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11:45  06 april  2020
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Ireland put in coronavirus lockdown: Varadkar asks nation to 'forego freedoms'

  Ireland put in coronavirus lockdown: Varadkar asks nation to 'forego freedoms' Ireland has been put under similar lockdown measures to the UK following three more coronavirus-related deaths. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said residents should stay home until at least 12 April unless they are buying groceries, attending medical appointments or collecting medication, getting brief exercise or making essential family visits. © PA Leo Varadkar appealed to those in Ireland to make sacrifices to help each other Almost all shops will be told to close and all gatherings outside of families will be banned.

Which joint has sacrificed stability to provide great freedom of movement? elbow ankle shoulder knee. The shapes of articulating surfaces in the multiaxial joint are a cylindrical bone in a trough. Movement in more than two axes is permitted in a multi axial joint.

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Worldwide travel has come to a standstill - even on the world's oceans, the supposedly last place of freedom. Austrians Doris Renoldner, 52, and Wolfgang Slanec, 64, are currently anchored in French Polynesia.

Fit bleiben in der Südsee: Segler Wolfgang Slanec beim Training am Vordeck wa?hrend der Corona-Quaranta?ne. © Photo: Seenomaden / dpa-tmn Stay fit in the South Pacific: Sailor Wolfgang Slanec during training on the foredeck during the Corona Quarantine. They call themselves

sea nomads: in 1989 they set off for the first circumnavigation of the world, in 2002 another seven years followed on the ocean. They write about their experiences on the blog.

But great freedom is a thing of the past: boat quarantine in the South Pacific. In an interview with the dpa themed service, the two adventurers talk about this special time - and what it is like to be on a small boat as a long-term traveler.

'Healthy' boy, 13, is youngest UK coronavirus victim

  'Healthy' boy, 13, is youngest UK coronavirus victim An apparently healthy 13-year-old boy from south London has become the youngest UK victim of coronavirus. Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab died at Kings College Hospital yesterday morning.COVID-19 is so infectious that his family could not be close to him as he died.An appeal on a GoFundMe page set up by Madinah College to help with funeral costs said: "It is with great sadness to announce that the younger brother of one of our teachers at Madinah College has sadly passed away this morning (Monday 30 March 2020) due to being infected with COVID-19.

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Sedimentary rocks often have lots of fossils in them because plants and animals get buried in the layers of sediment and turned into stone. No oceanic crust older than 180 million years are found in the world , reason is being denser always get subducted beneath lighter continental crust.

Dear sea nomads, You drove from San Diego to the Marquesas in February. Where exactly are you and how are you?

Sea nomads: We are in the port of Atuona, on the island of Hiva Oa, where Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel spent their last years. Our crossing to the perhaps most beautiful islands in the South Pacific took 20 days. But the corona virus has changed the world and our lives drastically in the past two weeks. We have been under boat arrest since March 21. That means we cannot leave our floating home. Quarantine also prevails here.

How are you experiencing this time?

sea nomads: Here we are locked in seven square meters of living space and are not allowed on land. The cabin has a stiflingly hot 35 degrees Celsius during the day. All island states and ports around us have closed, no one wants to accommodate sailors anymore. There are also no flights back to Europe.

cliffs of superlatives! The most beautiful waterfalls in the world

 cliffs of superlatives! The most beautiful waterfalls in the world © WELT Restrict the corona virus using mobile phone data - this idea is becoming more and more real. An app is currently under discussion, which citizens voluntarily download onto their cell phones so that distribution channels can be identified at an early stage. Source: WELT experts agree: In order to contain the corona epidemic, all contact persons of an infected person must be informed as quickly as possible so that they can voluntarily keep in quarantine.

In South Africa, a brutal practice named “apartheid” was followed. Apartheid refers to the discrimination between people on the basis of their race. It was one of the most brutal societies where dark-skinned people were deprived of their basic rights.

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For the first time we are light years away from great freedom. Although we all envy our «exile», we would rather be in Austria now. We could move more freely in our small apartment with a mini garden in the mountains.

What is the mood like on the islands right now?

Sea nomads: The Marquesas are high volcanic islands, originally. Six islands in the archipelago are inhabited and belong to French Polynesia. It is lush with mangoes, papayas, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, lemons, avocados. The locals have been very nice to us so far. Even if they are worried, they know that we sailors are not really dangerous. Everyone who arrives here has been in quarantine for at least 20 days.

At the moment you might think that those who can sail have a clear advantage as a traveler. Is the sea the last bit of freedom and security?

Sea nomads: At sea you are certainly still free of viruses, but at the moment you can hardly moor in ports in the Pacific. In general, the regulations change daily. Sailing on is currently prohibited in French Polynesia. The Polynesians are very afraid of a catastrophe. As long as we don't catch a virus, everything is fine. But if we needed medical help, we would be better off at home. There is no hospital here.

Coronavirus: Closure of bars and pubs in Hong Kong

 Coronavirus: Closure of bars and pubs in Hong Kong HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-HONG-KONG: Coronavirus: Closure of bars and pubs in Hong Kong © Reuters / TYRONE SIU CORONAVIRUS: CLOSURE OF BARS AND PUBS IN HONG KONG HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong authorities have closed pubs and bars for two weeks from Friday as part of tougher social distancing measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Any violation of the new measures may be punished with a penalty of up to six months' imprisonment and a fine of more than 6,000 dollars.

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How long could you survive on your «Nomad» without having to moor at a port?

Sea nomads: We currently have food on board for around four months, water is more of a problem for us. We have a water tank of 250 liters, plus canisters, maybe a total of 350 liters of water on board. But we can catch rainwater.

How do you manage to finance your trips?

Sea nomads: We financed our first trip with jobs on the go. Working on other boats, vintage in France and so on. That wasn't a problem in the 1980s, 1990s. It has become more difficult today and we are older. We take fellow sailors on board from time to time. And in Austria we give lectures and have written three books to date. We live very economically.

Is there a message that you would like to send remotely in the current situation?

Sea nomads: Hold on, think positive, don't let yourself get down. We all hope that the exceptional situation will soon relax and normality will return - even if it feels different than before the Corona crisis.

authorities in South Korea report another corona outbreak among the healed .
© Reuters / HEO RAN A teacher gives an online class at school, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Seoul Seoul (Reuters) - In South Korea is after Authorities report that 91 people recovering from a coronavirus infection again had Covid-19. The director of the Korean Center for Disease Control KCDC, Joeng Eun-kyeong, said on Friday that the virus was more likely to have been "reactivated" than to be newly infected.

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