Ireland US presidential election: tensions in Detroit and Phoenix, protest in New York

12:50  05 november  2020
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Between the Covid-19 and the fear of violence, Chicago will vote the ball in the stomach

 Between the Covid-19 and the fear of violence, Chicago will vote the ball in the stomach © Romain Houeix, France 24 Chicago barricades itself before the presidential election of November 3. US citizens are called to the polls on Tuesday to choose between Democrat Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump. In Chicago, the population who fears both the Covid-19 and the post-election violence, are barricaded. Apocalyptic atmosphere in Chicago.

Jennifer Medina at the New York Times has this though – suggesting that Trump still faces an uphill Here’s where we are up to… Joe Biden has won more votes than any US presidential candidate in Trump supporters protested at a Detroit vote-counting site, and outside a Phoenix election center.

New York |Police ‘Kettle’ and Arrest Nearly 60 Protesters in Manhattan. In a reprise of the violent street altercations that erupted at times in New York over the summer, a day of Protesters marched down Fifth Avenue. With the presidential election ’s outcome uncertain, they demanded that all votes

Des partisans de Trump réclament mercredi soir l’arrêt du dépouillement à Détroit, dans le Michigan. © AFP / Seth Herald Trump supporters are calling for an end to the counting in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday evening.

While the result of the presidential election is still pending, demonstrations are taking place in several American cities.

In New York, thousands of Joe Biden supporters marched to demand that "all the ballots be counted", while supporters of Donald Trump demonstrated in Detroit, Michigan, or Phoenix, in Arizona, to demand instead the end of the counting in these key states.

The New York protest took place peacefully and brought together people of all ages, who walked down 5th Avenue, AFP said. In this Democratic stronghold of New York, the participants were supporters of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, although none dared to claim the Democrat's victory in the presidential election so far.

Donald Trump: The low point

 Donald Trump: The low point The US President speaks of a stolen election in the face of defeat. Instead of protecting his country and democracy, Donald Trump attacks both head-on. © Carlos Barria / Reuters America's President Donald Trump Follow all developments regarding the US election in our live blog. Television is one of Donald Trump's favorite pastimes. But even with his broadcaster Fox News, which is so close to him, the US President should not be happy when looking at the election graphics.

Troublemakers have been arrested across the US , from Washington DC to Seattle, as anti-racism demonstrators pushed the limits of largely peaceful protest on election night. A protester holds a placard during a march on Election Day in New York City , New York , U . S . November 3, 2020 ©

Nate Cohn in New York . Biden has won Pennsylvania absentee ballots by an overwhelming margin so far. Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s team on Wednesday described as “outrageous” President Trump’s stated desire to stop the counting of votes before several key states had delivered final results.

"Donald Trump claimed victory before every vote [n '] has been counted and our message is that this is not acceptable. But I'm not afraid, we're going to stop it, ”said Sarah Boyagian, 29, one of the organizers of this rally under close police surveillance.

"I'm afraid our democracy is hanging by a thread"

"I'm not sure Biden won, we have to wait until all the votes are counted. I'm afraid that democracy hangs by a thread, ”said John Fraser, 47, software developer.

The demonstration in Detroit, outside the center where the counting of the ballots continued, was much more tense, according to an AFP photographer and videos posted on social networks.

#BREAKING : Large, animated crush of “stop the count” protestors trying to push their way into TCF hall in #Detroit where ballots are being counted.

Ivorian Presidential: those who will vote and those who will not

 Ivorian Presidential: those who will vote and those who will not © AP Photo / Sunday Alamba D-2 before the Ivorian presidential election 2020. D-2 before the presidential election in Ivory Coast. A poll that the opposition promises to prevent to block Alassane Ouattara's candidacy for a third term. Since August, the climate has become considerably tense. Political violence has left more than 30 people dead in three months. The outgoing president has rallied all the opposition against him. And the mediations have not worked so far.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Peaceful protests in Manhattan in the wake of the US presidential election grew into clashes with law enforcement and scattered acts of arson, resulting in around 60 arrests, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

Elections | Election Needles: President . — What outcomes in these three states mean for the presidential race. Scenario. Nate Cohn, in New York 2:59 PM ET. The likeliest outcome by far in Arizona is that the remaining ballots are good enough for Biden.

They’re being blocked by guards at the door.

Pizza boxes are pushed against the window to obstruct view. It’s tense. @NBCNews pic.twitter.com/zFhzd88skX

- Steve Patterson (@PattersonNBC) November 4, 2020

With cries of 'Stop counting', hundreds of pro-Trump protesters demanded that the count stop and to be able to attend the count, after Donald Trump announced an appeal to stop the counting in this state.

A counting center at the

stop The American media announced Wednesday afternoon that Michigan had been won by Joe Biden, bringing the Democrat closer to the doors of the White House.

Videos on social networks showed the protesters, fists raised, prevented from entering the counting center by police.

According to Detroit Free Press , the initially pro-Trump protesters were joined by supporters of Joe Biden, helping to escalate tensions.

In Phoenix, the demonstrators, some armed, would have succeeded in having the vote count stopped in the counting center which they surrounded, according to a reporter for the local television station KTAR News.

"Swing States": These states could decide the US election

 Who will be the next US president will be decided in a few US states. In many of the 50 states, the same party always wins, but about a dozen are highly competitive. In the election on November 3rd, eyes will be on these "battleground states" or "swing states". The Republican Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden also campaigned for votes there in the final spurt of the election campaign.

Protesters marched in Minneapolis, New York and elsewhere against President Trump, while some of his ‘Count Every Vote’: Protests Over Ballot Tallies Sweep Through U . S . Cities . In Detroit , another group of pro -Trump poll watchers gathered earlier in the day outside a ballot-counting center

Dozens arrested during tense protests across US on election night. Follow key ballot counts by state 5 2020 presidential election live updates: Results, exit polls and more. “This is what democracy looks like,” protesters chanted during the mostly peaceful protest in a city plagued by

HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: A group of Trump supporters is currently outside the @MaricopaVote election center. They are demanding their votes be “counted.” They say they’ll be here everyday until their voice is heard. pic.twitter.com/LZ7v1jХ-$wo

- Gabriel Gamiño, MA (@gaminogabriel) November 5, 2020

UPDATE: The @MaricopaVote center is now CLOSED due to concerns about unrest from the crowds protesting vote counting outside the building.

- Gabriel Gamiño, MA (@gaminogabriel) November 5, 2020

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"There is a lot of tension": Washington barricades itself as the presidential election approaches .
Businesses and offices around the White House are hiding behind planks in anticipation of possible violent demonstrations in the wake of the election on Tuesday. © Provided by Franceinfo For a few days the screwdrivers and saws have been out in the streets surrounding the White House in Washington. Regardless of the winner of the November 3 presidential election, the neighborhood is getting ready to see the disappointed take to the streets.

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