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Carla Bruni Sick of Covid-19? The former first lady put things clear!

Sunday  23:30,   17 october 2021

This weekend, Carla Bruni worried his fans by posting a cliché of her bed and with a small mine. © Abaca Carla Bruni Sick of Covid-19? The former first lady put things clear! But what happens to Carla Bruni? The former first lady shared this... >>>

Despite Tua Comeback - Miami Misere continues

Sunday  22:11,   17 october 2021

London - Tua Tagovailoa sat on his white bank at the side line of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London and looked into the emptiness. © Imago Images / Pro Sports Images Tua Its almost help looking for sky vulnerable to speak truly. After three weeks >>>

While football match: Part of tribune in Nijmegs crashes under the victory flag of the fans a

Sunday  22:05,   17 october 2021

no one has been injured after first findings. The container that stood under the tribune has prevented worse. © Photo: DPA / Vincent Jannink In Dutch Nijmegen, a grandstand is collapsed during a football match. After the Victory Pague of Arnheimer... >>>

Côte d'Ivoire: Laurent Gbagbo launches the Party of African Peoples

Sunday  21:15,   17 october 2021

© Sia Kambou Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo at the opening of the Congress of his new party, in Abidjan, October 16, 2021 the former President Ivorian Laurent Gbagbo endorsed Sunday the clothes of a pan-Africanist leader by launching a new >>>

crunched and satisfied: the point in the basement duel does not bring a team so far more

Sunday  20:47,   17 october 2021

Olaf Jansen and Danny black showed themselves after the 1: 1 between their teams Viktoria Cologne and the Würzburg kickers different satisfied with the game. Pointly the result does not help any of the two. © Picture Alliance / Photo2press... >>>

Ribery Club Salernitana fires coach Castori

Sunday  20:28,   17 october 2021

at Franck Ribery's Club US Salernitana are at an early stage in the relegation champion. © Provided by Sport1.de Ribery Club Salernitana fires coach Castori at Franck Ribery's Club US Salernitana are at an early stage in the relegation champion.... >>>

Rennes. The next appointments of the West-France space from October 18 to 22

Sunday  20:28,   17 october 2021

© Dr. Christine Angot will be Friday, October 22 at the West-France space, to present his book "The trip in the east". The authors Gilles Martin-Lever and Christine Angot are the guests of the West-France space, not forgetting meetings dedicated to >>>

China has tested a hypersonic missile in orbit, according to the "Financial Times"

Sunday  19:57,   17 october 2021

© NG Han Guan Hypersonic missiles Dong Feng 17 (DF-17) unveiled by Beijing Tiananmen Place, at the 70th anniversary of the Foundation From the People's Republic of China, October 1, 2019. It is a revelation that could have the effect of a bomb.... >>>

in Iqaluit, there is oil in the water

Sunday  19:57,   17 october 2021

© Reuters Jackie Unahah, a municipal employee of Iqaluit supplies the inhabitants. Reuters / Casey Lessard The capital of Nunavut, at the extreme north of Canada, has banned its inhabitants to drink tap water. It feels hydrocarbons. Montreal. From... >>>

A wave of strikes shook the United States, fueled by the frustrations pandemic

Sunday  19:57,   17 october 2021

© Copyright 2021, The Obs workers, nurses and entertainment workers, tens of thousands of American workers, tired from long hours work during the pandemic and frustrated with the profits of their employers, have initiated strikes this fall. If they >>>

Ralph Brinkhaus sees "strammste link Agenda" for decades at traffic light parties

Sunday  18:20,   17 october 2021

Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz found words of praise for the result of the traffic lights soundings. However, Ralph Brinkhaus tells strongly against the plans - and thus meets with opposition at the Junge Union. © Bernd Thissen / dpa Unlike the... >>>

Tatort: ​​Invisible: How the thriller makes the biggest fears of women

Sunday  18:14,   17 october 2021

The new "crime scene" from Dresden has a simple but most likely title: "Invisible". What belongs to it and why the new thriller in the ARD on Sunday at 20.15 clock also serves a bit at the Science Fiction Genre, makes the new movie so worth seeing. >>>

at Volkspark Return: Khaled Narey confirms racist infants

Sunday  18:07,   17 october 2021

yesterday's 1: 1-Remis was disappointing for the Hamburger SV not only on the lawn, but also on the grandstand. After the game, the reports of racist insults increased some HSV followers against ex-player Khaled Narey. The club has now apologized... >>>

Oberliga: Teammates rescue players Life

Sunday  17:55,   17 october 2021

Through the hosted intervention of his teammates, the Hamburg amateur footballer Berkant Aydin has been saved. The 22-year-old midfielder of Concordia Hamburg went unconscious on Sunday in the Oberliga game at USC Paloma after a clash. He swallowed >>>

Damascus accuses Israel to have murdered a Syrian leader near the Golan

Sunday  17:20,   17 october 2021

plateau © Via Reuters - Pool Israeli soldiers monitor Syrian territory from Mount Bental, in the Golan (image of illustration). Syria accuses Israel for murdering a government official on the Syrian side of the Golan plateau. He would have been... >>>