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Death of Peter Schiari (Girls, Gotham, Honey I narrowed the kids): The actor died at the age of 66

Saturday  13:40,   23 october 2021

© SIPA Death of Peter Schiari (Girls, Gotham, Honey I shrunk The kids): The actor died at the age of 66 Peter Sicari, who had played in many series including Girls, left us. The comedian died on Friday, October 22, 2021 at the age of 66. His name... >>>

Anne Sila, MB14 ... What will the finalists sing the Voice All-Stars tonight sing?

Saturday  13:40,   23 october 2021

© Office 233 / ITV / TF1 Anne Sila, MB14 ... What will the finalists sing the Voice All-Stars tonight? This Saturday night at 21h05 on TF1, Amalya, Anne Sila, Terence, MB14, Louis Deport and Manon will perform an ultimate time to try to win The... >>>

Start of the Trial of Matteo Salvini judged for blocking migrants at sea

Saturday  13:10,   23 october 2021

© Alberto Pizzoli AFP / Archives Italian Senator Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian far-right, in Catania in Sicily October 3, 2020 l Former Italian Minister Matteo Salvini is judged from Saturday in Palermo, Sicily, for blocking migrants at... >>>

Cameroon: One year after the Kumba School attack, "an unqualitable trial"

Saturday  13:05,   23 october 2021

© Reuters / Josiane Kouagheu The Kumba School of a murderous attack on October 25, 2020. in Cameroon, There is almost a year for day, on October 24,2020, seven children were killed and at least thirteen wounded in the attack of a school, Kumba, in... >>>

Alec Baldwin Devastated: It's expressed after the tragedy on the shooting of his movie

Saturday  12:15,   23 october 2021

© Douliery Olivier / Abaca in full shoot for the film "Rust" in New Mexico, Alec Baldwin shot in two people , Thursday, October 21, making a death and a wounded. A terrible accident that plunged the actor 63 years in stupor, as well as all the rest >>>

GOT, Breaking Bad and Co: The top 10 international TV shows of the century!

Saturday  11:15,   23 october 2021

Season 3 of You is the best so far. The Netflix series has increased more and more over their lifetime. All the more disappointing that the final points to a retrograde step. © Netflix You Season 3 destroyed with only one episode two years Series... >>>

a second alert launcher Facebook

Saturday  10:25,   23 october 2021

© Pixabay a second alert launcher Facebook a former member of the Facebook team responsible for civic integrity has made a testimony with the SEC in which he accuses Some managers regularly undermine the fight against misinformation a new alert... >>>

Austria's government threatens unburded with Lockdown

Saturday  10:05,   23 october 2021

Vienna. Austria's government increases the pressure on uncovered people in the Corona crisis with a threat of threaten. Should the situation tighten in the hospitals, they would have to expect outgoing restrictions. © Michael Gruber Austria's new... >>>

Prince William: The day he made his father Charles

Saturday  09:50,   23 october 2021

© Agency / Bestimage Prince William: The day he made his father's Father's Futur King cry, Prince William thinks of his inheritance, including the Duchy of Cornwall will bequeath his father Charles. Touched by the words of his son, the Prince of... >>>

The United States announces that you killed Abdul Hamid Al-Matar, an al-Qaeda leader in Syria

Saturday  08:55,   23 october 2021

© William Rosado, AFP a MQ-9 Read of the US Army during a trial flight In Nevada, January 14, 2020. An American Drone Strike killed on Friday, Al-Qaeda's High Officer, Abdul Hamid Al-Matar, northwestern Syria, announced a spokesman the central... >>>

Kenya: Police officers must answer the leak of the "Blood Vampire"

Saturday  08:55,   23 october 2021

© Reuters / Thomas Mukoya Police patrol in Nairobi (image of illustration). In Kenya, three policemen were arrested last week to respond to the leak of a serial killer of children, presented as a "blood-thirsty vampire". They were charged with a... >>>

Mali: The UN Security Council expected in Bamako

Saturday  04:25,   23 october 2021

© AFP / Sebastien Rieussec United Nations multidimensional mission soldiers for stabilization in Mali (MINUSMA) have been deployed in the country since 2013. (Illustration. ) One delegation from the United Nations Security Council must land in... >>>

Kuré Attack in Niger: 11 suspects in Detention

Saturday  02:40,   23 october 2021

© Boureima Hama / AFP The debris of the vehicle carrying 6 French and 2 Nigerians, killed in an attack Sunday 9 August 2020, in the region of Kouré, southeast of Niamey, the capital of Niger. In August 2020, six French humanitarians of the NGO... >>>

Price of Versailles, My friend The Scottish on the Hippodrome of Saint Cloud

Saturday  02:30,   23 october 2021

© Provided by Sports.co.uk Prices of Versailles, My friend The Scottish on the Hippodrome of Saint Cloud Presentation of the price of Versailles in This Saturday, October 23, 2021 , the Tiercé Quéré Quinté + will compete on the Hippodrome of... >>>

Still no appointment for Hernández Appeal

Saturday  01:55,   23 october 2021

The Spanish Justice still has no appointment for the decision on the appeal of Bavaria-pro lucas Hernández named his potential imprisonment next Thursday. © Sven Hoppe / DPA Bavaria's Hernandez may need to force a six-month penalty. One talked to... >>>