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Beijing renews its threats against Taiwan

Friday  12:50,   29 may 2020

CHINA-TAIWAN: Beijing renews its threats against Taiwan © Reuters / YEW LUN TIAN BEIJING RENEWS ITS THREATS AGAINST TAIWAN BEIJING (Reuters) - China will attack Taiwan if there is not another way to prevent it from becoming independent, warned one... >>>

Jean-Marie Bigard and the Macron: what he has already obtained from Brigitte

Friday  11:20,   29 may 2020

© ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA Jean-Marie Bigard and the Macron: what he has already obtained from Brigitte The recent call from Emmanuel Macron a Jean-Marie Bigard has been talking a lot in recent days. However, this is not the first time that the... >>>

Trump signs decree to limit the flexibility of social networks

Friday  10:50,   29 may 2020

"We are here to defend freedom of expression in the face of one of the worst dangers that exists," said the American president, signing this document. © afp.com/MANDEL NGAN Donald Trump during the daily update on the coronavirus epidemic, on April... >>>

Are Americans changing their tune in Libya?

Friday  10:50,   29 may 2020

© REUTERS / Esam Omran Al-Fetori / File Photo Khalifa Haftar (our photo) has the approval of the White House to seize Tripoli, says the "New York Times" in May 2019. The last statements American officials suggest it. After a green light given to... >>>

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ‘on cusp of good news’ over clemency, says husband

Friday  09:50,   29 may 2020

The British-Iranian mother-of-one was freed from Evin prison in Tehran on March 17 as part of the Iranian response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Her temporary release from Evin jail was further extended last week pending a decision on whether to pardon... >>>

John Lewis reveals plan for ‘phased’ reopening of department stores

Friday  09:40,   29 may 2020

It comes after the Government said non-essential shops can reopen from June 15. It did not confirm an opening date but said its preparations to reopen sites have been “informed” by social distancing measures at its Waitrose supermarkets, which have... >>>

'Sick to my stomach': Thieves steal rare £50,000 whiskey collection

Friday  09:10,   29 may 2020

Thieves have stolen a collection of more than 1,000 rare whiskeys worth at least £50,000 from a lockup in West Sussex. Burglars broke into the storage facility near Chichester on the night of 16 May and stole more than 1,000 bottles of whiskey, rum, >>>

Russia 'starts construction' on first stealth bomber to rival US fleet

Friday  09:01,   29 may 2020

Russia 'starts construction' on first stealth bomber to rival US fleetRussia has reportedly started construction of a prototype of its first stealth bomber - which should be ready next... >>>

Trump, Biden signal how ugly the campaign will be

Friday  08:35,   29 may 2020

The 2020 general election campaign has already become a slugfest-and it's only just beginning.The 2020 general election campaign has already become a slugfest-and it's only just... >>>

China and India's Quiet Border Fight Threatens to Expand Conflict in Asia

Friday  08:15,   29 may 2020

Skirmishes between China and India ignited new tensions among the world's two largest populations and sparked fears of a wider conflict between two major, nuclear-armed powers in Asia. Officials from both sides have remained largely silent on... >>>

The Strange Saga of the Rogue Kentucky Constables Who Arrested an FBI Agent

Friday  08:15,   29 may 2020

They weren’t police, per se, but elected constables—and they were accused of abusing their power.  If Wallace and Baldock had flown under the radar, that changed on Sept. 24, 2019. That’s when they allegedly falsely arrested an undercover federal... >>>

Putin's Response to Russia's COVID-19 Crisis Angers Medical Workers

Friday  08:10,   29 may 2020

Medical staff say bonus payments have not arrived and they are concerned about a lack of protective equipment.Anger is growing among medical professionals in Russia at insufficient COVID-19 protections and promised bonus payments that have not... >>>

5 ways to save the most lives in the coronavirus pandemic

Friday  08:10,   29 may 2020

It’s time to fix the glaring gaps in death data and drastically improve measures to keep the coronavirus out of nursing homes.The SARS-CoV-2 virus is likely to kill more than 1 million people worldwide by the end of this year, and 60 million people... >>>

How polar explorers survived months of isolation without cracking

Friday  07:51,   29 may 2020

Their “vital mental medicine” included strict routines, sprightly tunes, and a vision of a happy ending.With his ship the Endurance being crushed by pack ice and sinking fast, Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton ordered his men over the side,... >>>

The Accidental Experiment That Changed Men’s Lives

Friday  07:46,   29 may 2020

The Vietnam draft lotteries functioned as a randomized experiment—which has allowed social scientists to study its life-changing effects.Inside each capsule was a small sheet, to be pulled out like the slip from a fortune cookie. But these small... >>>