Ireland The Pope celebrates Mass with prisoners and refugees

18:45  11 april  2021
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  Le pape célèbre la messe avec des prisonniers et des réfugiés © provided by the point

L E Pope Francis left Sunday the Vatican to celebrate a mass in a neighboring church with prisoners, refugees and staff of health on the occasion of the feast of Divine Mercy.

The Mass took place in the Church Santo Spirito in Sassia, close to the Vatican, in front of a reduced assembly with approximately 80 people due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

last year, the Pope had celebrated a mass without faithful on the occasion of this festival established in 2000 by Pope John Paul II .

This year in the Assembly were detainees of two prisons from Rome as well as a youth detention center, refugees from Syria , Nigeria and Egypt and also nurses of a nurse. neighboring hospital including nuns.

Easter disturbed again by the Covid

 Easter disturbed again by the Covid © francois plug / Le Figaro / François plug / Le Figaro Mass of Good Friday at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris in Montmartre on Friday 2 April. Morning Easter on Sunday for many Christians. The curfew prohibits night celebrations.

In his homily, the spiritual leader of the 1.3 billion Catholics in the world stressed the importance for Christians not to remain indifferent to those around them.

"sister, brother, you want a proof that God touched your life? Check if you look at the wounds of others," said the pope.

"Do not stay indifferent. Do not live a half faith, which receives but does not give, who welcomes the gift but does not get donated. We have been touched by mercy, let's become merciful," he has been merciful, "he Added.

The Pope, 84 years old and who was vaccinated against the CVIV-19 before his trip to Iraq in early March, did not wear a mask of protection during the Mass, as well as those who performed the readings of the Bible. All other people present in the church, including choir children and other priests, had the face covered with a mask.

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