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05:35  12 july  2018
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Bridge Collapses At Mumbai's Andheri Station, 6 Injured

  Bridge Collapses At Mumbai's Andheri Station, 6 Injured Bridge Collapses At Mumbai's Andheri Station, 6 InjuredTraffic at the bridge has been stopped and trains, which are the lifeline of India's financial capital, have been affected.

AUSTRALIA (CBS Local) – Scientists in Australia say they’ve discovered the oldest color found in nature: bright pink . Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) say they studied samples of rocks taken from deep beneath the Sahara desert and crushed the

The PINK planet: World ' s oldest color pigments extracted from 1.1 billion-year- old rocks deep beneath the Sahara desert. It is the oldest colour ever seen in the geological record, and was produced by organisms inhabiting an ancient ocean that has long since vanished.

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Earth may be known as the Blue Planet now, but evidence suggests that back in the day, it was probably pink.

Scientists have discovered the earliest evidence for a color appearing in nature: "bright pink pigments" that exist in an ancient kind of chlorophyll, said Dr. Nur Gueneli, a researcher with the Australian National University. Discovered inside rocks found under the Sahara Desert in West Africa, these pigments are believed to be over 1.1 billion years old, Interesting Engineeringreported.

Foot of 'World's Oldest Child' Shows How Our Ancestors Moved

  Foot of 'World's Oldest Child' Shows How Our Ancestors Moved The exquisite, 3.3-million-year-old fossil is the only one of its kind ever found.More than three million years ago, a distant cousin of ours called Australopithecus afarensis was walking around on two legs—making the species a key chapter in the human story. But a new study of a rare A. afarensis toddler suggests that the species' feet retained some apelike traits, perhaps helping them climb trees.

ANU Biogeochemistry Lab Manager Janet Hope holds a vial containing the world ’ s oldest intact pigments. The color of bubble gum, flamingos and cotton candy — bright pink — is the world ’ s oldest color , according to a recent study.

Pigments found in 1.1bn-year- old rocks beneath the Sahara desert shed light on ‘major puzzle’ about early life.

Pink rock salt. © iStock. Pink rock salt. While the chlorophyll we learn about in science classes today is green, this prehistoric version was used by marine bacteria that cast a "brilliant pink" color over the ocean all those years ago, Live Scienceexplained. That hue wouldn't be overtaken by greener algae for hundreds of millions of years.

That algae eventually turned into the basis for the wide variety of life that led to the evolution of large animals, including humans. But a billion years ago, "the planet belonged to the bacteria," Live Sciencereported.

Science says the oldest colour in the world is bright pink © Buzz60 Science says the oldest colour in the world is bright pink

Traces of Lost Society Found in 'Pristine' Cloud Forest .
Deep in Ecuador’s lush Quijos Valley, a society thrived—and then disappeared. But a lake preserved its story.But they were very wrong. Indigenous Quijo groups had developed sophisticated agricultural settlements across the region, settlements that had been decimated with the arrival of Spanish explorers in the 1500s. In their absence, the forest sprung back. This process of societal collapse and forest reclamation is described in a new study published today in Nature Ecology and Evolution.

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