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US News#Trashtag challenge encourages people to clean the planet

15:01  12 march  2019
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The " Trashtag Challenge " is inspiring people on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to take a walk outside and clean up any litter they stumble upon. To participate in the challenge , simply seek out a litter-filled area or overflowing trashcan, clean it up, and share before and after photos online using the hashtag

This one is the Trash Challenge and it’s been gaining traction over on Twitter recently. It’s something ya can feel good about rather than wastin’ ya time Take before and after photos of the area and post using # trashtag or #trashtagchallenge. People from U.S, to Nepal, Norway and India are cleaning up

#Trashtag challenge encourages people to clean the planet © FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images gettyimages-137416248-594x594.jpg

It may seem there is a new viral hashtag every day on social media, but the #trashtag challenge is a trend with a greener purpose — its users are cleaning up the planet. Tens of thousands of people have caught onto the trend over the years.

The challenge is simple: People are meant to take a photo of a location, be it a beach, park or trail, strewn with litter. Then clean the location up and take an "after" photo of their handiwork.

While the trend dates back several years, a March 5 post on Facebook from user Byron Román appears to have breathed new life and directed it toward teenagers. "Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens," Román posted. "Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it. Here are the people doing it #basurachallenge join the cause."

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# Trashtag challenge is inspiring people to share pictures cleaning up litter. Everyone is chipping in to do their part to clean up our planet . There always seems to be online challenges that end up sweeping hundreds of thousands of participants, for good and for bad (we’re looking at you, Tide Pods).

People are challenged to take a before photo of an area that is in need of intense trash clean -up, followed by an While every tip of the planet seems to be filled with waste, the only place # trashtag from Vietnam, youngsters gather voluntarily to clean up the environment and to raise public awareness.

The original post, which appears to have been edited, did not include the hashtag "basurachallenge." Basura is the Spanish word for "trash." The post now has more than 316,000 shares on Facebook and Román recently created a separate Facebook page for the #basurachallenge specifically in Arizona. Román told CBS News he used the alternate hashtag, as it's "the one being used in Latin America." The #basurachallenge has been tagged in nearly 1,700 posts on Instagram.

He came across the idea of picking up trash, then taking photos for social media, in a post by the travel company Happy Tours GT.  Then, he put his own spin on it.

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People are sharing photos of littered areas before and after cleaning them up as part of the viral A new viral challenge for 'bored teens' is inspiring people to clean up trash in parks and beaches. A viral Facebook post and hashtag called # trashtag are inspiring people to start cleaning up.

# trashtag (also #detrashed) is a hashtag used to catalog participants of Trashtag challenge , which involves volunteering to collect trash from outdoor locations. On March 9th, Facebook[4] community We Don't Deserve This Planet posted a challenge with a similar photo combination, which gained

"Due to teens lately making the news about Tide pods, Bird Box, and now the Momo challenge. Maybe I could inspire a few to do something positive," said Román.

Román shared his post with a "before" image of a man in front of a wooded area strewn with trash, then an "after" photo of the man standing behind trash bags. These images were also shared across other social media platforms, by various accounts, with the similar message aimed at "bored teens."

Since the post, many people — including teens — have taken up the #trashtag challenge again and started cleaning up areas, then posting images to social media, across Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. The hashtag has more than 24,000 posts on Instagram, many in the past week.

Twitter user @frizhbee posted an image of people picking up trash by the side of the road. "I don't have a before-and-after picture, but here's a couple of pictures of me with my family picking up trash from the road side whenever we made a rest stop," she wrote Saturday.

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The viral ' Trashtag Challenge ' encourages people to clean up litter. Finally, a constructive social media challenge .

There have been some strange social media challenges in the past few years. First of all, people started lying face down on as many things as they possibly could. Then there was the Birdbox challenge and let's not forget 'neknominate' - the 'fun' internet craze which encouraged participants

User @RMcNeil2105 posted a "before and after" image of clean-up efforts along the Potomac River, south of Washington, D.C., using the hashtag Sunday.

Others used Instagram to show off their efforts. The account horses_spb posted a gallery of photos Monday tagged to Saint Petersburg, Russia, featuring horses on a trail before and after someone appeared to have rid it of trash.

The trend has garnered steam in the past few days, but the outdoor company UCO Gear appears to have ideated the hashtag in 2015 as part of a larger project, according to a press release. "To keep nature beautiful for everyone to enjoy for decades to come, UCO has launched the UCO #TrashTag Project," the press release states. "The project is a movement that encourages fans and the general public to commit to picking up after ourselves and one another in the wilderness."

The press release said its "people ambassador" Steven Reinhold vowed to gather 100 pieces of trash during a road trip after his receipt from a recent shopping spree inadvertently flew out the window. On the way back from his trip, Reinhold pitched an expanded idea of his initial plan and "the movement began," according to the release.

While those picking up trash have used #trashtag over the years, Román's post — which is aimed directly at teens as opposed to everyone as indicated by UCO gear — has garnered a resurgence of posts. The hashtag also initially encouraged people to pick up trash in the wilderness; now many have taken to picking up trash on roadsides and other areas.

While another trend will likely take over in the coming weeks, this one seems to make the planet a bit cleaner in the meantime.

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