Ireland EDF. Strike against the Hercules project: Linky meters dumped in front of LREM's headquarters in Paris

15:40  20 january  2021
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Paris: an 8-meter plow for the elevation of the Montparnasse tower

 Paris: an 8-meter plow for the elevation of the Montparnasse tower © New AOM Here is the winning project for the future Montparnasse Tower with its elevation. It is not "the" victory but all the same, a success that the defenders of the environment savor for what it will represent: 8 meters less skyscrapers in the Parisian sky. The 8 meters planed on the project to raise the Montparnasse tower by 23 m, as it is designed in the major transformation project entrusted to the group of architects of the New AOM.

PARIS , Nov 12 (Reuters) - The energy branch of France ’ s hardline CGT union on Monday announced strikes by workers at state-controlled utility EDF , in protest over wage negotiations and a possible government-led restructuring of the company.

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Des militants ont déversé des compteurs Linky devant le siège de la République en Marche à Paris le 19 janvier lors d’une manifestation contre le projet « Hercule » de scission EDF. © ERIC PIERMONT / AFP Activists dumped Linky meters in front of the headquarters of the République en Marche in Paris on January 19 during a demonstration against the EDF split-off “Hercules” project.

Nearly 200 CGT activists gathered in front of the headquarters of La République en Marche, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, on Tuesday, January 19, to protest against the EDF split-off “Hercules” project. A mountain of Linky counters was dumped in front of the headquarters.

The mobilization continues: nearly one EDF agent in four (23.82%) was on strike at midday according to management, at the call of the CGT, CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO, which demand the withdrawal of the project "Hercules" of split of the energy company.

Total and Engie join forces for a hydrogen production mega-project

 Total and Engie join forces for a hydrogen production mega-project © Kévin Comte Total and Engie join forces for a hydrogen production mega-project Total and Engie will cooperate to develop and operate the largest site in France for the production of hydrogen from renewable electricity. The project will integrate innovations "foreshadowing industry decarbonisation solutions, unprecedented in Europe". Total and Engie push their pawns on the hydrogen front.

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This project, designed by the CEO of energy company Jean-Bernard Lévy, provides for the group to be split into three entities: a public company (EDF bleu) for nuclear power plants, another (EDF vert) listed on the stock exchange for distribution electricity and renewable energies, and a third (EDF azur) which would cover the hydroelectric dams.

"Hercules is nonsense and the antithesis of what we need" : Sébastien Menesplier, general secretary of the CGT Mines Energies (the first union in the sector), was not going down on Tuesday. For months, he and other union representatives have denounced the risk of EDF “dismantling”.

The unions call for EDF to retain its status as an "integrated group", whose activities range from electricity production to network management (by Enedis) and its distribution to households (RTE).

Coronavirus: With a "preventive curfew" at 6 p.m., the executive hopes to avoid a new confinement

 Coronavirus: With a The Prime Minister announced this Thursday a general curfew at 6 p.m. throughout mainland France from Saturday, and for at least two weeks © homas Coex / AP / SIPA Jean Castex. EPIDEMIC - The Prime Minister announced this Thursday a general curfew at 6 p.m. throughout mainland France from Saturday, and for at least two weeks It is the cruel ritual that the country now expects almost every week . Jean Castex arrived accompanied by an armada of ministers this Thursday at 6 p.m.

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Strikes occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic due to many factors including: hazard pay or low pay, unsafe working conditions

Linky meters in front of the LREM headquarters

In Paris, nearly 200 CGT activists dumped Linky meters in front of the headquarters of La République en Marche (2nd arrondissement) to the sound of "Electricity and gas, this is not for the private sector! It is a right for all users! "

The CGT has chosen to combine two symbols, the seat of the presidential party, but also the Linky meters long contested and now installed in more than 30 million households in France, or four out of five.

These meters, synonymous according to the CGT with job cuts since they can be installed by service providers and avoid the travel of agents for the readings, "they are placed in front of the public service gravediggers" , Cédric concluded Liechtenstein, secretary general of CGT Energie Paris.

Other actions took place in front of EDF and Engie sites

In the Lyon region, 150 to 200 electricity and gas companies met at the end of the morning in front of the Villeurbanne-Cusset hydroelectric power station on the initiative of 'an inter-union to protest against Hercules, according to a representative of the CGT. Strikers carried out a "load reduction" of the installation during the duration of the demonstration.

Zoubir, policeman who filmed "Princes of Love" during sick leave, targeted by an investigation

 Zoubir, policeman who filmed © SCREENSHOT YOUTUBEDAILYMOTION TOUCHE NOT AT MY POSITION Zoubir, the police officer who participated in the Princes and Princesses of Love, is targeted by several administrative inquiries. The young policeman who took part in "Princes and Princesses of Love" on W9 while on sick leave explained himself on Tuesday January 19 in "Don't touch my post".

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A demonstration also took place in front of the prefecture of Bastia at the appeal of the CGT, the Corsican Workers Union (STC) and the CFE-CGC against the "disengagement of Engie" denounced last week by the CGT. No agreement has yet been reached between Engie and Bastia to maintain gas production in the town, while the concessions end on March 31.

The debate on Hercules could be open to all French people

Beyond the mere mobilization of energy agents, initiatives are multiplying against the Hercules project. Last week, bosses of major confederations wrote to Emmanuel Macron, urging him to renounce Hercules, and an online petition launched late last year has passed the 30,000 signature mark.

The Interfederal is invited this Wednesday, January 20, at the initiative of Communist Sébastien Jumel, to a meeting with deputies from the main opposition groups, from the Insubordinate to the Republicans. The debate on Hercules could be open to all French people: Socialist senators and deputies have indicated their intention to table a proposal for a shared initiative referendum (RIP) against the project.

Paris: the bird market on the verge of disappearing .
© LP / Benoit Hasse Place Lépine (IVe). Defenders of animal rights demonstrated this Sunday in front of the “traditional” bird market on Île de la Cité to demand the closure of this “archaic” market The little squawking of canaries and other parakeets on the island will soon be over of the City (4th century)? In any case, the future of the bird market which animates the area around the police headquarters every Sunday seems to be in jeopardy.

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