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Change UK leader says the party may no longer exist by the next election

Monday  14:15,   20 may 2019

Heidi Allen says she may not stand for re-election as a Change UK... >>>

The Merkel Model

Monday  14:06,   20 may 2019

The German chancellor has shown how to win and keep power in a man’s... >>>

Change UK leader says the party may no longer exist by the next election

Monday  14:05,   20 may 2019

Change UK leader Heidi Allen suggests the party may cease to exist in its current form before the next election. The party was formed by former Conservative and Labour MPs earlier this year, but has struggled to gain support. Allen suggests she may... >>>

Many UK bee species on brink of extinction or lost already - report

Monday  13:35,   20 may 2019

Many species of bees are on the brink of extinction in parts of the UK with some types lost entirely, a report has found. Climate change, habitat loss, pollution and disease are revealed to be threatening the pollinators following research at... >>>

Macron and Salvini: Two Leaders, Two Competing Visions for Europe

Monday  13:10,   20 may 2019

The French and Italian politicians see different futures for the continent. Both face tests in this week’s European Parliament... >>>

Homeless Man Asking For Change 'Lands Job At Upmarket Manchester Restaurant'

Monday  13:10,   20 may 2019

A homeless man is due to start work in an upmarket Manchester restaurant thanks to an off chance chat with its owner and... >>>

The Myth Was $150,000 in Fraud. The Real Story Is More Interesting.

Monday  12:31,   20 may 2019

In the fall of 1974, The Chicago Tribune anointed Linda Taylor the “welfare queen,” reporting that she received public aid checks and food stamps while driving a Cadillac and planning a Hawaiian vacation. An Illinois bureaucrat declared that Taylor... >>>

'We want the truth for our relatives who died in shame': Aged just nine, Lauren, now 35, lost BOTH parents to the contaminated blood scandal. Today, she's still waiting for answers - and hasn't had a penny in compensation...

Monday  12:26,   20 may 2019

When nine-year-old Lauren Palmer was summoned to a family meeting her first thought was that she might be getting a pet. She was actually being told both her her parents had... >>>

Austin Eubanks, Injured Columbine Survivor And Addiction Recovery Speaker, Found Dead

Monday  11:25,   20 may 2019

A wounded survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and speaker who inspired others to overcome drug addiction, has been found dead in his home. Austin Eubanks, 37, was found in his Colorado home on Saturday. Coroner Rob Ryg told local... >>>

Give us justice before it's too late: Victims of contaminated blood scandal demand immediate action after shock figures reveal they are dying at a rate of one every four days

Monday  10:20,   20 may 2019

Victims whose lives have been destroyed by disease have instead been forced to apply, cap in hand, for discretionary payments and meagre living allowances under a series of ‘support schemes’. And for the grieving survivors of those who have already... >>>

Fuel supply problem leaves thousands stranded at Manchester Airport

Monday  10:15,   20 may 2019

Fuel supply problems that saw dozens of flights at Manchester Airport cancelled and left thousands of passengers stranded have been resolved. There were 69 cancellations - 37 arrivals and 32 departures - after the issue reared its head on Sunday... >>>

Parents' fury at NHS failure to prescribe life-saving cannabis for children

Monday  10:10,   20 may 2019

Parents' fury at NHS failure to prescribe life-saving cannabis for... >>>

British spy chiefs were briefed about dossier on Trump’s ties to Russia that contained lewd allegations about the President and prostitutes – months before he even knew it existed

Monday  09:50,   20 may 2019

British ex-intelligence officer Christopher Steele told one of Theresa May's top security advisors about his Trump memos, as well as the heads of MI6 and MI5, just weeks after he was elected in... >>>

What the papers say – May 20

Monday  09:05,   20 may 2019

A range of stories make the fronts, alongside pictures of the... >>>

Hundreds protest Alabama abortion ban: 'My body, my choice!'

Monday  08:35,   20 may 2019

Alabama is part of a wave of conservative states seeking to mount new legal challenges to Roe v.... >>>