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US NewsIn Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns

18:11  14 may  2019
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Suspected rapist and abductor 'in standoff with police'

Suspected rapist and abductor 'in standoff with police' Fugitive Joseph McCann, who is wanted in connection with a number of rapes and abductions of women, is believed to be in a standoff with police. Cheshire police, who were looking for McCann after two women were kidnapped, say they have "located a man in connection with the incident". They added: "The man has been secured by officers in a rural area of Congleton and is currently talking to trained negotiators." McCann, who has been described by police as "extremely dangerous", is thought to be connected to the abduction of two women on Sunday in Cheshire.

Two Baltimore police officers are on trial this week in federal court for some of this worst misconduct imaginable. Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor were members of Baltimore ’s Gun Trace Task Force, an elite group of plainclothes officers expected to get the worst firearms and offenders off the

They're cops AND robbers: SEVEN Baltimore police officers are arrested for 'racketeering, stealing hundreds of thousands in cash and drugs, and lying in They worked on the Gun Trace Taskforce together from 2015-2016 although some alleged crimes occurred before they were on the team.

In Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns © Getty Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

There have been 11 homicides in Baltimore since the start of May, pushing the number of homicides in 2019 past 100.

The hardscrabble, postindustrial city of 611,000 people reached this grim milestone at almost the same time as New York City, which is home to more than eight million people.

Baltimore has been mired in a murder crisis since 2015. But several brazen shootings this spring have heightened the sense of urgency and outrage. At the end of April, seemingly indiscriminate fire interrupted a Sunday afternoon cookout, killing one person and wounding eight others. In early May, two toddlers were shot.

Flea 'invasion' forces Paris police station to close

Flea 'invasion' forces Paris police station to close An outbreak of fleas has led to the closure of a Paris police station after officers complained they were being bitten and the parasites were "contaminating" their homes. A police union said officials had not properly dealt with the outbreak - which reportedly began a few weeks ago - and that working conditions were deplorable. "EMPLOYMENT EVACUATION! For many days, officials of the CP19 are undergoing a flea invasion that generates conditions of work NOT PERMISSIBLE !!!", the Alliance union tweeted. Their demand to shut the police station for a complete disinfection has now been heeded.

We don't get to let bad guys walk around the streets with guns ." In similar comments last month, Batts acknowledged he has heard from officers who In Baltimore , allegations of police doing less as drugs are rampant. 'We were told to not engage'. Both officers complained about the response to the

When the Baltimore City Police Department created the GTTF, it was intended to be an elite squad of highly-trained officers tasked with seizing illegal guns . Instead, a trial in federal court has revealed that the officers went rogue, and used their power to steal money, drugs and guns , and terrorise the

In Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns © Salwan Georges/The Washington Post, via Getty Images Michael Harrison, the city’s new police commissioner, assured that he had strategically deployed his officers to stop the violence. Officers were in the “right places,” he told a reporter, and were being “extremely aggressive” while looking for shooters and anyone else illegally in possession of a gun.

In Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns © AP Michael Harrison, center

Mr. Harrison has adopted the same violence-reduction strategy as his predecessors — there have been five police commissioners since 2015: post police in the same neighborhoods that have been segregated and gutted by a century of racist redlining to target “bad guys with guns.”

This seems like a more reasonable solution to crime than the lock-up-any-black-person strategy that characterized the drug war. Mayor Martin O’Malley’s zero-tolerance policies from 1999 to 2006 were among the most audacious experiments in mass incarceration in American history, leading to more than 100,000 arrests in a single year. Now, many of the same people are waging a more targeted war on guns.

Islington Knife Attacks: Two Teenagers In Life-Threatening Condition After Linked Stabbings

Islington Knife Attacks: Two Teenagers In Life-Threatening Condition After Linked Stabbings Two teenagers are in a life-threatening condition after being stabbed in north London in incidents police are treating as linked. 

So when was it that police officers became the bad guys ? Did it all start with the Michael Brown incident in Missouri, or has this been Those who abuse their power or are underqualified can be the source of grief for hundreds of citizens. For example, the recent issue in Baltimore was an instance

A Baltimore patrol car. A group of plainclothes officers are accused of rampant misconduct in one of the most startling police corruption scandals in a The daily disclosures of dangerous, embarrassing and shameless acts come at a particularly bad time for the Baltimore Police Department, which is

In Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns © Getty Baltimore police forensics officers place evidence markers next to bullet casings

We spent the last two years reporting a book on the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force, a once-celebrated police squad whose members were ultimately indicted on federal racketeering charges in 2017. We learned that a war on guns in Baltimore looks a lot like the war on drugs: It is a city waging war on its own citizens.

And it doesn’t work.

The war on guns, like the war on drugs, is primarily waged on poor people by small operations units that drive around in unmarked cars looking for trouble. They’re called jump-out boys or knockers, and they do not respond to citizen calls. Instead, they take away resources and credibility from the patrol officers who do. They do not solve homicides, and they often damage community trust, hampering the efforts of those who do solve homicides.

Gang built gun factory to supply criminal underworld

Gang built gun factory to supply criminal underworld Two men who set up a gun factory to supply London's criminal underworld have been jailed for a total of 29 and a half years. Kyle Wood and Greg Akehurst, both 30, and a third man, Mark Kinman, 63, were in the process of making around 120 weapons when their East Sussex building was raided by National Crime Agency (NCA) officers on 18 August last year. Wood, from Littlehampton, West Sussex, and Akehurst, of no fixed address, had been tracked to the gun factory, operating under the name of MFK Engineering, on an industrial estate in Hailsham.

Two Baltimore plainclothes police detectives were convicted Monday of racketeering, robbery and fraud in a trial involving a wide range of criminal activities by an elite police unit charged with reducing the number of illegal guns on that city's streets.

Baltimore police released bodycam footage of the moment an officer was shot in the hand while trying to disarm a suspect. A struggle ensues and the sound of gunfire is audible. The officer was shot by a single bullet in the palm of his hand. A different officer then uses a stun gun on the suspect

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In 2016, when the task force was most active, the Police Department solved only 38 percent of the 318 homicides. In 2018, in what was deemed a big improvement, detectives came closer to solving 50 percent of the cases. When people know that there’s only a 50/50 chance of finding a killer, retaliation becomes a coin toss. Murder is answered by murder, because the law has no real authority.

Like any counterinsurgency, units like the task force don’t recognize civilians. Everyone is a potential combatant. They are the reason residents have said they feel both “overpoliced and underserved” by the police. When residents call for help, no one comes. When residents try to walk to the store or the bus stop, they are as afraid of the police as they are of criminals.

In Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns © AP A bin of evidence markers sits near the scene of a shooting in Baltimore The best evidence for specialized enforcement units like the task force is a decade old. When Sheila Dixon succeeded Martin O’Malley as mayor in 2007, she wanted both fewer murders and fewer arrests. She was briefly successful, bringing the murder rate below 300 and slowing the staggering rate of arrests with a mix of targeted enforcement and Compstat-style statistics, a crime-reduction management tool pioneered in New York City in the 1990s. (The homicide rate peaked in 2015 and 2017, two years with more than 340 killings.)

Footage of deadly police chase shows officers fire 70 shots at suspect

Footage of deadly police chase shows officers fire 70 shots at suspect Police have released dramatic body camera footage of officers firing more than 70 shots at a suspect as they chased him in their vehicle through a busy residential area. One of the officers is seen firing multiple shots through his own windscreen during the chase in Anaheim in California last July. That officer, who was driving the patrol car at the time, has now been sacked. His partner has been placed on leave. The suspect they were pursuing died from the injuries he received.

Man comes to rescue of his friend, and gets locked up as well! He attacked the cop, and the cops gave him a lil quick beat down!! If it wasn't for the camera recording this you cant bet that beat down would have been a lot worse !! Your guess is better than mines!!

The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) provides police services to the city of Baltimore , Maryland. The department is organized into ten districts; nine geographical and the Public Housing Section.

But even then, the numbers are unreliable because future task force members were already committing crimes. In 2010, their actions resulted in one man’s death. And as Mayor Dixon resigned from office after being convicted in a corruption trial that same year, things continued as normal. Commanders wanted the statistics to show the "good guys" were winning, no matter how bad the crime looked.

In 2015, when the city erupted after the death of Freddie Gray, much of the anger was directed toward the plainclothes squads that routinely brutalized black citizens. The Justice Department’s 2016 report on the Police Department showed that policing, as carried out by these units, was often unconstitutional and racist.

Meanwhile, in the city’s predominantly white neighborhoods, hard-charging “proactive” squads are generally absent and officers actually respond to service calls. The police say they follow crime and the reason they don’t have gun units in white neighborhoods is because there are no guns in white neighborhoods.

Perhaps the reverse is true. There are no guns in those neighborhoods because the city is not waging war on them.

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Right-wing fears about people kicking in the doors of wealthy white gun owners to take away their arms might seem laughable. But that is precisely the kind of thing the task force was doing to the mostly black citizens of Baltimore. And when progressives call for gun control in a city where many of the guns are already illegal, they are calling either for tougher penalties or for more squads like the task force.

Man charged with multi-vehicle crash on Australia's M4 in which Irishman died

Man charged with multi-vehicle crash on Australia's M4 in which Irishman died The Irishman has been named in Australian media as 36-year-old Francis Shanley.

(KUTV) Officials released video Friday morning of a deadly exchange between two Roy City police officers and a trespassing suspect at a gas station in

The Baltimore Police Department is looking for individuals who are dedicated to service, community and loyalty. Browse our webpage to explore the numerous opportunities and competitive benefits that the Baltimore Police Department offers. Call a Recruiter today at (410) 396-2340 to learn more about

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, who led the task force, and his squad “got guns off the street.” They were making from 20 to 50 unconstitutional stops per night. So pressured to show high numbers of guns, they often planted guns if they didn’t find any, we discovered over the course of dozens of interviews with arrestees. And because there was less pressure to bring in drugs, if Sergeant Jenkins found narcotics, he kept and resold them, creating further chaos on the streets.

“Ten and a half months into the year and Sergeant Jenkins and his team have 110 arrests for handgun violations and seized 132 illegal handguns,” a Police Department newsletter boasted in October 2016. “Their relentless pursuit to make our streets safer by removing guns and arresting the right people for the right reasons has made our city safer.”

In Baltimore, Police Officers Are the Bad Guys With Guns © AP Michael Harrison

According to body camera footage, federal testimony and text messages, the day before that newsletter went out, the unit stole 400 grams of cocaine and enlisted another officer to sell it. And after Mr. Jenkins was arrested, virtually all of those 110 cases were vacated. And yet, as has become a reflex for Baltimore police commissioners in times of crisis, Mr. Harrison is taking the same tact that allowed Sergeant Jenkins to thrive.

“We’ve recovered 11 guns in 11 arrests over the weekend, over the past 48 hours,” Mr. Harrison said amid the recent shootings. “So we are going after those people who are illegally carrying guns; we are arresting them.”

In 2018, a judge sentenced Mr. Jenkins to 25 years in prison, for racketeering, robbery and falsifying records, among other crimes.

Family's shock as police raid wrong house at dawn

Family's shock as police raid wrong house at dawn Police carrying out a series of early morning house raids across Manchester gave one family a nasty surprise when they mistakenly targeted their house. Chantelle White told Sky News that she and her partner Craig Bickerstaffe were woken up by "banging on the door" at 5.30am on Thursday morning. When Mr Bickerstaffe opened the door to see what was going on, she said "the police rushed in" and went upstairs. "I asked them what they were doing," Ms White added. "I told them there were only young children upstairs and would be scared.

A young boy greets police officers in riot gear during a march in Baltimore , Maryland May 1, 2015 following the decision to charge six Baltimore The fall in 2015 was the biggest decline in police numbers among nine comparably-sized U.S. cities reviewed by Reuters. The police force in Detroit

Sean Suiter, a Baltimore homicide detective, was fatally shot in the head with his own gun after a struggle last week, the city's police commissioner said Wednesday.

As the killing continues and the crime keeps increasing, we are too afraid to ask if these tactics actually work. We ask instead if the police need more money. As the budgets of other city services are slashed, the police budget grows. This year’s proposed $530 million for policing (in a city budget of $2.9 billion) is a $20 million increase over 2018.

And yet, every year, the results are declared unacceptable. But rather than call the strategy a failure, we are asked, as in the rhetoric surrounding the war on terrorism, to consider counterfactuals: Imagine how bad it would be if these rough men weren’t out there to protect us.

We have been stuck in this war for so long that we don’t know what Baltimore would look like if the war units weren’t out there. We can’t imagine a city where we spent our money on hiring more teachers or creating more afterschool programs or increasing wages — things that address the root causes of violence instead of waging war on our own citizens.

We can’t imagine it, because we’ve never tried it.

Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg, reporters in Baltimore, are writing a book on the crimes of the Gun Trace Task Force.

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