Ireland Katja Burkard is the first to drop her camouflage

11:40  02 october  2022
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"I am not paid for that": this comment by Meghan Markle that fans of the royal family will never forgive him!

 The new book on the royal family will make great noise in particular because of a remark made by Meghan Markle when she was still an active member of the royal family. But not only ... © Abaca "I am not paid for that": this commentary by Meghan Markle that fans of the royal family will never forgive him! On October 6, will release brokers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown from Valentine Low. A work that is likely to cause wrong to Meghan Markle .

Cologne. Once broccoli around "point 12", please: TV presenter Katja Burkard has been the first celebrity from the new season of the rate show "The Masked Singer" in a vegetable costume.

 Katja Burkard als Figur «Der Brokkoli» in der Prosieben-Show «The Masked Singer». © Rolf Vennenbernd Katja Burkard as a figure "The Brokkoli" in the ProSieben show "The Masked Singer".

The 57 -year -old - actually known primarily by the competitor RTL - was exposed on Saturday evening in the ProSieben show because she had received too few votes from the audience. She stuck on two legs behind a laughing broccoli mask.

"I'm really sad that it is over," said Burkard, who had performed the snotty pink hit "So what" on the show. But the competition was also very strong. In addition, she believes that she has never sweated as in her green vegetable outfit. "I'm broccoli in my own juice," she confessed. By moderator Ruth Moschner, who is sitting from "Masked Singer", there was nevertheless praise for the gear: "You are totally good."

election in Italy: Ultrar rights Giorgia Meloni reaches for power - that's why it is so dangerous for Europe!

 election in Italy: Ultrar rights Giorgia Meloni reaches for power - that's why it is so dangerous for Europe! Italy chooses its new parliament - and Europe looks at Rome out of concern before a right of right. More than 50 million citizens were called for voting on Sunday. At noon there was a rather weak turnout. The first forecasts and then projections were expected shortly after the polling stations were closed at 11 p.m. © provided by Berliner Kurier While most party leaders chose in the morning, the right -wing national Giorgia Meloni spontaneously postponed the evening.

about the confidentiality necessary for the show Burkard, she felt a bit like in a witness protection program at times. She practiced in the car, for example - even if she was concerned that someone could notice that in the traffic jam. But nobody really knew about their participation in “The Masked Singer” of their RTL colleagues. "Nobody!" She affirmed happily.

Burkard is one of the most famous RTL faces. From 1997 it became popular with the moderation of the midday journal "Punkt 12". Among other things, she also published children's books. One of them is called "Prince Grünigitt: a picture book history for fruit and vegetable muffle"- quite suitable for the broccoli performance.

"I respect this": why does Delphine Colas (large families) do not expose her sons on social networks?

 © Family. COCHAS “I respect this”: why Delphine COLAS (large families) does not expose her sons on social networks? This Sunday, September 25, Delphine Colas (large families) spoke on Instagram to explain why her two sons no longer appeared on social networks. While she and all her little tribe are currently participating in the Family Families program: life in XXL on TF1, Delphine Colas is also a very active personality on social networks.

In the "Masked Singer" rate team, nobody threw her name into the ring before the exposure. Ruth Moschner, for example, typed moderator Katrin Bauerfeind. The name of actress Katja Riemann also fell. Moderator Linda Zervakis brought fitness influencer Sophia Thiel into play as a possible broccoli woman.

that it was not a professional singer seemed to be clear at least quickly. "I listen to myself when I'm sitting in the car," said Zervakis as a singing. Her colleague Moschner, however, was in the analysis to involve the analysis in her latent perplexity. "The broccoli has such a small, solid pop chicken," she said. A much better wet than the advisory celebrities demonstrated the audience of the show, who could tap names via the app. Burkard actually landed in first place.

At “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as a singer, but hide their identity behind elaborate costumes. The stars are exposed as soon as they do not get enough voices or win at the very end. The seventh season started on Saturday. The final is said to be shown on November 5th. In the sixth season, singer Ella finally won in a zebra costume in April. The show is a quota hit for ProSieben.

Görlach Global: China is moving away from the Losers of the War Russia

 Görlach Global: China is moving away from the Losers of the War Russia Given the massive Russian losses in the east of Ukraine, clear deduction movements become visible. But China will not really drop Russia, says Alexander Görlach. © Alexandr Demyanchuk/Sputnik/AFP are no longer appreciated by the President of Russia (left) and China . What about the friendship between the dictators Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping really ordered? The relationship between the two, who swore friendly loyalty in February, is currently changing every day.

in the race are still a mole with a pit helmet, a walross lady, a lively trill whistle with rapper attitude and a cute being with name Goldi, which can be classified somewhere between lucky bear, house kitten and teletubby. Strong appearances made an eerie werewolf and a tooth fairy on the first show. The conjectures of the celebrities behind all this masquerade naturally shot back into the herb for the relay start-from "Tagessehemen" presenter Caren Miosga to magic artists Uri Geller to US actor David Hasselhoff.

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