Ireland Jacob Desvarieux, Kassav Group leader, succumbed to COVID-19

13:17  31 july  2021
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Rising contamination, sanitary pass ... what to remember from Castex's passage to 13-hour TF1

 Rising contamination, sanitary pass ... what to remember from Castex's passage to 13-hour TF1 © Copyright 2021, the Obs not new Announcement of Health Restrictions during the Prime Minister's Intervention TF1 JT. Leaving the prefects the charge to put in place territorialized measures, Jean Castex, however, made details on the extension of the sanitary pass and the immunization strategy, particularly with the youngest. "In the fourth wave, we are there," he warned at the end of a health defense council at the Elysée on Wednesday, July 21.

Guadeloupean guitarist Jacob Desvarieux, died Friday 65 years of CVIV-19 suites.

  Jacob Desvarieux, leader du groupe Kassav', a succombé au covid-19 © SADAKA EDMOND / SIPA

The Guadeloupean guardist Jacob Desvarieux, died Friday at 65 years of the CVVID-19 suites, was one of the founders of the Kassav 'group, monument to the West Indies that had a huge success in the 1980s in Mixing local music to create a style, zouk. Fragile health from a renal transplant, the musician had been hospitalized on July 12 in Pointe-à-Pitre after being contaminated by the coronavirus.

Among the many reactions to his death, that of the Guadeloup Judoka Teddy Riner, who paid tribute to "an immense voices of the West Indies", while the former Minister Christiane Taubira, from Guyana, said his sadness, remembrance "his voice, his tale, his talent, his joy, this smile, this inclination of the head and even his overalls of the beginnings ". "The West Indies, Africa and Music have just lost one of its greatest ambassadors. Jacob thanks to your art, you have brought the West Indies closer to Africa. Dakar where you have been crying. Farewell the friend ", Tweeted the Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour.

EU: More than 54% of adults completely vaccinated against COVID-19

 EU: More than 54% of adults completely vaccinated against COVID-19 © Maxime Jegat / Maxppp / Photopqr / Progress / Maxppp Vaccine, Covid-19, European Union P Lus of half of the adult population completely vaccinated against COVID-19 in the European Union. They are thus 200 million to have completed their vaccinal scheme, announced this Thursday, July 22 the European Commission. The latter has set a target of 70% vaccinated adults this summer.

Query the origins

"Initially, it was a laboratory: we were looking for a soundtrack that makes the synthesis of all previous traditions and sounds, but which is exportable everywhere," said the musician in the Liberation newspaper 2016.

A cocktail that will give rise to festive tubes and dancing sung in Creole, like "Zouk Sél ll Ménikaman Ni ni" (1984, on an album that Desvarieux cosigne with another founder of Kassav 'but who does not leave under The name of the group) or "Sya Bwa" (1987). "Through our music, we were interrogating our origins. What we did there, we were black and spoken French?" Explained to Libé desvarieux, the sweet and veiled voice and the hair whiten by the years.

"World Music"

"As the African Americans of the United States, we were looking for answers to take back the thread of a story that had been confiscated," he added. Kassav 'explodes at the same time as the "World Music", the world's music: in the mid-1980s, the public is thirsty for distant and mixed music. "Our music was to be + Caribbean +, that is to say, recognized by the Caribbean, contrary to what was happening with the World Music: it was an Anglo-Saxon music with a Third World Singer, sometimes singing in his tongue, "Haved Jacob Desvarieux, however. Kassav '(with reference to the cassave, a cassava cake) is founded in 1979 by Guadeloupean artists, Pierre-Edouard Decimus (from the Vikings of Guadeloupe) and Freddy Marshall.

Death of Jacob Desvarieux: the guitarist of the Kassav Group died at the age of 65

 Death of Jacob Desvarieux: the guitarist of the Kassav Group died at the age of 65 © SIPA Death of Jacob Desvarieux: the guitarist of the Kassav 'group died at the age of 65 years aged 65 Years, the musician Jacob Desvarieux, co-creator and guitarist of the Kassav's Antillais group, died on Friday, July 30. The Kassav ' group and its millions of fans around the world are mourning. Zouk no longer resonates with the same joy on the island of Guadeloupe.

They recruit other musicians, including Desvarieux, born in 1955 in Paris and who, as a guitarist, claims rock influences, Chuck Berry in Jimi Hendrix.

The group style base is the GWO Ka, Guadeloupeian music marked by the drums. It adds other ingredients from all the Caribbean - Haitian compass, Biguine ... - and a modern packaging, with bass, brass and keyboards.


Kassav 'first album, "Love and Ka Dance", goes out in 1979. 1980 marks the first appearance in the group of the one who will become the emblem: the Martiniquaise singer Jocelyne Board. Kassav 'reaches the peak of its popularity in the late 80s. He signs a contract with the multinational CBS disc, comes out the album "Vini Pou" in 1987 (platinum disk) and receives a victory of music in 1988 . Incened by the American Jazzman Miles Davis, the group chained the concerts around the world. And parallel to the many Albums of Kassav ', its members come out of solo disks.

Since then, the Zouk fashion has fallen, but Kassav 'continued to attract a numerous public in concert. Antilles and star monument in metropolis, the group is also well known in Africa. The clip of "Sya Bwa" was shot in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo, which was still called Zaire). "Africa has opened to us even even France," said Jocelyne Beroir in 2019 at the Jeune African magazine. "They did not understand Creole, but they repeated more or less phonetically, or they created their own versions," she smiled. "'' ZOUK Sé salt Many Nor nor '(" Zouk is the only medicine we have ", NDLR) is, for example, become + Zouk la, I ate half kilo of rice +!"

COVID-19: Unvaccinated persons have twice as many risks to be reinfected, according to a study .
© Jean-Baptiste Quentin in France, more than one major in 2 in 2 is completely vaccinated. LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin. It is a beneficial effect of the vaccination we hear less about talking. Unvaccinated persons have twice as many risks to be reinfected by the VVID-19 virus that the entirely vaccinated persons, according to a study published on Friday by the American health authorities.

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