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US News Diabetic woman, 27, died after slipping into a coma when her benefits were stopped and she 'couldn't afford to eat'

17:15  11 october  2018
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A man says he blames the Government for the death of his partner who slipped into a diabetic coma after her benefits were stopped.

Amy Driver, 27, was given a four-week sanction after she missed one appointment at the Job Centre due to a hospital appointment, Clifford Watson claims.

Clifford, who cannot work due to a disability, said the halt in their income meant she couldn't afford to eat properly – which triggered the low blood sugar attack.

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When they complained Job Centre staff told her to go to a food bank, he alleges.

Not having enough food to provide glucose for the body can cause dangerously low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) which can lead to a diabetic coma, according to The Mayo Clinic.

Clifford, who had been with Amy for eight years, told i: "Amy's diabetes made her extremely unwell. We had no food in the house at the time. She was told to go to a food bank – we called one and they said they didn't have suitable food for diabetics.

"She was literally killed by the Government."

The 37-year-old, who says he had to learn to walk again after being stabbed two years ago, said his local council then "kicked me out on the streets" because the tenancy on the home they lived in was under Amy's name.

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As she slipped into a diabetic coma , Edwarda made her mother, Kaye O'Bara, promise to not leave her side. And she didn' t for nearly 40 years. Edwarda O'Bara as a child. She fell into a diabetic coma while in high school and spent the rest of her life comatose . (Facebook). She died in her sleep

‘Maybe she ( FALL ) down and she can’ t get up,’ said Sarah. Just then, they heard Ms Harris coming down the stairs. She was wearing a black evening gown and a diamond tiara. Sarah and John were surprised and At work, he ran into a colleague, literally, and nearly knocked her over. ‘I’m so sorry, Michelle. The borough has 27 tube stations and IS CONNECTED to south London by seven bridges.

Paperwork 'mess up'

a couple of people posing for the camera © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd Amy was initially classed as being sick enough to be placed in the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) 'support group', which means the claimant is paid indefinitely and doesn't have to take part in work-related activities.

But her problems began in 2016 when their local job centre lost her paperwork, according to Clifford.

"After her claim was messed up she was then having to attend classes aimed at getting her into work. She would go to the Job Centre and vomit. We kept trying to tell them that she really wasn't well but no-one would listen."

Clifford said the diabetes had caused Amy's eyesight and hearing to deteriorate and she had been discovered by himself and family members lying on the floor unconscious many times.

"She would sleep and sleep – I had to make sure I was with her every four hours to make sure she had her insulin injections. She would just sleep through her alarms."

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Edwarda O’Bara, who slipped into a coma in 1979, passed away in her Miami Gardens home at the age of 59. According to the Miami Herald, O’Bara was in high school when she slipped into a diabetic coma . She taught me so much about unconditional love that I couldn ’ t say I had it before.

“ When glucose spikes after eating sugary food, our insulin increases to compensate for it, and this activates a part of our nervous system which “ Eating sugar before bed can also supercharge stress hormones, which leads to trouble sleeping. What happens when you stop eating sugar?


Amy needed to follow a low sugar diet, and these foods for a specific diet aren't cheap. I went without food to try to help her.

Clifford says her money was stopped multiple times over the last two years and in May 2017  she was sanctioned again despite showing documentation of the medical appointment she attended.

"We showed the evidence that she had a 94 per cent attendance rate and she was told she would get her money the next day but that didn't happen. Next thing we're told is that she had a four-week sanction and no-one could explain why."

a person standing next to a bag of luggage © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd Clifford said money was tight surviving on his ESA alone and the sanction threw Amy into a depressive episode.

"Amy needed to follow a low sugar diet, and these foods for a specific diet aren't cheap. I went without food to try to help her.

"It got her really down and she wouldn't get out of bed or even watch TV. She hardly left the bedroom.

"One day I encouraged her to go visit her dad and she went to see him. When he saw her he told her she looked pale and suggested she have a lie down. Then he took a shower and after that found her body cold.

Thousands are scared off bowel screening by scandal

Thousands are scared off bowel screening by scandal The HSE has blamed the CervicalCheck scandal for contributing to a drop off in thousands of people agreeing to take part in bowel cancer screening.

When a person slips into a diabetic coma , he or she is unconscious and fails to respond to any Can Diabetic Coma Be Prevented? It is very much possible to prevent the occurrence of a diabetic coma . Eat a healthy diet as recommended by the nutritionist and exercise regularly, as prescribed.

Diabetic coma is a serious, potentially fatal complication of diabetes . Find out how to reduce your risk. Diabetic coma is a serious, potentially life-threatening complication associated with diabetes . A diabetic coma causes unconsciousness that you cannot awaken from without medical care.

"I was at home making her a roast dinner when her brother called me to say she'd passed away."

On the streets

Clifford said last month he was evicted from their flat in Hoxton, east London, by Hackney Council.

"The council have taken my home away from me as it was in Amy's name. I fought them to get a tenancy for the last 14 months but they kicked me out on the streets. I slept on park benches.

a man wearing a hat © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd "I'm staying with my parents now but there is no room for me there as they're in a one-bedroom house. It's a struggle finding landlords who will accept housing benefit and the council aren't helping me."

More than a million benefits sanctions have been imposed on disabled people since 2010 – and this week the Government quietly released a report saying they had proven to be ineffective in a three-year study.

The DWP and Hackney Council have been approached for comment.

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