Ireland COVID-19: what to remember in the cultural sector of government declarations of 27 December

14:30  28 december  2021
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The boxing day already touched by the COVID

 The boxing day already touched by the COVID © provided by Sports.co.uk The meeting between Liverpool and Leeds has been postponed. It was the good news of the beginning of the week in England, the Boxing Day will be well. While the traditional holiday matches were threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic that strikes the English teams, the clubs met and agreed to keep the three days of Premier League between December 26 and 3. January, to avoid overloading the calendar in second season.

to cope with the fifth wave of the epidemic, the executive announced several measures in a press conference Monday night, especially with regard to the show sector. If it can rejoice in the overall cultural venues open despite the return of the gauges, the rock and variety scene will regret the banning of upright concerts.

  Covid-19 : ce qu’il faut retenir dans le secteur culturel des déclarations gouvernementales du 27 décembre © Provided by FranceInfo

Jean Castex and Olivier Véran have defined Monday, December 27 in their press conference in early evening The few developments established to "brake the Omicron Variant" which feeds the rise in contaminations to CVIV-19. These measures, adopted in the Council of Ministers, shall apply "from Monday for a period of three weeks". Here are the main elements of their statement regarding cultural sites and the living show in particular.

live Covid-19: In Paris, the restaurants threatened by the absence of tourists

 live Covid-19: In Paris, the restaurants threatened by the absence of tourists © a jarry-triplon / onlyfrance.f picture of illustration, in Montmartre, on December 2nd. In summary: - The number of contaminations reaches a record in France. More than 90,000 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded Thursday over the last twenty-four hours, a level never reached since the beginning of the pandemic. - In Europe, Restrictions are multiplying : the show rooms close from Sunday in Belgium while the outdoor mask is back in Spain and Italy.

Recovery of

gauges There will be no closure of the rooms that could fear with professionals in the sector. But Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the recovery of the gauges , fixed to 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 in outside.

Prohibition of standing concerts

Standing concerts are simply prohibited: An announcement that penalizes a whole sector of music and living show, including the varieties and rock scene where standing concerts are legion. "We become a forbidden area again, it is the desperation again," lamented to AFP the Prodiss (National Union of the Musical and Variety) in the person of Malika Seguineau. "We are well aware of what is happening with the health crisis, but we have played the game of the sanitary pass since this summer - and we will play that of the vaccinal pass - and we played the game of the mask. It's terrible. We have not been consulted, "she still regretted.

coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world

 coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world © Ander Gillenea protesters brandish a banner on which it is written "Do not touch children" during a demonstration against the vaccination of children in the city of San Sebastian In Spain on December 26, 2021 New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: one point on the latest developments in the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world. - USA: Shortage of screening tests - The shortage of CVIV-19 screening tests observed in the United States will soon be resolved, assured Dr.

No curfew On December 31,

the government ended the rumors that suggested that a curfew would be set up to reduce private gatherings during New Year . For the evening of December 31, there will be no curfew, while fireworks and alcohol consumption will be prohibited on public roads. The shows will therefore be maintained.

Prohibition of consuming in cinemas and theaters

now, you will not be able to taste your popcorn on your red seat at the cinema. The government announced that as of January 3, it will be forbidden to drink and eat in cinemas, theaters, as in sports equipment and collective transport.

Towards a Vaccinal Pass

to go to the cinema or the theater, the vaccinal pass should replace the sanitary pass in mid-January. The vaccinal pass would aim to "strengthen the tools for managing the sanitary crisis". To attend a show, a negative test at COVID-19 no longer suffice. It will now be necessary to attest to a complete vaccination scheme.

The vaccinal pass should be deployed from January 15, provided that the bill is voted by Parliament, and validated by the Constitutional Council and the Council of State.

No reporting on club club clubs and discotheques, closed since December 9, are supposed to reopen on January 6th. The government has not expressed itself in this regard, but the sector is concerned not to reopen as planned. The prohibition to consume standing in the streets concerns them directly. Monday, before the Government Declaration, the employers' organizations of the hotel and restorations feared that the government requires "a mandatory test for all".

At its press conference, Prime Minister Jean Castex said a defense counsel would be held on January 5, "to redo the point" on the health situation at the end of the school holidays.

The schools should remain open .
Berlin. Nationwide school closures are no longer possible according to current legal situation. There is now a renewed commitment of politics: schools should not close, not even in the build-up omikron wave. How long does the commitment last? © Matthias Balk lessons with mask. This will also be necessary in the new school year The Cultural Ministers of Cultural Ministers of Countries remain in their line that schools should be kept open in the current corona situation.

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