US NewsEveryone's New Winter Spirit Animal Is This Snow-White Reindeer Calf

04:15  07 december  2018
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Reindeer near the North Pole have declined by more than half

Reindeer near the North Pole have declined by more than half The Arctic is changing — fast. That’s bad news for reindeer and caribou. Warning: This story may be upsetting to children who believe in Santa Claus. Reindeer are perhaps best recognized by their magnificent antlers, the largest of any deer species in proportion to their bodies. They’re also notable for their epic thousand-mile journeys every year in search of food, in herds of 100,000 or more. And they’re supremely important to the Arctic ecosystem as a source of food and livelihood for local people, and because of their power reshape vegetation by grazing. But the populations of reindeer, a.k.a.

If Reindeer has come across your path; Reindeer is reminding you to stay on track with your goals Alternatively this animal is asking you to take that leap of faith and go ahead with your plans. You welcome any opportunity to guide others into new directions and are very helpful to friends and family.

Photos show the animal almost camouflaged in the snowy scene, with just its piercing eyes and antlers highlighting the images. Me, this white little reindeer in northern Norway. He almost disappeared into the snow !” the photographer said on Instagram.

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Everyone's New Winter Spirit Animal Is This Snow-White Reindeer Calf © picture alliance—picture alliance via Getty Image White baby reindeer Rudolph was never going to be everyone’s favorite reindeer forever, and this week, he ceded the spotlight to a little white reindeer that has captivated the internet.

A series of breathtaking glamour shots of the white reindeer calf blending right in with the snow have recently gone viral after a travel photographer shared them from his hiking trip in northern Norway.

UK braced for -7C temperatures, high winds and snow

UK braced for -7C temperatures, high winds and snow Those dreaming of a white Christmas could be in for an early treat as snow is likely to fall across parts of the UK this weekend. A low pressure weather system developing in the Atlantic is set to clash with cold air across the country, which could see rainfall thicken into snowflakes in the Scottish Highlands and northern England. Forecasters have predicted between 10cm (0.3ft) and 20cm (0.7ft) of snow could fall in those areas. There is still uncertainty about how far the adverse weather could extend into southern parts of England.

Reindeer Symbolism & Spirit Animal Powers. Reindeer Medicine: tundra, snow , the North Pole. Spiritual meaning of the Reindeer represents his abilities as a shamanic visionary Great spiritual wisdom is held within the Antlers, representing memories of ancestors and of the long journeys on the

This rare white baby reindeer almost disappears into the snowy background in these magical wintry snaps taken in northern Norway. Dreaming of a white Christmas! Little reindeer that blends into the snow gives Rudolph a run for his money when it comes to cuteness.

“Back to the cold north. Met this white little reindeer in northern Norway. He almost disappeared into the snow!” began the Instagram post that introduced the animal to its new fan base.

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A post shared by Mads Nordsveen (@mads) on Dec 3, 2018 at 5:14am PST

Many holiday spirit animal enthusiasts were quick to hop on board with this reindeer. The original post racked up more than 36,000 likes.

The white reindeer calf was just walking along – or perhaps migrating – before he became an internet celebrity for the 2018 holiday season.

Video: Photographer captured images of a white reindeer in Norway (The Washington Post)

Mads Nordsveen, 24, is the Oslo-based photographer who said he was surprised to happen upon the snowy white reindeer, even though he’s a pro at snapping up magical moments in the great outdoors across Norway.

“It was very magical and a fairy tale moment! We looked straight into each others eyes. I was actually so stunned that it took some seconds before I got reminded by my photographer instinct to grab the camera and save the moment forever,” Nordsveen told TIME in an e-mail.

Britain set to be hit by icy cold snap starting TONIGHT as temperatures plunge to -8C with some parts of the country set for TWO INCHES of snow

Britain set to be hit by icy cold snap starting TONIGHT as temperatures plunge to -8C with some parts of the country set for TWO INCHES of snow The Met Office has put in place a yellow weather warning for ice in northern England and Scotland, and offered guidance to drivers about possible 'hazardous' conditions tomorrow morning. The remnants of Storm Etienne are heading across the Atlantic at the moment and is set to bring heavy rain and two inches of snow will accumulate in certain parts of northern England and Wales by Tuesday night. The peaks of the Pennines are expected to see some snow as is Snowdonia in North Wales, the Peak District and parts of the Southern Uplands in Scotland.

Reindeer : Reindeer , (Rangifer tarandus), species of deer (family Cervidae) found in the Arctic tundra and adjacent boreal forests of Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska, and Reindeer have been domesticated in Europe. There are two varieties, or ecotypes: tundra reindeer and forest (or woodland).

In the winter , reindeer must dig through the snow to find food. They dig using their antlers and munch on energy-packed lichens called reindeer moss. Calves are able to stand after their first hour of life and within a week they start eating solid food in addition to their mother' s milk.

With its snow-white coat, this reindeer has brought people from all corners of the world to the clear realization that this white reindeer calf is really something to see.

The mammal appears to have been very camera-friendly too. And the way the reindeer’s uncommon white shade appears almost camouflaged in the background blanketed with snow only added to the mystique for people who were charmed by the photo series.

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