Ireland Dispute in the Corona crisis leads to Schlumpfhausen

07:40  05 march  2021
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study: glasses wearers better protected against corona

 study: glasses wearers better protected against corona According to a study, the risk of corona infection in glasses wearers is significantly lower than in people without glasses. We clarify what this is all about. © Provided by MEN'S SINGLE Man with glasses People who wear glasses in the corona pandemic were mainly noticed by fogged glasses as a result of wearing mouth-nose masks. An Indian study has now come to the unexpected result that people with fogged vision are less likely to be infected with corona than people with clear vision.

While many are already comparing the current crisis to the 2008-09 recession, most experts do not expect it to be as bleak and are forecasting the global economy to swiftly recover in the second half of the year, provided the outbreak fizzles out by then. The aviation industry, suffering from cut-throat competition, price wars and poor financial health, has been clobbered hardest by the pandemic, which has virtually ground air travel to a halt and threatens to bankrupt most airlines. British Airways CEO Alex Cruz described the situation as a " crisis of global proportions like no other we have known."

Therefore it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing: “in 2017 and 2018 – two years before COVID-19 – hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.” With complete confidence Fauci announced that during the first term of President Trump a surprise outbreak of an infectious disease would surely happen. Here’s what he said: (3). “There is NO QUESTION there is going to be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious

Can you call the Vice Chancellor a Smurf with impunity? The emerging dissent between the Union and the SPD in the Corona crisis leads to unusual characterizations. Olaf Scholz takes it calmly - and grins.

So schaut der Bundesfinanzminister, wenn er gute Laune hat, ..... © Reuters / Bensch This is how the Federal Minister of Finance looks when he's in a good mood .....

Germany, after the latest federal-state conference on the easing of the corona crisis: Although there was plenty of criticism and the mood was absolutely better in the country, the Federal Minister of Finance, Vice Chancellor and SPD top candidate Olaf Scholz sat in the TV studio and was clearly in a good mood. The day before, he had been violently attacked by the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in the round with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Scholz is not the "King of Germany" and should "not grin like that".

Spahn: Quick and self-tests Tools for more freedom in the corona crisis

 Spahn: Quick and self-tests Tools for more freedom in the corona crisis Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) sees the newly approved corona self-tests and the quick tests that are already available as a means of ensuring more security and more freedom in the corona pandemic to get. It is about "living more safely with the virus," he said in the Bundestag on Wednesday. "Day after day" there are more opportunities to "regain a piece of normalcy".

Trudeau also raised the Keystone XL pipeline, a project meant to expand critical oil exports for Canada, which has the third-largest oil reserves in the world. That could be an early irritant as Biden has said he would cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. Congressional Democrats are preparing to leave Republicans behind as they push forward with another COVID-19 relief bill. With a 50/50 party split in the Senate, congressional Democrats have spent the past week discussing using a budget reconciliation bill to pass their COVID-19 relief with just a simple majority.

Exclusive: Public Health England document seen by Guardian says four in five ‘expected’ to contract virus.

.... und so grinst der Schlumpf. Sieht man doch gleich, die Ähnlichkeit, oder? © picture-alliance / dpa / Chuna .... and so the Smurf grins. You can see the similarity right away, right?

That sat? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. As I said, the man who was scorned was clearly in a good mood. "I really like that with the Smurfs. They are small, cunning and always win," said the not exactly tall SPD candidate for chancellor on the ZDF talk show "Markus Lanz". The Smurf: a kind of role model for a possible future head of government. What exactly happened?

"Small, cunning and always win"

Söder is said to have used that quote with the Smurf on Wednesday in the federal-state conference in a dispute about the financing of a hardship fund for companies, according to participants. After the deliberations, the CSU boss had to explain that he was not of one heart and one soul with Scholz, "but now everything is fine again".

Dramatic decline in overnight stays in youth hostels

 Dramatic decline in overnight stays in youth hostels Frequently yawning emptiness on the hostel corridors in the corona pandemic: The number of overnight stays in German youth hostels fell by 63 percent in 2020. © Patrick Pleul / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa The German Youth Hostel Association recorded dramatic losses in the first Corona year, mainly due to a lack of school trips. Only 3.6 million overnight stays were counted at the 438 locations (previous year: 9.8), as the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) announced on Thursday in Detmold.

Full coverage: Coronavirus Crisis . Signs of life in travel industry as vaccines revive wanderlust. Dr. Fauci answers COVID vaccine questions in CBSN special. The price tag for the relief package, called the American Rescue Plan, faces pushback from some Republican lawmakers, who last year resisted Democratic efforts to pass a trillion bill. Heights Securities analyst Hunter Hammond expects a final package could be passed in the first quarter and range from .5 to .2 trillion.

Having already led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, the pandemic represents one of the worst public-health crises in recent history. And, with casualties still mounting in many parts of the world, it is far from over. This will have serious long-term consequences for economic growth, public debt Moreover, unemployment is skyrocketing in many countries: in the US, for example, one in four workers have filed for unemployment since mid-March, with new weekly claims far above historic highs. The International Monetary Fund expects the world economy to shrink by 3% this year – a downgrade of

Kurz nach Mitternacht bei der Pressekonferenz musste Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder (rechts, neben Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und Berlins Regierendem Bürgermeister Michael Müller) auch zum kolportierten Zwist mit dem Finanzminister Stellung nehmen © Markus Schreiber / AP / picture alliance Shortly after midnight at the press conference, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (right, next to Chancellor Angela Merkel and Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller) also had to comment on the rumored dispute with the finance minister

As far as the humorous part of the Corona crisis management in Germany. In addition to many open questions about the announced rapid tests, which are to be paid for by the government, a certain perplexity was identified. According to a survey, a majority of German citizens - 59 percent - consider the newly adopted measures to be confusing. A good third (36 percent), on the other hand, find it all in all understandable, as a Forsa flash survey on behalf of the broadcasters RTL and n-tv shows. There is therefore disagreement among the population as to whether the pace of easing is the right one. Roughly a third each consider it too fast, too slow or just right.

Despite summer bookings, tourism industry expects tough year

 Despite summer bookings, tourism industry expects tough year After the historic slump in the Corona crisis year 2020, the German travel industry is preparing for further hard times and is largely writing off the current tourism year economically. © Tamara Rozas / Europapress / dpa A waiter serves two customers on the terrace of a bar in the center of Madrid.

From a health crisis to a food crisis , the coronavirus pandemic is upending the world as we know it. The United Nations's World Food Programme (WFP) is

Urgent message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Avoid the Corona vaccine at all costs. By. Strange Sounds. Sydney’s worrying coronvirus cluster is poised to climb higher on Saturday Urgent waning issued for gym-goers who attended Anytime Fitness in Avalon Victoria and Western Australia are both considering shutting borders to NSW WA Premier Mark McGowan said hard border could return in the ‘near future’ Victoria is waiting for Saturday’s numbers but can introduce a border in 48 hours.


Despite the tense infection situation in Germany, the federal and state governments had decided on a step-by-step plan for openings - flanked by more vaccinations and tests - in order to alleviate the restrictions caused by the lockdown. Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) defended the relaxation options agreed with the heads of government of the 16 federal states in the Bundestag. The CDU politician said that it was now necessary to "be careful when opening the door to more normalcy."

Demnächst sollen sie alle wieder in die Schule können, wenn es nach den Kultusministerinnen und Kultusministern geht © Annette Riedl / dpa / picture alliance Soon they should all be able to go back to school, if the ministers of education have their way.

Care should also be required in the education ministers' plans. Because: According to the President of the Conference of Education Ministers, Britta Ernst, all students in Germany should be able to go to school again in March. "At the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs we are in agreement: We want all pupils to go to school again in March - even if there will usually be alternating lessons first," the SPD politician and education minister from Brandenburg told the editorial network Germany the class openings are focused on elementary schools and final classes. Now all the other Smurfs, pardon me, pupils come in.

ml / gri (dpa, rtr, afp, ZDF)

It's not that much opening: Has it buckled? No, Merkel got what she wanted .
After the Corona summit, it is said that Angela Merkel changed her strategy. She doesn't at all. She is ahead of everyone again and shows sensitivity. A comment. © Photo: imago images / Future Image Goes in a good mood after the Corona marathon summit: The Chancellor. Here on Thursday morning in the Bundestag. A plan, a plan - and don't let up.

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