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12:40  26 july  2021
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Coronavirus: the United States will ship 25 million doses of vaccine in Africa

 Coronavirus: the United States will ship 25 million doses of vaccine in Africa in total, 49 countries should receive doses in the coming days © Alet Pretorius / AP / SIPA a police officer prepares to receive a dose From Johnson & Johnson to Soweto (South Africa), July 5th. Vaccination - In total, 49 countries should receive doses in the next days quickly their dose. The United States will ship 25 million doses of Vaccine against the Covid-19 in Africa , announced Friday of Americans and African officials. Shipments must begin in the coming days.

Chine : la première visite d'une émissaire de Biden... et quelques couacs © Michael MacDonald / Eyeem / Getty Images China: the first visit of a biden emissary ... and some couracs while the Two leading global powers remain on a number of topics, human rights to trade through the technology and takeover of Beijing in Hong Kong, this meeting on Chinese soil is the first for a senior official of diplomacy American since the arrival of Joe Biden at the White House at the beginning of the year.

The fault of the Americans ... The first visit to China of a high official of the American diplomacy of the era Biden gave rise on Monday to a rule in rule of Beijing against Washington. Wendy Sherman, number two of the US state department, arrived on Sunday in the big city in Tianjin (northern China), where she must talk to the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs. A first for both countries.

Guantanamo: the United States returns an inmate to Morocco, the first transfer under biden

 Guantanamo: the United States returns an inmate to Morocco, the first transfer under biden © AFP / Roberto Schmidt The Guantanamo Prison was opened in 2002, in American territory in Cuba, to hold members of al- Qaeda and alleged accomplices of the authors of the attacks of September 11, 2001. (Illustration). AFP / Roberto Schmidt. The United States returned Monday to its native country a Moroccan detained at Guantanamo, the first transfer thus realized under Joe Biden, Washington reaffirming in passing his goal of closing the controversial prison.

The press was not invited Monday morning to attend the meeting between Wendy Sherman and the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng. But according to the words released by Chinese diplomacy, Mr. Xie has accused Americans to be entirely responsible for the deterioration of the links between the two Pacific giants.

"Imaginary enemy"

Relationships are "in a dead end" and Washington must stop "demonizing" Beijing, he launched. "Basically, it's because the Americans see China as an imaginary enemy," he added, exhorting Washington to "change the state of erroneous mind and dangerous politics".

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Since its arrival at the White House, Joe Biden has hardly changed the policy of his predecessor towards China, Including the trade sanctions imposed by Donald Trump on Chinese products. He also endeavored to convince America's allies to join a common forehead of democracies in front of China perceived as more and more authoritarian and aggressive.

"Sleepy Tom": When the US football superstar Tom Brady joke at the expense of Donald Trump

 © Saul Loeb The Tom Brady Quarterback speaks with President Joe Biden at the White House on July 20, 2021 He maintained cordial relations With Donald Trump, but it is at the expense of the former president that the living legend of American Football Tom Brady had fun Tuesday at the White House, alongside Joe Biden. "Many people do not believe we have won," he said about the victory of his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at the last Super Bowl, which was worth being received at the White House.

This policy is strongly contested by the Chinese regime, which had already delivered to a war war during the first face-to-face of the era Biden between diplomats of the two countries in March in Anchorage (Alaska).

The Biden administration summed up his Chinese strategy by a triptych confrontation-competition-cooperation, leaving himself a margin of maneuver to chat with Beijing "where it is possible", especially on the climate. But this hope faced Monday for an end to do not receive.

The Chinese people sees in the American strategy "an incorrectly disguised attempt to curb China and repress it," Harmelé M. Xie to his interlocutor. "The focus is on (by Washington) on confrontation, while cooperation is only opportunism and competition a trap," he said.

So far, only the American emissary for the climate John Kerry had returned to China in April. Last week, he called the Chinese authorities to demonstrate "leadership" in the face of climate crisis and quickly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The answer was quick: "Cooperation between China and the United States in specific areas is closely linked to the overall health of Sino-American relations," retorted a spokesman for Chinese diplomacy.

The American part had not communicated Monday at the end of the morning on the content of Ms Sherman's remarks in Tianjin. His visit occurs after stages in Japan and South Korea, the United States allies, as well as in Mongolia, whose relations with Washington have recently improved. The Deputy Secretary of State had to evoke "the topics on which we have serious concerns about China's behavior, but also the topics on which our interests converge, last week said the state department.

"We are in favor of a fierce competition, but we want it to be fair and especially that it does not turn to the conflict," pleaded a spokesman for American diplomacy.

United States. 70% of the population is vaccinated, the target set by biden reached with a month of late .
© Reuters 49.7% of the US population have a complete vaccination scheme. Nearly three out of four adults in the United States received at least one VVID-19 vaccine dose as of Monday, August 2, while Joe Biden initially wanted to reach this threshold of vaccinated on July 4 at the latest.

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