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22:25  18 november  2021
22:25  18 november  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Côtes d'Armor: two hospitalized children after eating cake with cannabis

 Côtes d'Armor: two hospitalized children after eating cake with cannabis The father was heard in custody and will be summoned in court © C. ALLAIN / 20 minutes Illustration of a relief ambulance of the SAMU , here in Rennes. Survey - The Father was heard in custody and will be summoned to the court they were transported to helicopter to the south hospital of Rennes Sunday 7 November, at the end of the day. Aged 2 and 5 years old, the children had ingested "a small amount" of a cannabis-based cake, reports Ouest-France .

Avec le Noktambûl, Gürbüz Göksü, deuxième à gauche entouré des musiciens du trio Genty Philippe Rakatomanga, veut offrir un lieu où faire vivre la musique live, jazz mais pas seulement. © West-France with the Noktambûl, Gürbüz Göksü, second left surrounded by the musicians of the Threesome Genty Philippe Rakatomanga, wants to offer a place to live live music, jazz but not only.

The Mondo Bizarro is no longer, Long live the Noktambül! The new bar-concert has just opened with concerts of the Jazz Festival in the West in its lair of Patton Avenue.

"I'm always in the work and have not seen a lot on the day for a few months, but it was worth it! " rejoices Gürbüz Göksu, the boss of the Noktambül. The opening of the concert bar coincides with the jazz festival west that continues this weekend with a concert of the Trio Laurent Gentil, Dina Rakatomanga and Alain Philippe this Friday, November 19, which precisely repeats the day of the interview on The little scene of the coffee-concert. "I was part of this trio as a percussionist, it's a sign of destiny!

Rennes. On stage, young comedians tell their parents

 Rennes. On stage, young comedians tell their parents © Gwendal Le Flem my parents of Mohamed El Khatib with the students of the promotion 10 of the school of TNB The director Mohamed El Khatib is an artist of the intimate He often talked about his parents, his family, worked the documentary theater. He resulted in the comedians of the promotion of the TNB School in his wake. "It all started during the confinement, we were returned to our families" remembers Hinda Abdelaoui.

Live Music

Live Music Passionate, Gurbuz Göksu found that he was missing in Rennes a place or listening to live music, Jazz but not just. The Noktambül took up his neighborhoods in the old walls of the Mondarro Avenue Patton, Care of Concert Punk Rock. The café-concert will continue to propose live music but with a clear change of musical direction. After the nice trio Friday and the Benjamin Coum Trio Saturday, it's the singer Folk-Rock Rennais who goes up Mô'ti Tëi who will be on display. "The idea is also to produce local or original artists from Rennes, which always end up coming back", points out Gurbuz Göksü. Like Pascal Salmon and his Roman son, "A young guitarist who has reached the professional level at an incredible speed. »

Action Shaft after Festival Reader - Nine-year-old still in coma

 Action Shaft after Festival Reader - Nine-year-old still in coma © 2021 Getty Images / Brandon Bell Before the fence of the festival area in Houston, grieving flowers have laid down. After the deadly mass panic at the Texan Astroworld Festival, a lawsuit meets the rapper Travis Scott and Drake, among other things. Meanwhile, two of the injured victims are still in critical condition - including a nine-year-old.

Open a concert coffee, a risky bet while concert halls should deal with an epidemic still under surveillance? "I do not do a commercial bet, the idea here is to offer the live music where I dreamed and to balance the accounts in order to continue inviting good musicians, emphasizes the boss . What is important is to welcome the artists and the public and to program good music "

former accompanying musician of the dancers at the conservatory and at the university, now retired, Gürbuz Göksu seeks to live the music 'He loves every day. He plans to bring dancers and welcome rehearsals open to the public but also exhibitions. The Noktambül will host concerts on Fridays and Saturday, will offer a small restoration but will be closed the other days because it is not intended to be a classic bar. The new boss of the place also hopes that the Noktambül will become a place of meetings of the musicians able to give birth, who knows, new groups ...

the Noktambül, 264 Patton Avenue in Rennes, concert of the Théio Gentle on November 19, of the Benjamin Coum Trio on November 20th As part of the Jazz Festival in the West on the Rennaise metropolis until 27 November.

Poke Bar, The Vaust Way: The Jigi Bar in Berlin is a Hawaiian-Brutalist Fusion .
Poke Bar © Robert Rieger 21-11-Jigi-Poke-interior-0025_b.jpg New Poke Bar in Berlin: Vaust Studio Designed the Jigi Poke in Mitte. that Joern Schieber and David Kasock, founder of the Berlin design office Vaust Studio , gladly to work and create innovative concepts, is well known. So it can hardly be surprised that without hesitation, it seized the opportunity to accept in the Rosenthaler Straße of the premises of a Poke Bar.

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