Ireland Télématin: Edouard Baer smiling to present the weather ... and does the show! (Video)

15:37  21 january  2022
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The presumed incendiary of the Parliament of South Africa accused of "terrorism"

 The presumed incendiary of the Parliament of South Africa accused of © Sumaya Hisham / Reuters The Parliament of South Africa during fire, Cape Town, January 2, 2022. This Tuesday 11 January, the parquet accused the suspected man to be at the origin of the fire, on January 2, of the Parliament of South Africa, "terrorism".

Télématin : Edouard Baer s'incruste pour présenter la météo... Et fait le show ! (VIDEO) © Capture France 2 Telematin: Edouard Baer smiling to present the weather ... and does the show! (Video) Guest in Telematin this Friday, January 21, Edouard Baer made his show. The actor wanted to try the dangerous exercise of the weather presentation. Despite his goodwill, it's a very approximate newsletter he introduced to viewers!

Between his features of spirits and his holes, Edward Baer is a surveillance actor. For the greatest happiness of his fans, he returns with a new film, Goodbye Paris , in the room on January 26th. As a director of this feature film at the five-star cast, promotes them in the media. Except that he does not do that like anyone else. The comedian reserves us from the crazy sequences of which he alone has the secret. This January 19, accompanied by Benoît Poelvoorde , Edouard Baer was invited in the morning of France Inter. The two actors offered an unusual scene to the listeners. After the ticket from Charline Vanhoenacter, the two accomplices were no longer in place. A disturbing presence for Nicolas Demorand, barely to continue the presentation of his morning. "Now go evacuation of the studio please. It's the big carnival. Go away!" , he launched to cover the voice of the two men. This Friday, January 21, it is without his acolyte, and the main actor of his last film, that Edouard Baer assured the promotion of farewell Paris . Guest in Telematin , the 55-year-old director had, once again, the ambition to sow the studio mess. While Julia Martin presents the weather, he will join her ... and make his show!

The presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali is likely to put an end to the commitment of the European special forces

 The presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali is likely to put an end to the commitment of the European special forces meeting in Brest on 13 January 2022, the European ministers of defense and foreign affairs have sought the answer to the arrival of mercenaries Wagner group in Mali. © provided by FranceInfo while the presence of 300 to 400 Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group in Mali was confirmed by several diplomats, the Europeans present in the region, particularly through the Tabuka force, expressed their concern.

Edouard Baer plays the weather presenter

Following the proposal of the weather presenter, it is determined that Edouard Baer rises from the sofa of Telematin to join her. But once at his side, he seems disappointed. " you do not have the card where we are wrong all the time? We believe to show Brittany but in fact it's Alsace ," he throws, referring to the card on a green background of Weather bulletins . No gestures attached to the indications Unfortunately. Never mind, the comedian rushes towards the big screen to do it in his place: " So go ahead, tell me regions," hers. But the adept of the game Burger Quiz agitates his arms in every way ... and does not illustrate the information of Julia Martin! He even tries to repel the fictitious clouds of the center of France ... " Do not go hurt! ", has fun the young woman. After this approximate service, the guest of the day will be justified: " like that, it remains vague , we choose, we check ," he lets go.

United States: a "major" winter storm strikes the east of the country

 United States: a © Stefani Reynolds / AFP d Es Millions of Americans have been sheltered on Sunday, January 16th while a "major winter storm According to the meteorological services, struck the east of the United States with its batch of snow and ice, causing power outages about at least 235,000 people. The biggest of the storm should take place in the evening.

The actor teasing with the animators of Telematin

The former Radio Nova concluded this moment of television with one of his spirit traits that characterizes him. To know the time it does in Paris, "just open the" , according to it. Facing Damien Thévenot and Lauchy Maya , it will be just as follow-up, not missing an opportunity to tease them. Very comfortable, Edouard Baer will even want to stay in their company: " I had not planned in the morning, I can stay up to 15 hours ," he proposes them. Decidedly, it has a hard time leaving the trays on which it is invited!

Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank affected by a rare episode of snow .
© Ammar Awad Jerusalem, Thursday. Children play snow in front of the rock dome. Reuters / Ammar Awad The snow covers roads from Israel, busy West Bank and the holy places of Jerusalem this Thursday. This is the result of a rare storm in this little used region to be covered with a thick white coat.

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