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Coronavirus: Greece is partially reconfigured from Tuesday

Saturday  19:00,   31 october 2020

On the menu, night curfew and closure for one month of bars, restaurants, attractions and sports halls © SIPA In Athens, as everywhere in Greece , traffic will be prohibited after midnight and until 5 a.m. PANDEMIC - On the menu, night curfew and... >>>

A man arrested in Catalonia for hailing the murder of Samuel Paty

Saturday  19:00,   31 october 2020

FRANCE-SECURITE-SPAIN: A man arrested in Catalonia for hailing the murder of Samuel Paty © Reuters / ERIC GAILLARD A MAN ARRESTED IN CATALONIA FOR HAVING SALUTED THE MURDER OF SAMUEL PATY BARCELONA (Reuters) - A Moroccan was arrested in Barcelona... >>>

Second federal state affected: swine fever also in Saxony

Saturday  18:55,   31 october 2020

After Brandenburg, a case of African swine fever (ASF) has now also been detected in Saxony. © Sven Hoppe / dpa Piglets on the farm of a piglet farmer and pig fattening company in a stable. The animal disease, which is harmless to humans, has been... >>>

James Bond, The Name of the Rose and Indiana Jones: Sean Connery's Unforgettable Roles

Saturday  18:50,   31 october 2020

© AFP Scottish actor Sean Connery died on Saturday at the age of 90. Become famous for having played James Bond, he has appeared in many other films and won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and several Bafta. Return on the films which marked his career.... >>>

Ovid's "Metamorphoses" sublimated by baroque painting in a festive book

Saturday  18:50,   31 october 2020

"We all have something in us from Ovid", one might say, modifying Johnny's words. His poems from the 1st century still feed our modern fictions. They are illuminated here by 17th century painting in a miraculous mirror... >>>

Containment. The rebellion of local elected officials facing the closure of so-called “non-essential” businesses

Saturday  18:45,   31 october 2020

© Ouest-France Non-essential businesses must close their doors with confinement, as here in Paimpol. But many mayors oppose it. Since the announcement of the closure of so-called "non-essential" businesses by the government, as part of the... >>>

Two planes land on the opening of the capital city airport BER

Saturday  17:55,   31 october 2020

Nine years after the originally planned opening date of the capital city airport BER two planes landed there on Saturday. One aircraft each from Easyjet and Lufthansa touched down in the early afternoon with the respective company bosses Johan... >>>

Corsica: A woman shot dead, her spouse suspected

Saturday  17:45,   31 october 2020

The spouse is himself "shot in the jaw", according to the prosecutor © E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes Illustration of a gendarmerie car. FEMINICIDE - The spouse is himself "wounded by firearm in the jaw", according to the prosecutor A man is suspected of >>>

Real at the top of the table in Spain for the time being

Saturday  17:25,   31 october 2020

Without Toni Kroos in the starting line-up, Real Madrid have taken the lead in the Spanish Primera División for the time being. © Manu Fernandez / AP / dpa Real professional Eden Hazard (r) cheers with Karim Benzema. Four days after the 2: 2 at... >>>

“Catastrophe”: Wrestler Stäbler regrets the termination of the Bundesliga

Saturday  17:25,   31 october 2020

The three-time wrestling world champion Frank Stäbler reacted with great regret to the termination of the Bundesliga season. "I'm really depressed and sad," said the 31-year-old of the German press agency on Saturday. "In view of my preparation for >>>

Migrants: Senegal denies the death toll of 140 deaths in the sinking of a canoe

Saturday  17:05,   31 october 2020

© RFI / Ndiassé SAMBE Canoes on Soumbédioune beach in Dakar (illustration photo). In Senegal, it is still unclear the number of migrants who died in the sinking of the canoe that caught fire last week. The International Organization for Migration... >>>

Deco. "The good idea", a new section for Maison France 5

Saturday  17:05,   31 october 2020

© Nathalie Guyon Stéphane Millet, Cécile Siméone, Karine Martin and Gaëlle Cuisy take turns in "La Bonne Idea", the new section of "La Maison France 5" which makes it possible to solve space problems with small budgets. A new section has joined the >>>

GNTM candidate Maribel Todt: Heartbreaking memories of her deceased sister

Saturday  16:50,   31 october 2020

Maribel Todt (19) was a participant in the casting show " Germany's Next Top Model" this year. There it was also discussed that she lost her family in a bad accident in 2016. Her parents and little sister died in an RV accident. Maribel then grew... >>>

Containment: Elected officials demand the reopening of small local shops

Saturday  15:40,   31 october 2020

They believe that competition from supermarkets, which remain open, is unfair © PASCAL GUYOT / AFP Confinement in... >>>

Meghan Markle & Harry: this poll that will not please them

Saturday  15:35,   31 october 2020

© The Sun / News Licensing / ABACA Since Prince Harry met Meghan Markle , his life has never been the same. For his well-being and that of his wife (as well as his son), the prince even decided to move away from the royal family to stand on his own >>>