Ireland Festival of the Alpe d'Huez 2022: Cascade of laughter with Jérôme Commander and its irreducible

12:45  20 january  2022
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 Backgrounds 2022: The unveiled anthem, 2 famous singer soon in the troop? (VIDEO) Ten days before ending up at the Zenith of Montpellier, the 2022 bastards have just unveiled their new single: "There will always be an appointment". " There will always be an appointment. A forgotten fight. Always a dream to make " Sing Enfoirés in the first strophas of their new single . 36 years after the call launched by Coluche, the Restos of the Heart are more relevant. In 2021, the association created in 1987 welcomed more than 1.2 million people and distributed more than 142 million mea

Festival de l'Alpe d'Huez 2022 : cascade de rires avec Jérôme Commandeur et son Irréductible © Laurent VU / SIPA Festival of the Alpe d'Huez 2022: Cascade of laughter with Jérôme Commander and its irreducible this Wednesday While the world of cinema, and the Festival of the Alpe d'Huez, was marked by the death of Gaspard Ulliel, Jérôme Commander arrived to relax a little atmosphere with his second realization, irreducible, which caused the general hilarity.

The Show must go on. The least we can say is that the bad news is accumulating for the Huez Alpe Festival, which opened this Monday with a strong programming in French productions extensively . From the opening ceremony, Michèle laoque, the President of the Jury, had to declare package, reached COVID . This Wednesday, the world of cinema as a whole and the festival-goers have been very affected by the ad of the accidental death of the Gaspard Ulliel actor. Several personalities in the Alpine station shared their emotion at our microphone .

India: The Hindu Festival Gangasagar Mela Potential "Super Propagator" of Covid

 India: The Hindu Festival Gangasagar Mela Potential © AFP D Hundreds Thousands of Indian pilgrims started to gather on Thursday on an island of Ganges for Gangasagar Mela, a great religious festival, where are expected millions of people, despite an alarming resurgence of COVID cases. Despite this outbreak attributed to the Omicron Variant, a Calcutta court allowed last week the holding of Gangasagar Mela on the island of Sagar, at the mouth of the Ganges, in the state of Western Bengal (East).

at the Huez Alpe, the humor despite all

In this context, the solution may be trying to continue smiling and enjoying some moments. The projections thus succeed ourselves with the Alpe d'Huez, with a first favorite for men at the edge of the Nerve crisis of Audrey Dana . On Wednesday night, the emotion disputed him to humor during the evening screening, with a tribute supported from the festival in Gaspard Ulliel, and the great hall of the palace standing for a minute of applause. And since it is necessary to continue, the projection in competition of irreducible , directed by Jérôme Commander , which recently has been successfully officiated at the presentation of Burger Quiz . For his second film behind the camera, we must recognize that the actor-director signs almost total success. Faithful to his Humor Cash and Sleeve Clamp, Jérôme Commander offers an explosive joke on ... the officials! Jérôme Commander is flying with irreducible

Bank Place After Farewell Announcement: Gladbach fans celebrate Ginter degradation

 Bank Place After Farewell Announcement: Gladbach fans celebrate Ginter degradation © Provided by 90min Matthias Hangst / Gettyimages Borussia Mönchengladbach reacted lightning fast to the farewell announcement of Matthias Ginter and recently committed Marvin Friedrich, which today against Bayer Leverkusen directly debut in Bayer Leverkusen The starting element can celebrate. The winter newcomer thus also displaces the previous defense chief. For the amazement of many fans, Ginter was listed only as a bank player on the Game Daybow.

irreducible, here is the adjective that one could attach to the hero of the film, a certain Vincent Peltier, embodied by Jérôme Commander himself. Touched by a drastic reduction of numbers in the public service, this gentleman-all-world in the row life is determined not to resign. And this, despite the increasingly larger instance of an inspector who, to make him bend, sends him in the worst locations in the world. Icedanes from Greenland to the Amazon forest, Peltier seems to acclimatize everywhere. For its second realization after

my family already adore (2016) , Jérôme Commander tackles all the faults that we lend to the officials, but always with distance and tenderness. The staggered scenes multiply, like this hilarious sequence where Valérie Lemercier, invited for a single scene, explains the most seriously of the world that the job of our hero will be to protect a polar basis against the attack of the bears, which s 'In the crotch of humans, thermal images in support ... The humor cow and referenced from the director is flying at all blows for an adventure as hilarious as exotic. With a bonus the frankly funny presence of Christian Keyboard in unionist to the Boutier who advises Peltier! irreducible is announced in the rooms on 29 June.

Trial Sankara in Burkina: The highlights of three months of hearings .
© Daniel Wool Thomas Sankara during a military parade in Ouagadougou on 4 August 1985 The trial of the assassins alleged from the former President Burkinabis Thomas Sankara , killed with twelve of his companions during a coup on October 15, 1987, between Monday in the phase of the requisites and the pleadings.

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