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20:00  27 july  2021
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The words of a Moroccan manager on Kabylie angry Algeria

 The words of a Moroccan manager on Kabylie angry Algeria © Wikimediacommon / Bilaouername Village of Kabylie. Algiers decided to recall in consultation his ambassador to Rabat. While the two countries are pulled on the issue of Western Sahara, Algeria did not at all appreciated an exit from the Moroccan ambassador to the United Nations on the right to self-determination of the Kabyle people.

of the IMF warns: the industrialized countries are so fast from the crisis that the distance to the global south is growing further.

Auch die Autoindustrie kommt nach der Krise aktuell wieder in Schwung - vor allem dank dem guten Geschäft in China. © NG Han Guan / ap / dpa Also, the auto industry is currently getting back after the crisis - especially thanks to the good business in China.

The global economy is recovering from the corona crisis, but inequality rises. In any case, this is the view of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as indicated by the growth forecast presented on Tuesday. For the rich industrialized countries, including Germany, the growth prospects have again improved , the prospects for many poorer developing and emerging economies have worsened. The economic outlook of many states now hung directly from their access to corona vaccines, the IMF explained. In addition, poorer countries can only be limited to labor market and economy very limited.

Coronavirus: The EU has only provided a small part of the vaccines promised to the poor countries

 Coronavirus: The EU has only provided a small part of the vaccines promised to the poor countries HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-EU-VACCINES: Coronavirus: the EU has only provided a small part of the vaccines promised to countries Poor © Reuters / El Salvador's Presidency Coronavirus: The EU has only provided a small portion of the vaccines promised to the Poor countries by Francesco Guarascio Brussels (Reuters) - Member countries of the European Union have So far delivered that a tiny part of their surplus vaccines against COVID-19 to poor countries, less than 3% of the total of the 160 million doses

The global economy should grow by six percent after this year after this year. This corresponds to the previous outlook of April, but the composition of growth has changed: the plus for the industrialized countries should be 5.6 percent, 0.5 percentage points more than in April adopted. The forecast for the economy of developing and emerging economies for 2021, on the other hand, was reduced by 0.4 percentage points to 6.3 percent.

"Faster than expected vaccination campaigns and the return to normalness have led to high levels, while the lack of access to vaccines and repeated COVID 19 waves in some countries, especially in India, have resulted in downgrades," explained IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath. "The worldwide recovery of the economy continues, but with an larger gap between developed economies and many emerging and developing countries," she said.

Coronavirus: Covax and the World Bank want to send more vaccines to the Poor Countries

 Coronavirus: Covax and the World Bank want to send more vaccines to the Poor Countries The imagined mechanism must allow the 92 most disadvantaged countries participating in the COVAX system to obtain 430 million additional doses or to vaccinate 250 million people between The end-2021 and the mid-2022.

also 2022 still 4.9 percent growth

The pattern will continue to the IMF 2022. The global economy is to grow by 4.9 percent, 0.5 percentage points more than adopted in April. The development of a 0.8 percentage point of greater growth of industrialized countries (4.4 percent), mainly due to higher state expenditure in the US and the EU. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the emerging and developing countries in turn should grow by 5.2 percent, an increase of 0.2 percentage points compared to the April estimate. The global recovery of the economy "is not secured until the pandemic is knocked down worldwide," emphasized Gopinath.

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alone the growth forecast for the USA, the world's largest Economics, the IMF, for example, raised 1.4 percentage points to 4.9 percent for the next year. Germany's economy is also stronger to increase in 2022: After a forecast of 3.4 percent in April, the IMF is now expecting growth of 4.1 percent. For this year, a plus of 3.6 percent is expected.

Weinzierl builds on Olympione Uduokhai: "We definitely need him"

 Weinzierl builds on Olympione Uduokhai: by the personnel bottleneck relaxed from the German Olympic Eleven in the defense of the FC Augsburg. Roductor Felix Uduokhai returns in time. © AFP Via Getty Images fixed point in the Augsburger Defensive: Felix Uduokhai. hanging in the poker around Danso with a 1: 1 against the Ivory Coast ended for the DFB selection with the Augsburgern Uduokhai and Marco Richter on Wednesday the dream of an Olympic medal.

USA Stay Growth Locomotive

The USA will be the great growth locomotive of the global economy this year. There, the economy should grow by 7 percent thanks to the successful vaccination campaign and a massive economic power package. This would have been the strongest growth since a generation, as the IMF had already explained 0.6 percentage points raised by 0.6 percentage points for the USA in the beginning of July. The relatively high IMF growth forecast for the global economy is also part of the fact that many states had experienced a recession of historical extent because of the corona crisis in the previous year and now catch up again. Meanneness, the IMF is that the

currently higher inflation rates

in the industrialized countries in the coming year should re-commute to the level of prior to the pandemic. Many factors that drive prices are temporarily, and the location in the labor market is less good in most countries than before the pandemic. "However, this assessment is associated with significant uncertainty because of the unprecedented nature of this recovery," said Gopinath. Sustainable disorders of global supply chains and a strong increase in real estate prices are factors that could lead to sustainably higher inflation, they warned them. (dpa)

Group: Bayer writes for glyphosate billions minus and takes over US-Pharma company .
© Picture Alliance / dpa the logo of Bayer AG on the roof of an office building in Berlin. The recovery of the pharmaceutical business and the increasing demand for seed and pesticides have brought a strong growth in Bayer in the second quarter of 2021. Sales rose nominally by eight percent. Currency and portfolio cleaned, ie after deduction of accessories and sales as well as losses or profits from currency exchange, Bayers sales grew by almost 13 percent. Operatively, Leverkusener earned 10.6

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