Ireland Mary from Denmark: "She helped the wild Frederik to rest more in himself"

16:25  18 october  2020
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Mary of Denmark: Son Christian now looks like a model

 Mary of Denmark: Son Christian now looks like a model When you think of Christian of Denmark , you might still have the image of a cute little prince in your head, who is mostly on the move with his parents in tow. This idea is now out of date at the latest. The son of Crown Prince Frederik (52) and Crown Princess Mary (48) will celebrate his 15th birthday on Thursday (October 15th) and on this beautiful occasion the court will publish new photos of the future king.

Princess Mary 's husband Frederik goes viral after getting a much -needed haircut at the end of strict coronavirus lockdown in Denmark . Prince Frederik has gone viral after he shared a before-and-after photograph of his haircut after visiting the barber shop in Copenhagen following the end of Denmark 's

Crown Princess Mary has spent her last day in the United States looking stunning in a pale pink coat dress and Christian Louboutin snakeskin pumps. The pink lady! Princess Mary and Prince Frederik spend their last day in Boston visiting politicians and pharmacists.

When the young Frederik from Denmark (52) walked into a bar in Sydney on September 16, 20 years ago, he did not know that his life would change forever - for the better! Because on that day he met his current wife, then Mary Donaldson and now Mary of Denmark (48). The author and royal family expert Sören Jakobsen is certain that it was she who made Frederik an honorable heir to the throne.

Mary © Paul Miller-Pool / Getty Images Mary

In love as ever: In the video above, Mary and Frederik share an intimate moment.

For Mary, Frederik stopped smoking

"She helped Frederik, who was wild at times, to rest more in himself and gave him a certain inner security", Jakobson explains to the television magazine "Se og Hör". Frederik is said to have been a pretty party prince at a young age, only his Mary could finally tame him. But one thing he had to give up for his great love: smoking. The prince once said: "She said she would like to have me by her side longer." After all, smoking could shorten the life of the young prince considerably, which the amorous Mary would not have liked so much. Frederik was the first in his family to quit smoking.

"Cold Hawaii": in Denmark, surfing carried by the wave of Covid

 © Jonathan NACKSTRAND / AFP In Denmark, far from the paradisiacal rollers of the tropics, is the fashionable spot for surfers wrecked by the coronavirus Sur the rugged west coast of Denmark, far from the paradisiacal rollers of the tropics, is the fashionable spot for coronavirus shipwrecked surfers: in "Cold Hawaii", as the name suggests, you shouldn't be afraid of being cold .

The Danish royal family Crown Prince Frederiks , Crown Princess Mary with their children, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent pose at annual photo session at Graasten Palace in Jutland.

She went home, studied to become a zoologist, and then returned to Africa to spend the rest of her life studying mountain gorillas. Wind power is an alternative energy source which has been used for many years in countries like Holland and Denmark .

Look closely: In the video below, Mary hides a symbol for love.

The bourgeoisie was not only good for Frederik

But not only on Frederik, who according to Jakobsen only became a worthy future king with Mary, Mary had a positive influence. She had given the entire Danish royal family a modern touch. However, Mary, with her middle-class background, had to get used to her role first. Because she grew up believing that it was completely normal to have and communicate your attitude to all kinds of social issues. "She has a natural desire to get involved, but she has to remember that the royal house must be apolitical," said the expert.

This royal faux pas happened to Mary of Denmark

But that Mary is still learning with her role as future queen became apparent on August 19th. Still in her head during her summer vacation, she visited the Kattegatcentret Aquarium in Grenaa , Denmark. It was not until the end of June that she was appointed President of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) of Denmark. There, however, a crucial mistake happened to her, for which she later apologized publicly and heartily.

Did we make a mistake? These royals look extremely similar to their ancestors - Part 2

 Did we make a mistake? These royals look extremely similar to their ancestors - Part 2 Your browser does not support this video Some people look very similar to their parents. There are also no exceptions with the Royals. Many a monarch looks like the face of his ancestors. When comparing old portraits of their ancestors with current snapshots of the British royals, we had to look twice in part 1. There are incredible similarities in the facial features. In this second part we take a closer look at pictures of the members of other European royal families.

Start studying FIRST Part 4. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. 27. Mary nor her mother like. 28. Helen has never seen such beautiful houses. # 29. There wasn't much we could do to help him. # 26. The doctors told her to reduce the amount of fat she eats. #

1. Mary had a great holiday. She enjoyed herself. 2. It was not your fault. Help yourself. 6. You must meet Jane. I'll introduce you to her . 7. Don't worry about us. We can do the work ourselves. 8. I gave him a key to our house so that he could let himself in.

In the video below we show you what a mishap happened to the princess.

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