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US NewsHundreds Of Government Files On The Contaminated Blood Scandal 'Went Missing'

14:50  11 february  2019
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The Contaminated Blood Scandal in the United Kingdom arose when at least 3,891 people with haemophilia became infected with hepatitis C of whom 1,243 were also infected with HIV, the virus that leads to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Hundreds of files relating to contaminated blood were removed by Government officials and went missing , it has emerged. “We’re talking about at least tens of thousands of documents within these files .” Mr Evans said the previous two inquiries into the contaminated blood scandal would not have

Hundreds Of Government Files On The Contaminated Blood Scandal 'Went Missing' © PA Ready News UK Jason Evans Hundreds of crucial files relating to the contaminated blood scandal went missing after being removed by government officials, sparking fears of a cover-up.

Around 950 files relating to blood policy were “checked out” by staff going back years, a Government Internal Audit Agency investigation discovered last year.

The report has been released under under Freedom of Information laws to campaigner Jason Evans, whose father died in 1993 having contracted hepatitis and HIV.


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In the 1970s and 80s, 4,689 British haemophiliacs were treated with contaminated blood products. So far, more than half of them have died. The government knew there were risks involved. The patients didn’t. Will they ever get justice?

It has been said before that the contaminated blood scandal was the worst treatment disaster in the There will be hundreds of thousands of documents to trawl through and nearly 1,300 individuals have Patients' medical records, it was said, had gone missing . The Department of Health and Social Care's She went on to say thousands of documents had already been delivered to the inquiry and

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The 29-year-old, who is suing the government for negligence, claims the removal of documents “probably goes back decades” and could form part of a government cover-up.

He told HuffPost UK: “While looking into this issue, I came across the odd file which had been misplaced while on loan to a government department – which turned out to be the Department of Health – but these seemed like one-offs and I never imagined the scale of it.

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The government is to establish a full inquiry into how contaminated blood transfusions infected thousands of people with hepatitis C and HIV, bowing to years of Without a substantial majority, the prime minister could have lost on the emotive issue and she announced the inquiry – the format of

The government has expressed its “sorrow and regret” at the contaminated blood scandal and accepted that the infected blood inquiry will have to investigate allegations of “cover-ups” within the NHS. Steven Snowden QC, who represents hundreds of core participants, accused the Cabinet

“Each one of these files contains anywhere between 100 and 300 documents which means that tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of documents went missing.

“This raises real questions about a cover-up and this has been kept under wraps for decades.”

Evans, who runs the campaign group Factor 8, also revealed he was initially denied access to the report under Freedom of Information, but finally managed to obtain the information.

He said: “It is extremely frustrating dealing with the Department of Health for anything. From when I first asked for the report, it took four months before I got it and there was so much wrangling.

“Initially, they said they did not want to give it to me because it was ‘not in the public interest’.”

Evans says these new findings mean previous enquiries into the scandal would not have had access to all the information.

“So many people who campaigned about this scandal for decades were told by three different health ministers that all the documents were either in the public domain or destroyed” he told HuffPost UK.

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The UK Government maintains that the Government of the day had acted in good faith and without the blood products many patients would have In a letter to Lord Jenkin of Roding the Chief Executive of the National Health Service (NHS) informed Lord Jenkin that most files on contaminated NHS

The Government will set up an inquiry into the NHS contaminated blood scandal , Downing Street has announced. A spokesperson for Theresa May The Health Secretary will meet victims’ families before deciding on the style of the inquiry, which could be judge-led, a Hillsborough-style independent

“They died thinking this was the truth – but it was not.

“I feel extremely sad on behalf of my dad and the hundreds of others who have died and the entire community affected by this scandal.”

The contaminated blood scandal has been labelled the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS.

Thousands of patients were infected with HIV and hepatitis C via contaminated blood products in the 1970s and 1980s.

Many had haemophilia, a blood-clotting disorder, and relied on regular injections of clotting agent Factor VIII, which was made from pooling human blood plasma.

Watch: Patient testimonies at the contaminated blood inquiry (The Independent)

Britain was running low on supplies of Factor VIII so imported products from the US, where prison inmates and others were paid cash for giving blood.

Evans’ solicitor Des Collins, senior partner at Collins Solicitors which is representing more than 1,000 victims, their families and seven campaign groups, said: “The sad fact is that despite 1,000 crucial files going ‘missing’, there is very little that will surprise me in relation to the facts in this important inquiry.

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More than 500 claimants – surviving victims and families of the deceased – given permission to seek compensation.

in the NHS’s contaminated blood scandal must be investigated and those responsible encouraged to apologise, the infected blood inquiry has been told. me independently have come with such similar strands of medical records disappeared, of medical records filleted so that record of treatment is gone .

“We know that there has been a government cover-up.

“We now have clear evidence that vast numbers of documents were removed and not returned.

“We need to get to the bottom of why this happened, exactly what was in the files and what the people who in effect ‘made them disappear’ were trying to hide.”

In September, the first UK-wide probe – the infected blood inquiry – heard that more than 25,000 people could have been affected.

Hundreds Of Government Files On The Contaminated Blood Scandal 'Went Missing' © Press Association The contaminated blood scandal The report released to Evans and dated November 6 2018, said almost 1,000 files relating to blood policy had been checked out by officials.

These included around 450 files checked out by Department of Health and Social Care staff and a further 500 by Department for Education staff.

The report said that while the DfE has been co-operating with recovering the files, 45 files remain unaccounted for.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: “We are committed to being open and transparent with the Inquiry and have waived the usual legal privileges to assist the process.

“We have already sent thousands of documents to the inquiry, and will continue to send more when necessary.

“The inquiry has always been free to request any files they wish to review and we will ensure these are shared as soon as possible.”

In September, the inquiry heard emotional testimonies from people infected with HIV and hepatitis.

Eleanor Gray QC, acting for the Department of Health and Social Care, told the inquiry that the treatment of information surrounding contaminated blood products has been “at worst, a cover-up, at best a lack of candour about past events”.

The inquiry has heard how some patients said their medical records disappeared or were doctored.

Former health secretary Lord Owen has said there was a “cover-up” and “incriminating evidence” had been suppressed by the Government to prevent victims taking legal action.

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