Ireland election campaign in the streaming rain

22:10  21 september  2021
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"Always on the wrong side"?: Söder lays down in the dispute over the historical role of the SPD

 the SPD is outraged by a statement of Union Chancellor's Candidate. CSU boss Söder throws your thin-skinned - and continues. © Photo: DPA / Peter Kneffe Markus Söder, CSU party chairman and Prime Minister of Bavaria CSU boss Markus Söder has studied in the dispute with the SPD for the historical role of Social Democrats.

The prerequisites for this campaign event were not the best: with streaming rain, accompanied by whistles and builds and under the pressure of weak survey values ​​are Union Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet and Chancellor Angela Merkel (both CDU) on Tuesday evening in Stralsund Current. Both warned of red-green red and were a guarantee of a strong economy and internal security for a Union-led federal government.

Die Voraussetzungen für diese Wahlkampfveranstaltung waren nicht die besten: Bei Regen, begleitet von Pfiffen und unter dem Druck schwacher Umfragewerte sind Unions-Kanzlerkandidat Laschet und Bundeskanzlerin Merkel in Stralsund aufgetreten. © John MacDougall The prerequisites for this campaign event were not the best: in the rain, accompanied by whistles and under the pressure of weak survey values, Union Chancellor's Candidate Lashet and Chancellor Merkel has occurred in Stralsund.

In the Bundestag election on Sunday, it is about that Germany "connection to the best in the world" Keeping Merkel. "Good work" and "good pay" will only give it in the future, "if we belong to the best in the world."

Merkel and Macron in Paris: Working Fairs Instead of Farewell Messen

 Merkel and Macron in Paris: Working Fairs Instead of Farewell Messen France's President awaits the Chancellor for dinner, but that should not be a farewell. Before the autumnal government finding Germany paralyzes, Macron wants to talk about great topics. © Christophe Licoppe / Imago Work instead of Adieu: Emmanuel Macron wants to talk to Angela Merkel about world and European capolitan positions. working missions Instead of saying goodbye in the Élysée Palace, it is important to expire in emotional dumbbell. Yes, the end of the term Angela Merkel is imminent.

Lashet battles as Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia for every workplace - he would also do as Federal Chancellor, Merkel showed himself convinced. He also stands for "the best equipment" of security authorities, police and the Bundeswehr.

The Chancellor warned against a coalition of SPD, Greens and Left after the election. It is necessary to return after the high re-debt during the Corona Pandemic "to Solid Finance". "I do not think that a red-red-green government does that," Merkel said. In addition, they criticized "mistrust" to security authorities and police forces without attributing this to a particular party.

Merkel asked those present, "that they help all to secure prosperity for the next few years" and strengthen the country's safety. Launchet is "the one who can do that".

Forsa- "Trendbarometer": SPD Despite light plus at the Union front

 Forsa- in the current trend barometer of RTL and NTV, the values ​​of almost all Bundestag parties are stable. The Union lays down slightly and the SPD remains strongest power. © Photo: Imago Images / Political-Moments Armin Lashet The CDU chairman and Chancellor candidate five days before the general election is the SPD in a new survey.

The candidate himself also said that companies are likely to be burdened by higher taxes in the current situation. "They should invest and create jobs." At the same time, Germany must become "climate-neutral industrialized country". However, the CO2 limits should not be too strict, otherwise whole industries, such as steel production, could migrate to China.

The event had started delayed at almost half an hour; Many spectators harvest under umbrellas. Among them were obviously many opponents of Lashet and Merkel, whose constituency Stralsund belongs. As soon as the Chancellor's appearance was announced, Buhrufe sounded and a whistle concert.

until Merkel actually entered the stage, it still took something - and the organizers of the event turned on the music for bridging. From the speakers, "I Gotta Feeling" sounded from the band Black Eyed PEEs - text line: "I Got A Feeling / That Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night", in German about: "I feel that tonight a good night will be ".

Merkel took at least the bad weather with humor. "If you are Chancellor, you have to come up with sunshine and daylight again," she said to Laschet.

In turn, the BUH Rufer arrived directly and directed an admonition to all, "those whistling and screaming": Who believes, there is no pandemic that should go on the intensive stations, recommended the CDU boss.

attacking, he also showed himself against political competition. It is important to have a federal government, "the internal and external security guarantees," said Laschet. That's "with red-red-green not possible". He also wool no "red-green prohibition policy".

Laschet at the same time praised the merits of Merkel for their constituency and around Germany. "We now do everything to continue this work over the next few years," he promised.


Berliner's ballot chaos: Digital choose is not as easy as many thinking .
with election computers would not happen the Berlin's ballot chaos so probably. But the machines have their pitfalls. © Shutterstock Berliner Veterinary Chaos: Digital Choose is not as easy as many think on electoral sunday were partly chaotic scenes in Berlin. In several electoral stokers are missing ballots or lay false intended for other districts. People had to be quite snake for hours until new ballots were delivered.

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