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13:40  17 january  2020
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Facebook executive says company was responsible for Trump’s victory but warns against policy changes

  Facebook executive says company was responsible for Trump’s victory but warns against policy changes Longtime Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth said in a blunt internal post that the company’s advertising tools were crucial to the election of Donald Trump in 2016.Longtime Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth said in a blunt internal post that the company’s advertising tools were crucial to the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and may help him win again but that executives must resist the temptation to make policy changes that would alter the course of legitimate political debate.

President Trump and Melania Trump met with, from left, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt and King Salman of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last Sunday.Credit It could be so much worse. Trump campaigned for office promising a radical break with postwar United States foreign policy .

Donald J. Trump revealed gaps in his mastery of international affairs during a radio interview on Thursday, appearing to mistake the Quds Mr. Trump , a real estate developer and brand manager who has never worked in government, has relatively little experience dealing with foreign governments.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie: U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a statement about Iran in the Grand Foyer of the White House. © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a statement about Iran in the Grand Foyer of the White House.

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A year and a half into Donald Trump’s presidency, Henry Kissinger set out a theory. “I think Trump may be one of those figures in history who appears from time to time to mark the end of an era and to force it to give up its old pretences,” he told the Financial Times. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that he knows this, or that he is considering any great alternative. It could just be an accident.”

Trump administration hits Iran with fresh sanctions after attack on U.S. forces

  Trump administration hits Iran with fresh sanctions after attack on U.S. forces The action was the first concrete response to Tehran’s missile attack on bases in Iraq which was in retaliation for the U.S. airstrike that killed the top Iranian military commander. The sanctions targeted Iran’s metal industries, and eight senior military and national security officials who U.S. officials said were involved in the ballistic missiles fired at U.S. bases on Tuesday. Among them were the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, the deputy chief of staff of the armed forces and the commander of the Basij militia that has been responsible for a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests.

Trump actually has a philosophy on foreign policy , and its terrifying. Donald Trump ’s coziness with Vladimir Putin, casual talk of taking Iraq’s oil and abandoning NATO, and muddled messaging on whether he'd deploy American troops to battle ISIS makes it easy to assume that the GOP nominee's

In foreign policy , Trump has pursued an America First agenda, withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations, the Paris Before being inaugurated as president, Trump moved his businesses into a revocable trust run by his eldest sons and a business associate.[222]

A term has been coined to describe this notion: Ryan Evans of War on the Rocks calls them “Trumportunities.” It is the idea that, whether by accident or design, Trump creates chances to solve long-running international problems that a conventional leader would not. His bellicose isolationist agenda, for instance, might already be forcing Europe to confront its geopolitical weakness; China, its need for a lasting economic settlement with the U.S.; and countries throughout the Middle East, the limits of their power.

The president’s erratic behavior might be doing something else as well, something even more fundamental. Through a combination of instinct, temperament, and capriciousness, Trump may be reminding the world of the reality of international relations: Raw military and economic power still matter more than anything else—so long as those who hold them are prepared to use them. The air strike that killed Qassem Soleimani was a reminder that the U.S. remains the one indispensable global superpower. Iran, or indeed anyone else, simply cannot respond in kind.

Defence Secretary fears US may no longer be UK's key ally in conflicts

  Defence Secretary fears US may no longer be UK's key ally in conflicts Britain may have to fight future conflicts without the help of the US as its key ally, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned. Mr Wallace worries that the increasing isolationist policies of US President Donald Trump mean that the UK may need to rethink the assumptions that have underpinned its defence planning for the last 10 years.The warning comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets ready to lead the "deepest review" of Britain's security, defence and foreign policy since the Cold War.

This article is a non-exhaustive list of achievements by U.S. President Donald Trump , his administration, and Congress related to his foreign policy . For foreign policy achievements related to trade policy, see Donald Trump achievements: Trade policy.

Foreign - policy goals—security for Israel, peace in the Middle East, and a new Middle Eastern alliance against Iran—scored breakthroughs. And if you haven’t heard about these successes, maybe that’s because the Main Stream Media are so busy attacking President Trump that they’ve lost interest in

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  Donald Trump Stumbles Into a Foreign-Policy Triumph © Fox

While it is clearly too early to judge the long-term ramifications of the president’s decision to order the killing (my colleague Uri Friedman has set out the dangers of accidental escalation), the initial assessment among many in the foreign-policy establishment here in London is not quite what you might expect. The attack—in the view of analysts and British officials I spoke with (the latter of whom requested anonymity to discuss government discussions)—has, at a stroke, reasserted American military dominance and revealed the constraints of Iranian power.

Donald Trump understands America's brute power better than most. © Getty Donald Trump understands America's brute power better than most.

Although Trump’s foreign-policy strategy (if one even accepts that there is such a thing) has many limits, his unpredictability and, most critically, his willingness to escalate a crisis using the United States’ military and economic strength has turned the tables on Iran in a way few thought possible. What is more, the strike has exposed the gaping irrelevance of Europe’s leading powers—Britain, France, and Germany—in this whole crisis. The “E3,” which have long sought to keep the Iranian nuclear deal alive by undermining the U.S. policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran, have so far failed to do so. This week, they were finally forced to admit the apparently terminal collapse of the Obama-era nuclear deal, releasing a joint statement to announce that they were triggering its “dispute resolution” clause because of Tehran’s failure to abide by the terms of the agreement. The reality of the situation is startling: Europe’s attempts to keep the deal alive have achieved little in Tehran because of the Continent’s powerlessness. And European opposition to Trump’s Iran policy has achieved even less in Washington. In an interview, Boris Johnson all but admitted defeat in keeping the nuclear deal alive, calling instead for a new “Trump deal.”

Sexism row dominates final Democratic debate

  Sexism row dominates final Democratic debate Elizabeth Warren’s accusations of sexism towards Bernie Sanders dominated much of the discussion.Ms Warren was seen appearing to decline a handshake offered by Mr Sanders following the Iowa debate as the two sparred over Ms Warren’s accusation that Mr Sanders told her privately that he did not think a woman could be elected president.

foreign and domestic policy . Above all, like the many Americans who were frustrated in the 1950s that no clear triumph had occurred in Korea, Trump This is adapted from Donald Trump : The Making of a Worldview, co-written with professor Brendan Simms of the University of Cambridge and published

Trump likes the idea because he thinks it’s an opportunity to sell more liquified natural gas, or LNG, from America’s shale patch. “Whenever you need energy, just give us a call,” Trump told the assembled representatives of the Central and Eastern European countries that have signed onto the TSI.

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To some extent, one British diplomat told me, the air strike that killed Soleimani was an extreme snapback to the hyperrealist, Kissingerian principles that largely guided American foreign policy after the Second World War. In this view, Barack Obama and his cautious multilateralism were the break with the norm, not Trump.

While Obama showed the possibilities of this approach—the Paris climate accord and Iran nuclear deal being prime examples (both of which have since been dumped by Trump)—he failed to adequately address its weaknesses, those who spoke with me said. Principal among them, according to a British government official, was that under Obama, the West had forgotten the power of escalatory dominance. In other words, he who carries the biggest stick retains his dominance, so long as he is prepared to use it.

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The argument for escalation is simple: If the response to any aggressive act by a foreign adversary is always to de-escalate in order to avoid a spiral of violence, then the advantage borne by military and economic dominance is lost, creating more chaos, not less. A logic has been allowed to develop among countries such as Iran and Russia, the British diplomat said, that the West will not escalate a crisis and will remain boxed into its cautious, multilateralist view. Trump has changed this.

Elizabeth Warren hits out at Donald Trump for putting ‘homophobic and racist’ judges in power

  Elizabeth Warren hits out at Donald Trump for putting ‘homophobic and racist’ judges in power Elizabeth Warren has unleashed an attack on Donald Trump’s nomination of anti-LGBT judges. The Democratic Senator and presidential hopeful called out the number of fundamentalist judicial candidates being rushed into posts by the Trump administration.

While foreign policy elites in both parties often argue among themselves — behind closed doors, or politely in the pages of Foreign Affairs magazine — it is extraordinarily rare for them to step into the political arena so publicly and aggressively. Several former midlevel officials issued a similar if milder

A transcript of Donald J. Trump ’s foreign policy remarks, as transcribed by the Federal News The Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump gave a foreign policy speech on Wednesday I will never sent our finest into battle unless necessary, and I mean absolutely necessary, and will only

Take Russia, for instance. The Western response to its incursion into Ukrainian territory was always proportionate and almost entirely economic. While there were very good reasons for this, that response meant that Moscow could escalate the crisis by moving more assets into territory it sought to control, safe in the knowledge that, having tested Western resolve, it would not be challenged militarily. In effect, the United States’ failure to enforce red lines empowered its adversaries.

With Iran, according to analysts at the Royal United Services Institute, Britain’s leading military think tank, Trump’s seemingly disproportionate response to Tehran’s aggression has left the Iranian regime shocked and unsure how to respond. At a briefing in London on Monday, I asked a panel of RUSI staffers whether, given that assessment, they considered the air strike a triumph for the president. No one on the panel demurred. Michael Stephens, a former British diplomat who is now a research fellow at RUSI, told me later that it was clear how badly the Iranians had been hurt, both in practical military terms and in pure national pride. “This has fundamentally changed the game and opens up the space for de-escalation,” he said. “It was a sucker punch which has scrambled their understanding of how the Americans might react in future. In the short term, it’s a triumph for Trump.”

Trump impeachment trial set to start - but Democrats not happy

  Trump impeachment trial set to start - but Democrats not happy Donald Trump's impeachment trial is getting under way in the Senate today, but Democrats have already claimed the process for the hearing is unfair. The Republican president, who is 4,000 miles away from Washington in Davos, Switzerland, is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after investigations by the lower House of Representatives, which the Democrats control.Video: This is how impeachment works (Sky) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_1b0ca141-b1bb-46fb-9ed8-4bcd3a895530").

Where Donald Trump stands on foreign policy . Donald Trump has promised to rip up the Iran deal on day one of his presidency and said that it's "one of the worst Meanwhile, Syria descended into chaos after its president, Bashar Assad, violently suppressed pro-democracy demonstrators in 2011.

The comments suggest President Donald Trump ’s White House is eager to take an aggressive tone “This is how you can stumble into a crisis.” Tillerson’s threat that America would bar China’s access After the hearing, lawmakers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave Tillerson a chance to

Trump addresses the nation from the White House after Iran attacked US bases in Iraq. © AP Trump addresses the nation from the White House after Iran attacked US bases in Iraq.   Donald Trump Stumbles Into a Foreign-Policy Triumph © AP

Every option available to Iran now comes with huge risks, and the lack of serious response—so far—has damaged the Iranian regime’s reputation. The recent accidental downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 has also hit it hard, revealing a frightening incompetence as well as a limited retaliatory power.

But while the air strike itself might be a limited foreign-policy success for Trump now, the geopolitical gains he has won through escalatory tactics might yet dissipate if the killing turns out to be little more than an isolated incident, signalling nothing but the president’s capacity for shock. He has history in this area, after all. In 2017, Trump dropped the “mother of all bombs,” the largest conventional bomb the U.S. has ever deployed, to kill more than 90 militants in eastern Afghanistan, and the following year, he authorized, alongside France and Britain, air strikes on Syria in response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons. On neither occasion was the action followed up in any long-term fashion.

The lessons of the Soleimani killing also do not fit neatly into Trump’s worldview, suggesting the need for clear and consistent red lines, as well as the willingness to commit U.S. military resources to enforce them. It’s America back as global policeman.

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At the moment, in the assessment of the British diplomat I spoke with, the only clear strength of Trump’s foreign policy is his unpredictability, which has the power to unsettle the United States’ adversaries. The diplomat said that Trump appears to understand American strength more instinctively than Obama but, unlike his predecessor, doesn’t seem to have anything close to a strategy to go alongside this insight.

So while there are “Trumportunities,” there are also “Trumptastrophes.” The president, accidentally or otherwise, has identified real problems, including Iran’s ability to act with relative impunity and China’s disrespect for the rules of global trade. With regard to Iran, Trump appears to have stumbled upon an effective mechanism to advance U.S. interests. But he has yet to show himself to be any better than his forerunners at solving the long-term problems he has identified—and may yet make them worse.

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N Korea names sharp-tongued army figure as foreign minister .
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea has named a sharp-tongued former army officer with little foreign policy experience as its top diplomat, in a possible indication it will take a harder line with Washington in stalled nuclear negotiations. Ri Son Gwon's new title as foreign minister was disclosed Friday in a Korean Central News Agency dispatch that said he attended a reception for foreign diplomats in Pyongyang the previous day. South Korean and other outside media outlets have recently reported North Korea informed foreign diplomats in Pyongyang of Ri's job last week.

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