Ireland Canon confirms ransomware attack from August and data theft

19:05  27 november  2020
19:05  27 november  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

Iraq. Seven rockets target the American embassy, ​​the pro-Iran truce broken

 Iraq. Seven rockets target the American embassy, ​​the pro-Iran truce broken © Ali YOUSSEF / AFP American troops and the United States embassy in Baghdad have come under attack from pro-Iran factions. Taking advantage of the chaotic political transition in the United States and the announcement of the withdrawal of part of the troops, pro-Iran forces attacked the American embassy in Iraq. Seven rockets targeted the US Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday evening, an attack that broke more than a month-long truce by pro- Iran factions and killed a girl.

Canon has suffered a ransomware attack that impacts numerous services, including Canon 's email However, the final status update was strange as it mentions that while data was lost, "there Canon suffers ransomware attack . Today, a source contacted BleepingComputer and shared an image of a

A reported ransomware attack suffered by Canon appears to have been confirmed by an internal memo, with Maze threat actors taking the credit. While now service has resumed, in the website's last status update, Canon revealed that an issue "involving 10GB of data storage" was under investigation

Hacker (Bild: Shutterstock) © DEFAULT_CREDIT Hacker (Image: Shutterstock) Hackers have access to Canon systems for almost three weeks. They steal data from current and former employees. Among other things, they fall into their hands with account numbers and social security numbers.

Canon has confirmed it was the victim of a hacker attack in August. According to this, unknown persons managed to smuggle in ransomware and paralyze some of the Japanese company's systems. In addition, the cyber criminals also had access to company data that they copied to their own servers, as reported by Bleeping Computer .

In the recently published Statement, Canon admits that the intrusion and ransomware infection were noticed on August 4th. An immediately initiated investigation that included a cybersecurity company found unauthorized activity on the network from July 20 to August 6, 2020.

Missile attacks on US embassy in Iraq

 Missile attacks on US embassy in Iraq It was quiet for four weeks. But now several rockets have been fired again in Baghdad. One goal: the US representation in the highly secured Green Zone. Those who suffer are civilians. One child was killed. © AFP / A. Al-Rubaye The US embassy building on the Tigris in Baghdad Four Katyusha rockets hit the strictly secured area in Baghdad, in which the government district and the embassies of the USA and other countries are located.

Data belonging to camera manufacturer Canon has been published online after the firm fell victim to a ransomware attack last week, which took a The website initially served a message that suggested routine maintenance was taking place, but the firm later confirmed ransomware was responsible for

BleepingComputer reported that the attack had seemingly hit Canon ’s email services and other internal applications. It said that the problems were the result of the Maze ransomware , publishing Canon confirmed in a statement to The Independent that it was having issues, but that the problem with its

“On November 2, 2020, we completed a careful review of the file servers and found that there were files containing information about current and former employees from 2005 to 2020 and their beneficiaries and dependents. The information in the files included the names of the people and one or more of the following data elements: social security number, driver's license or government-issued identification number, financial account number that was made available to Canon for direct deposit, electronic signature and date of birth, ”Canon shared With.

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Affected employees and their relatives have since been informed of the data leak. The company is offering them free use of Experian's credit monitoring services to protect against identity theft.

In Berlin, the police disperse an "anti-mask" demonstration with a water cannon

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A ransomware attack on the company rendered 35,000 United Kingdom residents unable to access They were not able to confirm what data was compromised. However, they confirmed that Crypto Ransomware : It prowls through your computer or network in search of specific data that is important

News about ransomware attacks often focus on the downtimes they cause, the ransom payments, and the details of the ransomware payload, leaving out details of the oftentimes long-running campaigns and preventable domain compromise that allow these human-operated attacks to succeed.

Bleeping Computer first reported the incident to

on August 5, . At the time, the blog had a copy of the ransom note and a commitment from the people behind the Maze ransomware to the attack. The next day, Canon also informed its employees about the data theft. To the outside world, however, the company only communicated a system failure.

In addition, Canon issued a warning for the photo service Image.Canon about possible data loss at the time. However, this malfunction was unrelated to the ransomware attack, as later found out.

Meanwhile, the Maze ransomware no longer poses a threat. At the beginning of November, the operators stopped operating their cybercrime business, but without releasing the master key for their ransomware. The general security situation did not improve as a result. The gap created by Maze is closed, among other things, by the Egregor ransomware.


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