US News Why An Ex-Rough Sleeper Returns To The Streets To Restore People’s 'Lost Hope'

10:30  27 february  2020
10:30  27 february  2020 Source:   huffingtonpost.co.uk

High school ring lost in US found 47 years later in Finnish forest

  High school ring lost in US found 47 years later in Finnish forest In 1973, a teenage Debra McKenna accidentally left her future husband's ring in a department store in the US town of Brunswick Maine. Fast forward 47 years and it has been found by a sheet metal worker - buried in a Finnish forest.Ms McKenna, 63, lost the ring in Portland when she was a student at Morse High School, the Bangor Daily News reported.The ring, which had engravings identifying the school, belonged to Ms McKenna's late husband Shawn, who she dated all throughout high school and college. © Other Ms McKenna cried when she received the ring in the mail.

"There are obviously still too many people sleeping rough in Oxford, but the reduction shows the hard work that we and our partners have put in over The Local Government Association has called for the government to restore local housing allowance rates to cover at least the lowest third of market rents.

Put simply, it gives rough sleepers or people who become homeless a stable and permanent home of their own as soon as possible. Homes are not always available immediately and figures show roughly one in five people return to homelessness at some stage.

Gerry O'Brien helping rough sleepers © Matthew Power Photography Gerry O'Brien helping rough sleepers

Drug abuse and addiction. Bereavement. The responsibility of caring for a disabled parent. A nervous breakdown. Prison. Eventually, homelessness.

Gerry O’Brien’s life story makes for a sobering read. But that’s precisely the reason he’s such a good outreach worker for those living on the streets today.

Now 51 and living in Islington, north London, he’s been clean for two and a half years and turned his life around.

He uses his experience to build trust with homeless people as part of Street Buddies – a programme staffed by volunteers that is successfully helping rough sleepers break the cycle of homelessness and get into stable accommodation.

New IRA planning car bomb attack on a Sinn Féin member, O'Neill warns

  New IRA planning car bomb attack on a Sinn Féin member, O'Neill warns “We have been told this planned attack could happen anywhere in the north,” deputy first minister Michelle O’Neill said.Michelle O’Neill said she had been advised of the threat by police in Northern Ireland.

A former rough sleeper has launched an interactive guide to help homeless people in part of London find help and support. During five months on the streets in 2015, Quddous Ahmed, 31, had a rock thrown at him, was racially abused and had his sleeping bag set alight, according to the Local

The office is manned by homeless people . Besides feeding and homing people , we run peer-to-peer He lost everything he owned, including all his personal documents – birth certificate, national There’ s a revolving door of homelessness. You get them off the street for a few days or weeks and

The latest rough sleeping figures are due to be published on Thursday morning by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Whatever they show is likely to be a significant underestimate: the data are based on a single night’s count, meaning anyone who happens not to be on the street on that particular evening won’t be included. Nor will people sleeping on buses, couch surfing, staying with friends or family or bedding down at hostels. Last year, the official figure was 4,677.

a person holding a bag and walking on a sidewalk: Gerry O'Brien © Matthew Power Photography Gerry O'Brien Gerry told HuffPost UK: “I see the vicious cycle of homelessness. Drug abuse is just an escape – a way to escape other issues.

“I think a lot of it is down to a feeling of lost hope. There are treatment centres out there, but I think people need more one-to-one support and help giving them a direction in life.”

An Afghan truce test is to begin amid a political crisis

  An Afghan truce test is to begin amid a political crisis A weeklong reduction in violence across Afghanistan, a major condition for the United States to formally sign its initial peace deal with the Taliban, goes into effect early Saturday, right after midnight, Afghan officials said Friday. The measure, in which all sides are expected to end most attacks in an arrangement that comes close to a cease-fire, is the first step in the rollout of a conditions-based peace deal that lays out a timeline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

1 Rough sleepers —initiatives to reduce the numbers of rough sleepers . 1.1 Background. This loss of basic shelter put the numbers of people sleeping rough into the thousands on the streets of the UK capital. News coverage of the rising street population became a part of the mood music to the Tory

Upon returning to his squalid one-room flat that evening, however, Dempsey Incredibly, even greater pain may still lie ahead for Dempsey. Experts fear that the German-letter incident may lead to the discovery of other Lilliputian bits of undiscovered hope , all of which are certain to be ultimately lost .

The government last night announced £236m to help get rough sleepers into homes – about £720,000 per local housing authority in the UK. In Islington, where Gerry now lives, that might buy a single two-bed flat. The waiting list for a home in Islington is 14,000.

Gerry’s story suggests more support than that is needed to help the most vulnerable people.

He began smoking at 12, but progressed to solvent abuse at secondary school. Later, he moved on again to cannabis and various pills.

At 27, five years after becoming a dad, he had a nervous breakdown.

“In my mid-20s, my mum had a big stroke which left her paralysed,” he said. “When my dad died, when I was 29, I became a full-time carer for my mum and I also had my daughter at weekends.”

  Why An Ex-Rough Sleeper Returns To The Streets To Restore People’s 'Lost Hope' © Getty It was during this time that he turned to hard drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin.

“When I was in my early 20s, I was buying and selling stuff and cutting corners,” he said. “I only began stealing when I became a crackhead. I stole for my addiction and became a petty thief.

Lost ancient kingdom uncovered in Turkey after farmer finds stone with strange inscriptions

  Lost ancient kingdom uncovered in Turkey after farmer finds stone with strange inscriptions A mysterious stone with strange inscriptions has led to the discovery of a lost ancient kingdom in Turkey - which may have battled Phrygia, a kingdom once ruled by King Midas.  The as-yet-unnamed ancient kingdom was found after a farmer discovered a huge stone containing a message from an ancient king in an irrigation ditch. Researchers from the University of Chicago were investigating Türkmen-Karahöyük, a large Bronze and Iron Age mounded settlement occupied between about 3500 and 100 B.C.

If people refuse offers of “supported reconnection”, they will instead be “brought to the attention of HOICE” (Home Office Immigration Compliance and Enforcement). “These clients will be the subject of [a] local authority task and targeting meeting or will be encountered by HOICE staff during joint

Street preacher Ian Sleeper was arrested and held for 13 hours in a police cell after displaying placards depicting love for Muslims and criticising the

“I knew what I was doing was wrong and I’m ashamed of what I did. I ended up in prison twice for three months at a time. I put myself there by telling the court to put me away if they wanted, as I knew I was killing myself. 

“I needed those stints in prison to get myself clean.”

Although he was drug-free while in prison, Gerry said he would soon slip back into taking drugs once he was released. 

“I ended up street begging for six months after a relapse,” he told HuffPost UK. “That was a real eye-opener and gave me a completely different perspective.

“There are a lot more good people out there than I ever expected. People who stopped to say hello and gave you their time and money.

“But it was horrible at times, too. I have witnessed some awful stuff from the gutter and was sometimes spat at by people while sitting on my sleeping bag begging.”

A homeless person's tent is seen in London, England. The UK Government has pledged an additional GBP 112 Million to help combat homelessness. (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images) © Getty A homeless person's tent is seen in London, England. The UK Government has pledged an additional GBP 112 Million to help combat homelessness. (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images) Gerry was finally saved from homelessness by London’s Single Homeless Project charity, which helped him clear his rent arrears when he came out of rehab.

There will be no vote to elect a Taoiseach when Dail meets again

  There will be no vote to elect a Taoiseach when Dail meets again There will not be a vote to decide the next Taoiseach when the Dail meets again next week, it has been announced. Sinn Fein Finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty said that the Dail Business Committee recommended there will be no vote to decide the next Taoiseach on Thursday, March 5, speaking before a government formation meeting with the Social Democrats.

He is now giving back to help others by helping rough sleepers in London as a volunteer for Street Buddies, a programme created by Riverside, the largest provider of supported housing in Britain. The project has been extended for a further three years.

Over the past five years, the number of new rough sleepers in the capital has increased by 8% to more than 8,000 people.

But the number of entrenched rough sleepers in London – those on the street for more than two years – has risen by far more: almost a third, to 2,080 people.

Watch: John Healey: Government is failing on homelessness (The Independent)

When the outreach teams in Westminster cannot successfully connect with a rough sleeper, they turn to Street Buddies.

Last year, Street Buddies helped to get 30% of the entrenched rough sleepers they engaged with off the streets.

Riverside’s Street Buddies empowers volunteers with first-hand experience of homelessness or substance misuse to help entrenched rough sleepers off the streets and to rebuild their lives. The scheme has now received funding to  expand to Kensington and Chelsea.

Tom still can't get a home despite £10k fundraising campaign

  Tom still can't get a home despite £10k fundraising campaign Three months ago I met a disabled man called Tom Allen. Tom was born with an underdeveloped spine which has given him a life of pain in his back and left leg. © Sky News Screen Grab Tom Allen has spina bifida and is struggling to get housing despite £10,000 being donated to help him The condition - spina bifida - also means Tom cannot control when he needs to go to the toilet.When we met, he opened his backpack and showed me the incontinence pads he carries around which he uses when he cannot get to a toilet.

a man sitting on a bench: Gerry O'Brien © Matthew Power Photography Gerry O'Brien Street Buddies only work with the most difficult and complex of cases – long-term rough sleepers who don’t otherwise engage with services.

They aim to help rough sleepers get better access to support services, improving their chances of an independent, sustainable and healthy life.

In turn, the Street Buddies gain increased confidence and skills through volunteering, which – it is hoped – will boost their employment opportunities.

Gerry said: “We are like poachers turned gamekeepers.

“Having an understanding of how people are feeling and thinking is really important and helps us build up trust with people.

Gallery: The surprising levels of poverty in the richest countries (Lovemoney)

Wealthy nations with the highest number of people in poverty: Poverty exists everywhere, even in some of the wealthiest nations on the planet. Using OECD figures, we reveal the affluent countries with the highest rates of poverty using the percentage of the number of people whose income falls below the poverty line, or half the average income.

“When we first see our clients, they don’t want to connect with people again – it’s how many of us have felt in the past.

“We don’t make judgements. We take every person as they come. We’re here to be genuine. It’s rewarding but we’re dealing with very vulnerable people and it’s important that we look after them.”

Gerry told HuffPost UK rough sleepers need shelter regardless of substance abuse issues. “There needs to be somewhere for them to go,” he said.

“It is hard to deal with people who are intoxicated. But they need somewhere they can crash out and be safe. Once they have shelter, it is a good time to reach out to them and help them.”

Charity slams surge in number of homeless children in Ireland as disturbing total hits nearly 3,600 .
The latest Department of Housing monthly report found that 3,574 kids -an increase of 152 were homeless in JanuaryBarnardo's hit out at the alarming figures and called on the next government to take urgent and decisive action to tackle the crisis.

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