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First contact, education, food ... Everything you need to know when you adopt an

Wednesday  04:30,   10 august 2022

puppy after long hesitations, weighing the pros and cons, you have finally decided to adopt a puppy. With his adorable boil and his small size, he melts your heart. So that he ... still relatively fragile in the first months, puppies need a lot of... >>>

French Team: The strong ambitions of Sonia Haziraj before the Women's World U20

Wednesday  04:10,   10 august 2022

while the Women's World U20 will soon take place, the selection of the French team Sonia Haziraj posted great ambitions. © icon Sport French Team: the strong ambitions of Sonia Haziraj before the Women's World U20 while the Women's World U20 will... >>>

Jean-Pierre Foucault: This little mockery on the participants in the program Mask Singer

Wednesday  01:10,   10 august 2022

© Cedric Perrin / Bestimage Jean-Pierre Foucault: This little mockery on the participants in the program Mask Singer Jean-Pierre Foucault S ' is entrusted to his future on television. The host refused to participate in Dance with the Stars and Mask >>>

A shortage can hide another: will milk be missing?

Wednesday  01:00,   10 august 2022

The French have been undergoing full whip Inflation for a few weeks. Lots of daily food - from pasta butter to drinks and ice creams have seen their price increase in the first half of 2022. The costs of raw materials, energy and transport come... >>>

Burkina Faso: 15 soldiers killed in a double attack with the explosive device

Wednesday  00:00,   10 august 2022

© AFP - Olympia de Maismont of the soldiers patrol on a road from Dori to Burkina Faso, April 3, 2020. Fifteen Burkinabè soldiers were killed Tuesday In a double attack on the explosive device committed by alleged jihadists in northern Burkina... >>>

Search at Donald Trump. Mike Pence, his former vice-president, evokes his "concern"

Wednesday  00:00,   10 august 2022

© Ryan M. Kelly / AFP Mike Pence, the former vice-president of the United States, April 12, 2022. Mike Pence, former vice- President of Donald Trump, expressed this Tuesday August 9, 2022 of "his great concern" after the search led by the FBI at... >>>

DRC: opponent Jean-Marc Kabund placed under provisional arrest warrant

Tuesday  23:50,   09 august 2022

© AFP Photo/ Caroline Thirion Jean-Marc Kabund, here in January 2019. The former leader of the presidential party who became opponent of President Félix Tshisekedi was placed under provisional arrest warrant and led to Makala central prison.... >>>

Variole of the monkey: in Brazil, primates attacked because suspected of having a link with the disease

Tuesday  23:40,   09 august 2022

The World Health Organization has been forced to recall that "the transmission" of the virus currently observed "occurs between humans" . © supplied by Franceinfo They are the collateral victims of the epidemic. The World Health Organization was... >>>

Report: Investigators in the Cum-Exskandal Searched Scholz 'E-Mails from Hamburg-Zeit

Tuesday  23:30,   09 august 2022

In connection with the CUM-Ex scandal, according to a media report, e-mails from today's Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) are on his time the top of Hamburg was searched. This emerges from documents that were available to the Hamburg investigation... >>>

They refuse to reimburse their real estate loans, will the Chinese financial system vacillate?

Tuesday  23:30,   09 august 2022

© Illustration Photo: Xihao Jiang / Reuters A real estate project under construction in Suzhou, in eastern China, in October 2021. in China, property owners who bought plane apartments today refuse to reimburse the drafts of the credits they have... >>>

Taliban fighters "happy that the infidels left" from Afghanistan

Tuesday  23:20,   09 august 2022

© AFP U n after their return to power, the Taliban consolidate their grip in Afghanistan based on the tens of thousands of fighters who have participated in the insurrection. AFP draws up a series of their portraits in Kandahar, epicenter of the... >>>

leaded by the "tariff shield", EDF requires 8 billion euros to its shareholder, State

Tuesday  23:20,   09 august 2022

© provided by Tribune The group weakened financially, also heavily indebted, must implement an ambitious construction program New EPR nuclear reactors in France in parallel with the development of renewables. "EDF has made a contentious appeal to... >>>

Lead 1-Cisjordanie-Quatre Palestiniens killed by Israeli forces

Tuesday  23:10,   09 august 2022

Israel-Palestinians/Violence (Lead 1, TV, Photo): Lead 1-Cisjordanie-Quatre Palestinians killed by Israeli forces (Updated assessment, details) by Ali Sawafta Naplouse, West Bank, August 9 (Reuters) - Israeli security forces announced Tuesday that... >>>

In Kentucky, Biden tries to bring hope to the victims of the floods - and to the country

Tuesday  23:10,   09 august 2022

© AFP A Lost Creek, in Kentucky, Joe Biden promised to the victims of devastating floods that their lives would be Reconstructed, trying to convey a message of optimism in this disadvantaged region as well as in the rest of an ultra-divided country >>>

Variole of the monkey: WHO is sorry for attacks against primates in Brazil

Tuesday  23:00,   09 august 2022

© PictureAlliance / Icon Sport Some Brazilians make a direct link between the animal and the variolate of the monkey and attack them. Drawing. Friso Gentsch/DPA/ICON SPORT "People should know that the transmission that we can currently see is... >>>