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What the papers say – July 24

Wednesday  09:05,   24 july 2019

Boris Johnson winning the Tory leadership battle and becoming prime minister is the story that unites all bar one of today’s... >>>

The new PM's rising stars: Six politicians set to win a promotion

Wednesday  09:00,   24 july 2019

Boris Johnson is set to unveil a "cabinet for modern Britain" today - and is expected to increase the numbers of women and ethnic minority ministers in his top team. As the new prime minister embarks on building his cabinet, here are six MPs who are >>>

Boris Johnson to reveal his top team as Hunt resists demotion

Wednesday  08:55,   24 july 2019

Boris Johnson will march into 10 Downing Street as the UK's new prime minister before appointing what he claims is a "cabinet for modern Britain". In an emotional and historic day at Westminster: Theresa May will appear at her final Prime Minister's >>>

Neil Armstrong’s Death, and a Stormy, Secret $6 Million Settlement

Wednesday  08:30,   24 july 2019

When Neil Armstrong died in a Cincinnati hospital two weeks after undergoing heart surgery in 2012, his family released a touching tribute addressing the astronaut’s millions of admirers around the... >>>

Heir hunters found me £300k from a sister I'd never met... but I nearly threw their letter in the bin thinking it was a scam

Wednesday  08:25,   24 july 2019

 Margaret Abbotts received a letter out of the blue referring to an older half-sister, Mary Major, whom she had never met. The letter explained that Mary had died two years earlier without making a will. As a widow with no children, it meant... >>>

Scientists create heartbreaking memorial to Iceland’s first glacier destroyed by climate change

Wednesday  06:20,   24 july 2019

The first of Iceland’s 400 glaciers to be destroyed by climate change has been commemorated with a heartbreaking... >>>

A nightmare by-election, rebellious MPs, and a do-or-die Halloween deadline for Brexit: Why Boris Johnson is facing 100 days that could make or break him

Wednesday  05:05,   24 july 2019

After returning from Buckingham Palace to be confirmed as new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will start his first balancing act - naming his first... >>>

Ivanka Trump misspells United Kingdom in Boris Johnson congratulations tweet

Wednesday  04:50,   24 july 2019

"Congratulations @BorisJohnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingston," tweeted Ivanka... >>>

Russia-China Air Patrol Draws Fire From South Korean Jets

Wednesday  04:00,   24 july 2019

The first joint patrol by Russian and Chinese bombers aimed at testing the air defenses of U.S. allies in northeast Asia triggered a rare clash as South Korean fighters scrambled to ward off what Seoul said was an intrusion into its airspace. South... >>>

Magma speed record set by Icelandic volcano

Wednesday  01:35,   24 july 2019

The ancient event was the geologic equivalent of a sprinting cheetah—and it may help researchers better understand how to detect future... >>>

Screen siren Gina Lollobrigida, 92, was 'conned out of 3m euros, houses, and jewellery' by ex-chauffeur-turned-manager, 32, who 'raided her fortune to buy Ferraris and motorcycles after he gained control of the ''narcissistic'' former actress's estate'

Wednesday  01:35,   24 july 2019

Italian Sixties movie siren, Gina Lollobrigida, was reportedly defrauded out of three luxury properties near Rome's Spanish Steps and a £250,000 Ferrari sports car, allegedly by her... >>>

Russian boxer, 28, dies after suffering brain injury in ring

Wednesday  00:05,   24 july 2019

MOSCOW (AP) Boxer Maxim Dadashev died Tuesday, two days after suffering a brain injury in a fight in Maryland. He was 28. The Russian Boxing Federation said Dadashev suffered a brain swelling in Friday's light-welterweight fight with Subriel Matias... >>>

As Boris Johnson - Another Prime Minister Who Went To Eton Enters Office, It's Time To End Private School Privilege

Tuesday  19:10,   23 july 2019

As Boris Johnson - Another Prime Minister Who Went To Eton Enters Office, It's Time To End Private School... >>>

Boris Johnson's magniloquent tongue reaps political gold, linguists say

Tuesday  17:25,   23 july 2019

Boris Johnson's magniloquent tongue reaps political gold, linguists... >>>

'Your wife is hot' air conditioning advert appears on billboard, despite bus ban

Tuesday  17:15,   23 july 2019

'Your wife is hot' air conditioning advert appears on billboard, despite bus... >>>