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15:41  14 june  2018
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And they warn that if mild autumns continue, it could spell hay fever hell for millions who become susceptible to the new pollen trigger. Stroke warning : Five types of people most likely to have deadly stroke - are you at risk? Hay fever symptoms: Pollen levels SPIKE in England - what YOU

Most areas in England will be hit with ‘very high’ pollen levels by tomorrow. Very high levels will remain in London, the South East and the East on Thursday. POLLEN BOMB. Misery for millions with hay fever as experts warn of deadly asthma attacks.

Millions are predicted to suffer hay fever this summer amid a high pollen count © Getty Millions are predicted to suffer hay fever this summer amid a high pollen count

More than 20 million people could suffer hay fever this summer as unusually high levels of pollen sweep across the UK.

Grass pollen, which is the worst culprit for causing the symptoms and affects 95% of sufferers, is set to reach its peak.

Unusually high pollen levels have affected up to 20 million hay fever and asthma sufferers in recent weeks, but the Met Office has warned the worst is still to come.

Grass pollen is the worst culprit for causing hay fever symptoms © Getty Grass pollen is the worst culprit for causing hay fever symptoms

A heatwave in April left behind a "pollen bomb" caused by releases from birch, plane and oak trees.

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MORE than 20 million Britons face hay fever hell after research identified a boom in pollen generated by grass. Health and weather experts have warned that victims will suffer heightened symptoms including running eyes, sneezing and respiratory problems.

Hot weather this weekend will bring rise in hayfever , allergy experts warn . It is going to be very Mr Wiseberg added: “The best way to deal with ‘upside down’ hay fever and ‘normal’ hay fever is to avoid the pollen whenever you can.” Spike , the National Zoo's new elephant, hits it off with an old flame.

Millions of sufferers in southern England were affected before it spread northwards.

The Met Office has teamed up with the NHS to identify which of the 150 different grass pollen cause the most allergies, with research finding more than half of sufferers (57%) do not know what is causing their symptoms.

A map shows where in the UK the pollen count is low, medium, high, very high. © Getty A map shows where in the UK the pollen count is low, medium, high, very high.

A poll of 2,000 British hay fever sufferers also revealed two-fifths (41%) of them experience the condition so badly it ruins their summer.

Experts have said many people may be causing their symptoms to worsen unnecessarily.

More than a third of respondents (35%) said they frequently hang washing out to dry in the summer, seemingly unaware that pollen sticks to their clothes.

Warmer than average summer likely, says Met Office

  Warmer than average summer likely, says Met Office But the forecaster said its long-range outlook does not imply a three-month heatwave. As always with our climate, there are likely to be large day-to-day and week-to-week variations over the period. © Getty BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - JUNE 06: People enjoying the deckchairs on the pier on June 6, 2018 in Brighton, England. Temperatures in Brighton reached 21 degrees celcius, 70 degrees fahrenheit as most of England began a period of fine weather in the first few days of summer. (Photo by James D.

DRIVERS are being warned about taking hay fever medication as the UK is hit with a high pollen alert. DESPAIR TYRE. A million drivers face up to £10,000 in fines for ignoring simple safety check. Doctor's orders.

If you’ve got hay fever it’s going to be a very tough week. It is estimated there are 10 million hayfever sufferers in England, but Scotland has lower hayfever rates because the pollen season is shorter and less intense.

Video: This Year Will Be Especially Bad For Hay Fever, Expert Tells LBC

A further 40% said they leave their windows open to cool their home in the summer, allowing pollen inside. And only 49% of sufferers said they take antihistamines to relieve their hay fever.

The Met Office's Yolanda Clewlow, manager of the UK pollen network, said: "We know how seriously hay fever can impact people's lives in the UK, particularly as a result of grass pollen.

"This has led to our involvement in a dedicated research programme to identify the most significant of the 150 different species of grass pollen in the UK.

"We aim to help inform hay fever and asthma sufferers and empower them in managing their symptoms more effectively."

Tips on easing the symptoms of hay fever include:

Storm Hector to hit UK with 70mph winds

  Storm Hector to hit UK with 70mph winds Gales and winds of up to 70mph are set to hit the UK as Storm Hector makes its way from the Atlantic. A yellow warning has been issued across Scotland, the North of England and Northern Ireland. © Getty People relax in sunny weather at Woolacombe, North Devon, as the hot weather continues across the UK. (Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images) The Met Office said: "The strongest winds will reach the west coast during the early hours of Thursday before spreading eastwards during the day.

HAY FEVER WARNING : Spring weather sends pollen levels SOARING. Man told by doctors he had hay fever but actually had cancer. Han Solo movie FLOP: Guess how many MILLIONS the Star Wars spin-off is set to lose?

Forecasters last week warned we are set for another three weeks of hay fever misery and the pollen count reached its highest levels so far this summer. The recent rain to hit the UK has caused grass and trees to grow, fuelling a rise in pollen .

  • Putting Vaseline around the nostrils to trap pollen
  • Wear wraparound sunglasses to prevent pollen getting into the eyes
  • Staying indoors whenever possible
  • Get advice from pharmacists on treatments including antihistamine drops, tablets or nasal sprays.

A spokeswoman for the Met Office said: "The reason we have such high pollen levels this year is because we have had perfect weather for pollen.

"It's been lovely and warm, followed by rain, and then dry days and breezes that lift the pollen off the grass, plants and trees.

"It is unlikely that this will be a record-breaking year, although it is more severe than average and the worst in over a decade."

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