Ireland Pope: "migration is not a threat to Christianity"

23:15  23 november  2020
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Pope Francis, a strong advocate of the rights of refugees, said in a new book published on Monday that migration does not pose a threat to Christianity . The pope , the grandson of Italian emigrants who settled in Argentina, regularly expresses solidarity with migrants who cross the Mediterranean

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Le pape François célèbre l'Eucharistie le 22 novembre 2020 à la basilique Saint-Pierre au Vatican. © Vincenzo PINTO Pope Francis celebrates the Eucharist on November 22, 2020 at Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

Pope Francis, lawyer of humanitarian corridors to welcome migrants in Europe, hammered in a new book unveiled Monday that "migration is not a threat to Christianity".

"To reject a migrant in difficulty, whatever his religious belief, for fear of diluting a" Christian "culture, is grotesquely distorting both Christianity and culture", writes the Argentine Pope in a work entitled in French "Un temps pour changer" (Flammarion), largely inspired by his reflections on the coronavirus pandemic.

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He said: “I believe Christians are a main target just like we used to be. This has been happening to Christians in the Middle East for hundreds of years. “ISIS is not the problem, before them it was Al-Qaeda, before them it was Hezbollah and Hamas and before them there were other organisations.

Pope Francis has given his most explicit support to same-sex civil unions in a move that is likely to further enrage his conservative opponents in the Catholic church. His comments came in an interview in a documentary film, Francesco, which premiered at the Rome film festival on Wednesday.

"Migration is not a threat to Christianity, except in the minds of those who win by claiming that it is. Defend the Gospel and not welcome foreigners in need, nor affirm their humanity as children of God, it is to seek to encourage a culture which is Christian in name only, emptied of everything that makes it unique ", asserts François.

The insistence of the sovereign pontiff to condemn the rich countries, above all Europe, on the reception of migrants, sometimes earned him criticisms pointing out his naivety, including among Catholics.

But he believes that these criticisms often come from citizens who are not very practicing.

"One of the fantasies of nationalism in predominantly Christian countries is to defend" Christian civilization "against supposed enemies, whether they be Islam, the Jews, the European Union or the United Nations. defense appeals to those who are often no longer religious but who consider the heritage of their nation as a kind of identity. Their fears and loss of identity have increased as church attendance has declined ", asserts so the Pope.

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Christianity is in danger of ceasing to be a truly global faith as increasing numbers of its followers In large part, this migration is the product of an ethnic cleansing motivated by religious hatred,” says The Vatican sent ACN a message of support for the report’s launch on Tuesday, saying Pope Francis

In recent months, migration has again risen to the fore of national political debates in a number of North African and European countries and the United By Philip Pullella and Ahmed Eljechtimi RABAT (Reuters) - Pope Francis said on Saturday the plight of migrants was "a wound that cries out to

In his new book, the Pope highlights the precariousness of migrants who live in the promiscuity of unsanitary camps in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Pope Francis has issued a 20-point action plan to governments on refugees and migrants to try to galvanise “Empirical evidence shows that migration is more and more mixed. This makes it difficult to Among its action points are the creation of legal pathways for safe and voluntary migration and

RABAT (Reuters) - Pope Francis said on Saturday the plight of migrants was "a wound that cries out to heaven" and could never be healed by physical barriers. Morocco has become a key departure point for African migrants trying to reach Europe after crackdowns that closed or limited routes elsewhere.

"Refugee camps turn dreams of a better life into torture chambers," he wrote, adding: "if the Covid enters a refugee camp, it can create a real disaster".

For the Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio, himself a grandson of Italian immigrants settled in Argentina, "the dignity of our peoples demands safe corridors for migrants and refugees so that they can move without fear of the areas deadly to safer areas. "

"It is unacceptable to discourage immigration by letting hundreds of migrants die during perilous sea crossings or journeys in the desert," he said.

In this new plea, he recalls that “poorly paid” migrants often constitute the workforce of the most developed societies, while being “denigrated”.

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