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Hirak Movement in Algeria. New sentences to heavy prison terms

Monday  03:05,   28 september 2020

© FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP The "Hirak" is a peaceful protest movement born in February 2019 from an immense fed up of Algerians who demand a profound change of the "system" . Algerian justice has sentenced Brahim Laalami, one of the Hirak figures, to >>>

Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta calls for an anti-doping plan

Monday  01:15,   28 september 2020

© Yasuyoshi CHIBA / AFP Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta gives the start of a race when the Nyayo stadium reopens on September 26, 2020. In Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is concerned about the recent increase in doping cases among athletes in the... >>>

Barcelona and Atlético with shooting festivals

Monday  01:05,   28 september 2020

© Joan Monfort / AP / dpa Barcelona's young star Ansu Fati scored the first two goals of the evening. Spain’s soccer runner-up, FC Barcelona, ​​has triumphed with new coach Ronald Koeman and superstar Lionel Messi right at the start of the season.... >>>

Mali: the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Moctar Ouane in charge of forming the transitional government

Monday  00:10,   28 september 2020

© Georges GOBET Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs Moctar Ouane during a press conference in Bamako on March 24, 2008 L ' former Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs Moctar Ouane was appointed Prime Minister on Sunday by transitional President Bah... >>>

2 billion lawsuit: Nikola founder is said to have bought truck design

Monday  00:05,   28 september 2020

© Nikola Motor Nikola One. Nikola founder Milton is said to have bought the design for his hydrogen e-truck One from a designer in Croatia. This also puts the billions lawsuit against Tesla on the brink. In spring 2018 Nikola, manufacturer of... >>>

Five goals conceded! Record swatter for Guardiola

Sunday  21:45,   27 september 2020


One year in prison for having organized a party during confinement

Sunday  21:45,   27 september 2020

© Provided by Slate The police officers intervened twice at the convict's home. | Georgiana Avram via Unsplash The state of Maryland is not messing around with its social distancing measures. Shawn Marshall Myers, 42, has just been sentenced to one >>>

Iran unveils a new missile amid tensions with the United States

Sunday  21:45,   27 september 2020

© Supplied by Le Point A show of force? The guards of the Islamic Revolution, the ideological army of Iran, unveiled Sunday, September 27 a new anti-ship ballistic missile with a "probable" range of more than 700 km, against the backdrop of... >>>

Azerbaijan declares martial law, curfew in Baku

Sunday  21:40,   27 september 2020

© AFP PHOTO / ARMENIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY An image capture from a video made available on the official website of the Armenian Ministry of Defense on the 27th September, would show the destruction of Azeri military vehicles during clashes between... >>>

In Paris, minors licensed in a club can finally access gymnasiums

Sunday  21:07,   27 september 2020

© CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT While the Ministry of Sports recommended allowing minors who are members of a club to be able to continue their practice, the police headquarters published a first order going against this instruction, before reversing on... >>>

Van Damme's leukemia back again

Sunday  20:20,   27 september 2020

© Supplied by Sofoot Damn cancer. In a video posted on Instagram on Saturday, Belgian goalkeeper Miguel Van Damme gave news of his battle with leukemia. A battle that he has already fought several times and that he had to resume several months ago... >>>

Weiche Flensburg defends lead: Lüneburg behind

Sunday  19:45,   27 september 2020


Ilan Meslier's sprawling stop

Sunday  19:40,   27 september 2020

© Supplied by Sofoot With such long arms, it's easier. At 20, Meslier has everything of a great. Holder in the goals of Leeds, the young goalkeeper is in the oven and the mill at the start of the season. But little helped by the offensive game... >>>

Yemen: historic agreement on an exchange of 1,081 prisoners

Sunday  19:15,   27 september 2020

© Provided by Le Point The Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels have agreed on an exchange of 1,081 prisoners, after a week of discussions in Switzerland , presented as the "most important" in the history of the conflict. The special envoy of UN >>>