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04:57  18 october  2021
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Designation of the President of the Ceni in the DRC: Catholics and Protestants raise the

 Designation of the President of the Ceni in the DRC: Catholics and Protestants raise the © Reuters / Thomas Mukoya Conference of the CENCO, in Kinshasa, on December 21, 2016 (image of illustration). In the DRC, the process to designate the future President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Cenénie) is bogged down. At a press conference, Catholics and Protestants raised the tone yesterday, Thursday, October 7, to denounce the responsibility of the political actors in the blocking.

Park sources say at least 200 rangers have paid with their lives in attacks going back more than a decade © Virunga National Park / AFP / File Park sources say at least 200 rangers-have paid with Their Lives in attacks going back more than a decade

's Virunga National Park, Africa's oldest park, is faced with many challenges. According to the management of the park, over 12% of its area is now overgrown by local communities and armed groups. Illegal activities are organized, including the exploitation of natural resources. One of these activities is the illegal logging by armed men and civilians. Ecoguards park must balance firmness and pedagogy.

With our special envoy in the Virunga park, Patient Ligodi

Bahati, 35, is ecoguard, curator and head south of the park. His mission: to preserve this green lung of Central Africa, raising awareness of the timber used for heating but also processed to make charcoal that is also called Makala.

in Libya, "humiliated" migrants that only request from

 in Libya, © AFP "N are at the end": stopped in a police raid, placed in detention as thousands of other migrants and refugees in Libya , Halima escaped a center in Tripoli on Friday. "Humiliated", she only asks to leave this country after a week of Calvary. "They assaulted us, humiliated, many of us were injured," Loose Halima Mokhtar Bchara, a Sudanese refugee from Darfur, a region that was ravaged by the war. "We are all extremely tired.

This morning his patrol surprised a group of civilians, including women cutting down some trees in an area of ​​habitat of mountain gorillas.

Bahati conducts awareness. "Mom, why do not you listen? How often should one you prohibit this practice? Go cultivate, do not destroy the forest, "he directed the.

ago a week Bahati and his team have arrested ten people and intercept their convoys. "We seized the Makala [charcoals, Ed] it a week ago. It was three trucks left Kalengera Goma. We have all entered and we have brought here. Everything was unloaded and the vehicles were taken to the prosecutor. "

detention camp in the park for

poachers, officers of the judicial police can now act more quickly and return them to the competent authorities responsible.

This new plan is for Nübel Hangeless

 This new plan is for Nübel Hangeless Manuel new has announced to play for many more years. Sport1 knows its future plans that may have an influence on Alexander Nubel. © Provided by Sport1.de This new plan is for nubel fire-resistant to stop thinking he does not think much! Manuel New has announced that he could even imagine, still at the gate at 40 years . The 35-year-old multiple World Gorwart has a contract until June 30, 2023 and would be 37 years old.

A remand center has even been created in the heart of the park, at Rumangabo. "Some are brought here following the poaching. They kill the animals in the park. On the verbalize and transmits the file to the prosecution and prosecutor. "

According to the director of the park, these Makala are sold in large cities such as Goma and Bukavu. charcoal of traffic rises to 40 million per year, and over 80% comes from the park. Much of this production is in areas controlled by armed groups.

Dangerous Roads A ecoguard of Virunga National Park was killed Friday, October 15 at Chanika in Lubero territory in Beni territory. He succumbed to his injuries after being shot fired by unidentified armed men. Occupied for months by the militia Mai-Mai Chanika had been taken early October by loyalist forces during an operation conducted by military and eco-guards.

weapon in his right hand, beret in place, Bahati takes place on board a service vehicle. It borrows the dangerous road No. 4 leaving for Rumangabo Kibumba. "We are obliged to escort the tourists coming, he said. It's the same with our staff. We can not leave them alone on the dangerous roads. "

Ribery Club Salernitana fires coach Castori

 Ribery Club Salernitana fires coach Castori at Franck Ribery's Club US Salernitana are at an early stage in the relegation champion. © Provided by Sport1.de Ribery Club Salernitana fires coach Castori at Franck Ribery's Club US Salernitana are at an early stage in the relegation champion. After the 1: 2 (1: 0) -ont at Spezia Calcio fired the freshman on Sunday ascension coach Fabrizio Castori. The final light thus moved the consequences from the sobering season start with only four points from eight games.

Nyatura militia, a faction of the FDLR, are sometimes installed about a kilometer of the road. And kidnappings are not uncommon.

It is also in this area Italian Ambassador Luca Attanasio was killed in an ambush in February. Currently in the park, over 2000 militia are active. Unlike other protected areas of the world, ecoguards here do not just pure environmental conservation. They also organize civil protection convoys every day on the road the section 2 through the park. Work hard face these as active militiamen in the exploitation of natural resources. No less than 22 ecoguards killed 2020 to date.

D. Kadima at the Cennel of DRC: The Furibonde opposition, the UDPS supports presidential choice .
© Ikulu Ya Kinshasa DRC Félix Tshisekedi on October 22, 2021. In the DRC, President Tshisekedi endorsed the composition of the 'CENI team Friday night. Despite the reserves seen on the opposition side, in the camp of the supporters of power, it is a very good thing but everyone is not necessarily of the same opinion.

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