advertising, died https://t.co/mrZGFlN5CI via @ 20minutesRennes pic.twitter.com/v9rSK84KnH

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In recent years, his commune, like those in the surrounding area, have seen their bigoudenes go out one by one. Most of them were over 90 years old, some like the iconic Maria Lambour, were even centenarians. There seems to be only one left. Alexia Caoudal, a 94-year-old "young girl" who also filmed for Tipiak in the Kerazan manor, in Loctudy. “She also lives in an Ehpad and does not go out every day. But when her children come to pick her up, she always likes to wear a headdress, ”assures her friend Michel Bolzer, aware that the costume is living its last years" naturally ". "We expect it. The day Alexia is gone, it will be weird in the landscape. Here, each bigoudene who leaves, it speaks. They know they are the last. "

"Priority" tourism and catering for possible cancellation of charges

 © JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP The Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, indicated, on Europe 1, that tourism and restoration will be "priority" for the cancellation of charges that the government could concede in order to save the French economy threatened by the coronavirus crisis.

William I (c. 1028 – 9 September 1087), usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until his death in 1087.

This is known as Newton's theory of colour.[45]. Illustration of a dispersive prism separating white light into the colours of the spectrum, as discovered by Newton. From this work, he concluded that the lens of any refracting telescope would suffer from the dispersion of light into colours (chromatic aberration).

The headdress, an elixir to prolong life?

To see the age of departure, one can however think that this elegant montage of lace acts as a magic elixir prolonging the life of those who wear it. “All of these women have lived hard lives. They started working early and often had to manage everything at home when their husbands were at sea. All of them have strong characters, strength and unwavering will, ”says Michel Bolzer. Perhaps the recipe for a long life.

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Continuation of anti-containment demonstrations, Trump charges the governors .
The American president estimated, on Saturday, that certain governors "had gone too far" as regards measures against the coronavirus, while the demonstrations multiply in the country. © Provided by Euronews From New Hampshire to California, via Texas or Ohio, demonstrators often pro-Trump demanded Saturday the end of confinement against coronavirus, encouraged by the American president who estimated that some governors were "gone too far" in the restrictions.

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