Ireland Dynamo frustration and worries about Leo - "He was screaming all the time"

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“Elb-Clasico”: Thick air in Magdeburg, Dresden breathes on

 “Elb-Clasico”: Thick air in Magdeburg, Dresden breathes on After the miserable start of the season for 1. FC Magdeburg, the critical voices in the team of the third division soccer team are getting louder and louder. «Four games, one point - that is not enough for our requirements! We all imagined it differently, ”explained Jürgen Gjasula after the 0-1 defeat in Dresden on Saturday. © Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa / archive image players try to get the ball. Last week, the team had once expressed their opinion.

He added he is still dealing with side effects of his steroids medication, including arthritis that has become so bad at times he has been 'unable to Magician Dynamo has posted a video online today explaining his shock weight gain and how he was hospitalised last year due to a combination of food

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Early led, then lost - and possibly also Chris Löwe seriously injured. It was a used derby evening for Dynamo Dresden against FSV Zwickau.

Unter großen Schmerzen musste Chris Löwe behandelt werden. © imago images Chris Löwe had to be treated with great pain.

The scene in the 15th minute lay like a dark shadow over the derby between the two friendly Saxon clubs Dynamo Dresden and FSV Zwickau. When the score was 1-1 after early goals by Philipp Hosiner (2nd) and Marco Schikora (4th), Julius Reinhardt fouled Chris Löwe in midfield. The Dresden left-back bent over in great pain and held his left knee while the Zwickauer saw yellow.

Löwe was taken from the site and later to the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital. Zwickau scored a second nice goal by Leon Jensen before the break and ultimately won just 2-1. Did Löwe's injury affect the performance of the Dresden team-mates?

God or global warming? Louisiana still hesitates

 God or global warming? Louisiana still hesitates © CHANDAN KHANNA An oil refinery in Lake Charles on October 10, 2020 Daniel Schexnayder has ankle-deep water in his garden, the damage caused by Hurricane Laura at the end of August prevents it still living in his house and he just experienced a second hurricane in six weeks. But he still doesn't believe in global warming. © ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS A church in Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 26, 2020 after Hurricane Laura "I'm on the other side. I'm with Trump".

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"It hurts that the opponent then celebrates here"

coach Markus Kauczinski neither wanted to confirm nor deny this. He didn't like the performance of his team at all in the first section: "Something like the first half doesn't work, Zwickau bought our guts here and deservedly won," he complained to "Magenta Sport". "We weren't in the duels like one should be. It hurts that the opponent then celebrates here." Löwe's injury looked bad, "but you still have to keep playing, I have no idea whether that played a role". In general, the SGD lost too many 50:50 duels and was "not really there".

"That hurts and it's incredibly bad for us"

Kauczinski's captain Sebastian Mai was bitterly disappointed after the final whistle - but this time he didn't want to use the "Sch-word" over a "very, very poor performance" . "We played two games really well and slept through the first half," said Mai. The Leo injury "of course does something to you," he continued. "He screamed through the whole time, we don't know what's wrong with him. That hurts and is incredibly bad for us." Dynamo will probably continue for a long time without a lion, on Saturday the Saxons will play away at FC Ingolstadt.

EXCLUSIVE - "Why us?" : a policeman attacked with a hammer in front of Notre-Dame testifies

 EXCLUSIVE - Three and a half years ago, on June 6, 2017, on behalf of the Islamic State group, a man attacked policemen with a hammer in the heart of Paris, on the forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral . The 43-year-old assailant, a former journalist of Algerian nationality, is on trial from Monday until Wednesday for attempted terrorist killings. He faces life imprisonment.

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Enochs is happy about the courageous and determined players

Zwickau's coach Joe Enochs, who first wished the injured Dresdener well-being at the press conference ("My first thoughts go to Chris Löwe. I hope the injury is not that bad.") , criticized that his players "slept in the first minute", but was all the more pleased that they "invested a lot and rewarded themselves". "We scored at least one goal in every game. You are brave and play really well against the ball and then move forward with determination." The courageous style of play brought ten points to the account of the swans, who initially found themselves in the upper half of the table and opened the 7th matchday on Friday evening (7pm) at home against Türkgücü Munich.

Corona cases: Front runner Viktoria does not play - TeBe in quarantine .
In the Regionalliga Nordost, two games had to be canceled again on Tuesday due to corona cases. Leader Viktoria Berlin's game in Fürstenwalde is also affected. © imago images Tested positive: Viktoria attacker Enes Küc. On Tuesday afternoon, the Berlin duel between TeBe Berlin and Hertha BSC II was canceled. The reason was a corona case with a TeBe player. The entire Charlottenburg squad has gone into quarantine at home, which will last until November 6th.

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