Ireland in pictures. Thunderstorms, dispersed gatherings ... a festival of music sometimes upset

13:40  22 june  2021
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Beauregard Festival. MUSE IN SUPER HEADLASH IN 2022, Places for sale on 18 June

 Beauregard Festival. MUSE IN SUPER HEADLASH IN 2022, Places for sale on 18 June © Archives David Ademas, West-France Beauregard Creates the event with Muse in opening its 2022 edition, on Wednesday, July 6th. After two years of forced silence for Covid-19, the Beauregard Festival, Hérouville-Saint-Clair (Calvados), comes out of its reserve with a weight announcement: Muse will play in "Before" of its 2022 edition, the Wednesday, July 6th. A planetary group! showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, black holes and revelations ...

sometimes thunderstorms, sometimes the charges of CRS ... The festival of music has not always been calm in France Monday night.

Des passionnés de musique participent à la Fête de la musique, le 21 juin 2021, sur la Promenade des Anglais, dans la ville de Nice, sur la Côte d'Azur © Valery Hache / AFP Music enthusiasts participate in the Festival of Music, June 21, 2021, on the Promenade des Anglais, in the city of Nice, on the Côte d'Azur

the evening of the party of Music , the first without curfew for eight months for some, has sometimes been hectic. Between the storms and the diluvian rain in the north of the country and the charges of the CRS in Paris or Nantes, the atmosphere has not always been at the party for the first evening of the summer. Several cities had, because of the weather, announced the cancellation of all concerts as in Rennes, Nantes and Tours.

The compulsory health worker at the Poupet Festival: In the organization, it is the incomprehension

 The compulsory health worker at the Poupet Festival: In the organization, it is the incomprehension © West-France Philippe Maindron, creator and president of the Festival of Poupet, in Vendée, does not understand the decision to make the Mandatory sanitary pass for festivals of more than 5,000 people, in addition to imposing the port of the mask and the sitting position during concerts. The sanitary pass is made mandatory in festivals welcoming more than 5,000 people.

Strasbourg had indicated on Friday that there would be no organized concert, not because of the weather this time but because the new health instructions had been revealed too late, according to her.

A weather not always favorable

in the Loiret, in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Mesmin, it was the deluge. "The people have tried to stay, they did not want to leave, the musicians wanted to play. But the rain has spoiled everything," said Sylvain Damon, the president of the concert organizer, Festhilaire.

A BREST, no swing rain but the crachin, which has not scared passersby, surrounding a carriage carrying musicians. "Seeing people, their smiles, it feels good," exclaimed Laure, 40 years old, come with his two children of nine, Kyllian and Lucille.

International Festival of Journalism: An event for the general public

 International Festival of Journalism: An event for the general public The village of Couthures-sur-Garonne is transformed into open air forum, mixing professionals from information and festival-goers. After a one-year interruption due to COVID-19, the International Festival of Journalism resumes its neighborhoods on board Garonne, from 9 to 11 July.

video: gatherings dispersed by the font during the music party (Le Figaro)

a dijon too, the rain has come disturb the festivities but not enough to cancel the concerts that took place as planned.

Loads of the police in Paris, Nantes or Annecy

in Paris, hundreds of young people found themselves in the early evening in the Tuileries Garden, near the Louvre, before being dislodged without clashes by the forces From the Order, we learned from a police source, despite the curfew. The small crowd then dispersed in the streets of the capital, joining the quays of Seine, in a game of the cat and the mouse with the police, without notable incident in the middle of the evening.

Other similar scenes have been captured by Internet users and journalists elsewhere in the capital, as in Champs-Elysées or on the Place de la République.

LBD shots and tear gas were also reported in other cities, such as Annecy.

Thunderstorms strike southwestern France, 37,000 private electricity homes in Occitanie

 Thunderstorms strike southwestern France, 37,000 private electricity homes in Occitanie © Jean-Michel Niester / West France A violent storm in the Tarn department in August 2019. Stock Photo. Illustration. After days of very high temperatures, the storms fell on the south-west of France, Thursday, June 17 in the evening. Fedis announces that 37,000 households are deprived of electricity in Occitania. They were expected. Thunderstorms hit the south of France , Thursday, June 17, at the beginning of the evening.

In Nantes, the inhabitants commemorated the death of Steve Maia Caniço , fallen into the Loire during a police intervention at the 2019 music festival. Nearly a thousand people scrolled in the streets. Later in the evening, clashes erupted, at the call of the Ultra-Left Collective Nantes Revolved. Protesters removed pavers in the Kervéguen district and faced the police who made use of techrymogen, while many Nantes were attached to café terraces.

surveyed this Tuesday morning on BFMTV , the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, for his part, regretted "overflows". "There have been overflowing, there was no doubt expected, said the minister. It's sure, the brakes were dropped, but there are still health rules to observe. I really call it to the responsibility of each other. The pandemic is always there. We must be in a prudential approach. "

Atmosphere Small ovens and decorations at the Elysée

The guests of the Elysee were able, for their part, enjoy concerts of two briefs of French electronic music given in the courtyard of the palace: Jean-Michel Jarre and Marc Cerrone. No overflows or CRS, the crowd was able to attend the show in peace.

President Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to decorate the two artists before their concert. Jean-Michel Jarre, author in particular oxygen and Equinoxe, has "dedicated" this decoration "to the whole family of electronic music, the DJs, the technicians ... who have suffered so much from the pandemic for a year" . Earlier in the day, the executive had announced the recovery of the concerts standing on June 30, and the reopening of the discos from July 9th.

Last preparation for the spring of Bourges, which launches the Festivals Season .
© AFP The Spring of Bourges begins this Tuesday evening its 45th edition. And a few hours from the launch of the first festival of the season, the technical teams take care of the last preparations and find their marks after months of health crisis that have put the world of cultivation at a stop. Sanitary restrictions on concerts and festivals will be relaxed from June 30th. But in the meantime, some have not lost time and go already in place to welcome their first spectators.

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