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04:01  18 march  2020
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'Traitor': PM heckled as he visits flood-hit area

  'Traitor': PM heckled as he visits flood-hit area Boris Johnson has been greeted with heckles of "traitor" as he visited a flood-hit area of Worcestershire. The prime minister arrived on the banks of the River Severn on Sunday, and was taken to view the still-erected flood defences by Environment Agency staff.The area has been overwhelmed by flood water in recent weeks and properties and businesses have been inundated with water. © Reuters Mr Johnson has been criticised as a "part-time prime minister" for previously staying away.This included remaining at his grace-and-favour mansion in Kent during parliament's week-long recess last month.

Boris Johnson ’ s Churchill moment . Coronavirus pandemic threatens to force the government into rethinking its priorities. Both Winston Churchill , left, and Boris Johnson , right, found themselves in charge of the UK at a moment of national crisis © Getty, PA.

As a former journalist, Boris Johnson has always had a way with words. His impressive first speeches as Prime Minister stand in stark contrast next to those

Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson are posing for a picture: Winston Churchill and Boris Johnson © Provided by The Financial Times Winston Churchill and Boris Johnson

Like Winston Churchill in 1940, Boris Johnson finds himself in charge of the UK at a moment of supreme national crisis.

As with Churchill, British society is aware of his chequered past. But it will give him a chance, if he can rise to the occasion.

What comes first, though? Conquering the coronavirus pandemic? Or insisting upon a dogmatic version of Brexit, because anti-EU repellent is the Conservative government’s drug of choice?

Video: Johnson Says 'We'll Do Whatever it Takes' to Defeat Coronavirus (Bloomberg)

Stopping the pandemic and mitigating its economic consequences will require the tireless work of scientists, doctors, statisticians and other skilled civil servants. 

Budget 2020: Thousands of offenders to get GPS trackers and 'sobriety tags' to toughen up probation

  Budget 2020: Thousands of offenders to get GPS trackers and 'sobriety tags' to toughen up probation A £100m law and order package includes a £70m programme aimed at toughening up community sentences by imposing tighter restrictions and curfews on criminals in England and Wales. GPS tags allow close scrutiny of an offender’s behaviour. They can be used to help protect victims of domestic abuse or stalking by raising the alarm if a criminal approaches a certain address and could also help young people stay away from gangs.As mayor of London, Boris Johnson piloted sobriety tags, which measure skin perspiration every 30 minutes, but the scheme was discontinued and never rolled out nationally.

Nicholas Soames, the grandson of the wartime leader Winston Churchill and a 45-year Tory veteran, has been booted from the Conservative Party for supporting a motion to Nicholas Soames is the grandson of Mr. Johnson ’ s political hero, Winston Churchill .Credit Andy Rain/EPA, via Shutterstock.

For Churchill read Johnson , someone who also crosses the class and party divide. Created with Sketch. Boris Johnson ' s defining moments . The Mayor of London Boris Johnson wears a traditional headdress during a visit to the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, a major new Hindu temple

Too many have endured scorn and derision as a result of the UK’s 2016 Brexit referendum, which legitimised attacks on people with expert knowledge from the Conservative party’s highest levels as well as from the social media gutter.

The Tories, purged by Mr Johnson of their pro-European moderates, skilfully and shamelessly rode to re-election in December on the coattails of this angry, populist mood — concentrated mainly in England, not the rest of the UK.

The scale of the problem is larger still.

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It is in the nature of cataclysmic events, such as the pandemic, to accelerate and refashion historical developments that would have happened anyway. 

The first world war intensified turmoil in Russia, leading to the revolutions of 1917, and drove forward the emergence of the US as the 20th century’s leading global power. 

Prince Harry reveals his agony about Megxit in phone call with a FAKE Greta Thunberg as he tells Russian hoaxers 'we are completely separate from the majority of my family' and slams 'sick' world leaders over climate change

  Prince Harry reveals his agony about Megxit in phone call with a FAKE Greta Thunberg as he tells Russian hoaxers 'we are completely separate from the majority of my family' and slams 'sick' world leaders over climate change Two Russian pranksters Alexei Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov 'tricked' Prince Harry into believing they were climate change activist Greta Thunberg and her father Svante.Prince Harry has been tricked into talking about his Megxit struggle in an astonishing phone call with Russian pranksters posing as Greta Thunberg.

But only Boris Johnson could manage to turn our great war leader into something you pick up from a deli. In the orgy of pre-publicity for this book, much has been made of Johnson ’ s not so subtle attempts to draw a parallel between himself and Winston Churchill .

For all his levity, Boris Johnson ’ s admiration for Winston Churchill is profound. Johnson ’ s distinctive writing style is unlike any other used in the countless books that have been written on Churchill (he estimates that there are 100 new works a year published on the subject).

The second world war marked the definitive end of European supremacy in international affairs and the planet’s transformation into an arena of US-Soviet rivalry.

The pandemic and its economic fallout, unless brought under a measure of control, is sure to have similar large-scale consequences.  

One result could be an acceleration of the long-term trend under which the US is retreating from world leadership and the balance of economic power is moving from the west towards China and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Gallery: World struggles to stop spread of coronavirus (USA Today)

A worker sprays disinfectant in Jordan's archaeological city of Petra south of the capital Amman on March 17, 2020, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Another outcome could be a severe financial crisis, aggravated by stupendous amounts of government and private debt in the world economy, that leads to a partial reversal of globalisation and the freewheeling capitalism of the past four decades. 

Should events transpire in this fashion, Brexit — a term, incidentally, that the Johnson government seems determined to expunge from the public sphere — may end up being twisted out of recognition. 

At least 100 care homes ban visitors from seeing their relatives amid accusations that 'tin-pot dictators' are putting residents' health at risk

  At least 100 care homes ban visitors from seeing their relatives amid accusations that 'tin-pot dictators' are putting residents' health at risk At least 100 care homes have banned relatives from seeing their elderly residents despite government advice allowing healthy people to visit. The government has not taken drastic measures leading to fears vulnerable people could catch the virus.Bupa, which runs 125 care homes, advised on Friday that no visits should be carried out except in exceptional circumstances.A spokesperson for the healthcare provider told The Guardian: 'We are continuing to keep our residents, relatives and staff safe and well, so are taking additional measures by minimising visits to our care homes.

Boris Johnson ’ s Funniest Moments Caught on Camera - Продолжительность: 2:38 On Demand News 387 871 просмотр. Boris Johnson explains how to speak like Winston Churchill - Продолжительность: 5:54 The Telegraph 790 716 просмотров.

[ Johnson ’ s ] interpretation of [ Churchill ] is interesting on every page.” —Freakonomics “A bravura performance . . . Johnson has not only celebrated The Italian embassy had sent a message, he said: that this was Britain’s moment to seek mediation via Italy. The information came via Sir Robert

For one thing, the EU may look very different. But if not, it may be no simple task to detach the UK from its legal and institutional relationship with the EU in as extreme a fashion as Mr Johnson now wants. 

For the moment, he aspires to modernise the UK economy by means of grand infrastructure schemes, to reduce regional inequalities and to reward voters who turned to the Conservatives in the December election. 

However, by putting the National Health Service under extraordinary pressure, and by causing wider damage to the economy, the pandemic threatens to force the government into rethinking its priorities. 

All UK government departments are now treating the pandemic as their main concern. During a health and economic crisis of unprecedented scope, one wonders how the government plans to introduce its complicated new immigration system, designed principally to make it harder than before for EU citizens to live and work in the UK. 

Finally, there are unmistakable signs that the British public, mystified and alarmed by the government’s incoherent handling of the pandemic’s early phase, craves the advice of specialists — and even politicians — who know what they are talking about. 

What the papers say – March 17

  What the papers say – March 17 The Prime Minister’s speech on coronavirus leads the Tuesday papers.The Times says normal life has been put on hold for up to a year as restrictions “unprecedented in peacetime” are being brought into effect.

Boris Johnson tells private hospitals to free up beds for the NHS and orders Rolls Royce and JCB to Prime Minister will go to private hospital groups asking them to free up beds His request will mirror that of wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill in 1938

Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP Boris Johnson was one of the major figures in the Leave campaign that resulted in Britain voting to leave the European Union.

Now the UK finds itself in a national emergency, the appeal that Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s chief policy adviser, made in January for “weirdos and misfits” to join the British civil service looks unconvincing, not to say downright stupid.

Follow the government's latest travel advice for people travelling back to the UK from affected areas, including whether to self-isolate. Don't go to the GP or hospital, stay indoors and call NHS 111. In parts of Wales where 111 isn't available, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. In Scotland, anyone with symptoms is advised to self-isolate for seven days. In Northern Ireland, call your GP.

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Scientists agree that amphibians are in trouble. But a battle over the details underscores a larger debate within the scientific community.In March of 2019, scientists reported a somber discovery.

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