Ireland bus in Belfast set on fire

06:40  08 april  2021
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Belfast again shaken by

 Belfast again shaken by violence The clashes in the North Irish city destabilize the still fragile peace on the island. View on Euronews © Paul Faith / AFP Belfast has been theater for nearly a week of clashes between rioters and police forces. The largest city in Northern Ireland had no longer known such violence for many years. For former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton, these scenes reminiscent of the dark hours that shook the British province for 30 years.

For days there have been in the Northern Irish capital Belfast Krawalle. More than 40 police officers have been hurt so far. Teenagers captured a double-decker bus and lit him.

Nur wenige Trümmerteile sind von dem in Brand gesetzten Bus noch übrig geblieben © Peter Morrison / AP / Picture Alliance Only a few debris are still left in the fire-set bus

In a pro-British residential area of ​​the Northern Irish capital Belfast, young people have brought a bus into their violence. They hurled fire rates against the vehicle that burned completely. Policemen were thrown with stones, also a press photographer of the newspaper "Belfast Telegraph" was attacked.

The violence occurred at Shankill Road, in the west of Belfast, near the so-called Peace Wall, which separates the community from the Irish-Nationalist stronghold in the Falls Road. There also gathered groups of young people.

The moving story behind this postcard auctioned, sent by a sailor from Titanic

 The moving story behind this postcard auctioned, sent by a sailor from Titanic © Photo: RR Auction This postcard of 1912, showing the Titanic under construction in Belfast (Northern Ireland), sent by the Radio operator of the liner a few weeks before the sinking, is auctioned by the RR Auction House in Boston (United States). Estimated minimum value: 12 000 €. It was written in 1912 by a certain Jack Phillips, the Titanic radio operator, a few weeks before the sinking. Auction in the United States, this postcard is estimated at at least 12 000 €. "Very busy, I work late.

The police called the population to avoid several areas in the urban area. More than 40 police officers have been injured in Belfast for the Tagnangen Krawallen.

Damit sich Nationalisten und Loyalisten nicht gegenseitig angreifen, wird die Springfield Road abgeriegelt © Peter Morrison / AP / Picture Alliance So that Nationalists and Loyalists do not attack each other, the Springfield Road is sealed

, according to the security authorities, are also stuck behind the attacks also militant Protestant groupings, which with the special status of Northern Ireland as a result of the outlet of Great Britain are dissatisfied from the EU. The British province remained de facto part of the EU trade area to prevent goods controls on the border with the EU Member State of Republic of Ireland. Instead, controls must now take place at the ports when goods from the other parts of the United Kingdom come to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland embraces because of Brexit, Fursing clashes and police in Belfast

 Northern Ireland embraces because of Brexit, Fursing clashes and police in Belfast © Copyright 2021, OBS The introduction of customs controls between United Kingdom and European Union with Brexit revived the Tensions and caused several days of violence. Molotov stones and cocktails against water guns: Police and rioters continued to compete late at night on this Friday, April 9 in Belfast, where Brexit shakes a fragile balance between communities.

As a further occasion for the riots, the decision of the public prosecutor's office is seen, high-ranking politicians of the Catholic Sense Fine Party after participation in the great funeral of a former IRA terrorist not to be concerned about violations of the Corona rules.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson showed "deeply worried about the violence". He kept twittering, the way to solve differences, is the dialogue and not violence or crime.

I Am Deeply Concerned By The Scenes of Violence in Northern Ireland, Especially Attacks on Psni Who Are Protecting The Public and Businesses, Attacks on A Bus Driver and the Assault of A Journalist. The Way to Resolve Differences is Through Dialogue, Not Violence Or Criminality.

- Boris Johnson (@borisjohnson) April 7, 2021

also the bosses of the Pro-British Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the sense finely explained, violence is no solution.

Call to rest after Krawall in Belfast

 Call to rest after Krawall in Belfast Several policemen have been injured in the Northern Irish capital of Belfast. They had been thrown with bricks and fire rates. © Donal Collins / DPA / Picture Alliance The anger on the impact of the Brexit Agreement for Northern Ireland discharges to the police a day after the riots in Belfast, the British Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis condemned violence as "completely unacceptable". "Violence is never the answer. There is no place for this in our society," says Lewis.

This is not protest. This is Vandalism and Attempted Murder. Thesis action do not represent unionism or loyalism. They are at Embarrassment to Northern Ireland and Only Serve to Take The Focus Off The Real Law Breakers in Sense.

My Thoughts Are With the Bus Driver. https://t.co/2jrcob6s8c

- Arlene Foster #Weehillmeetagain (@Dupleeader) April 7, 2021

The DUP chairman Arlene Foster Twittered: "This is not a protest. This is vandalism and trial murder. These actions represent these actions Neither Unionism nor loyalism. They are a shame for Northern Ireland. " The rival sense finely designated foster than the "true lawbreaker".


Corsica: Stéphane Colonna's jumpish, the brother of Yvan Colonna, burned .
a survey was opened for dangerous resources for people © E. frisullo / 20 minutes Illustration of a car of the gendarmerie. Plage - A survey was opened for dangerous degradations for people Stéphane Colonna's masket, Yvan Colonna brother, one of the members of the commando author of the assassination of the Prefect Erignac, was targeted by A fire on Saturday in Cargèse ( Corse-du-Sud ), were he learned from the Attorney of the Republic of Ajaccio Carine Greff.

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