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14:12  25 may  2020
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TRIBUNE. "If even Emmanuel has stopped believing in Macron, then no one will believe it anymore"

 TRIBUNE. © Copyright 2020, The Observations Emmanuel Macron is in the process of ... being hollandized? The young and daring president, who was going up the Champs-Elysées in a military vehicle, who smashed the instituted bodies, who seemed to want to “overturn the table” of world diplomacy, is today exceeded in the polls by a figure acclaimed for his side reassuring, even cautious, his own Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. As under François Hollande, the curves of the executive cross.

The presidency of François Hollande began on 15 May 2012 when the Constitutional Council announced the official results from the presidential election during his inauguration and ended on 14

François Hollande is the current President of France. Check out this biography to know about his In addition to his political work, Hollande also has a number of books and academic works to his In his last book ‘Changer de destinis’, published in February 2012, Hollande has talked about his personal

Guest of France Inter Monday morning, the former President of the Republic mentioned the death of his father Georges. He also delivered his vision of the unprecedented crisis that France and the world are going through.

  François Hollande évoque le décès de son père © JOEL SAGET / AFP

François Hollande remained silent during the health crisis which left more than 28,000 people dead in France. Monday on France Inter , the former President of the Republic spoke for the first time, telling how he has crossed in recent months. “I lived like many French people this period of confinement at home. Since it was the order, I followed it, "he said. "This is a period that is both disturbing - why be deprived of your first freedom, the freedom to come and go? - and worrying, because it is the risk of contamination (...) I myself could have been personally tested by the virus, since I lost my father in this period, even if there is not necessarily a direct link. The elderly were still very affected and directly affected by this crisis. And I saw what it was like for staff working conditions. My father was in an Ehpad, I could not go to see him, but the staff were there and accompanied the end of life with remarkable dignity and competence. But I also saw all the difficulties that the families of victims may have encountered during this period. How to go and bury your loved ones? How can the family be reunited? ”Explained François Hollande, whose father Georges died in early April .

Hélène Giannecchini: looking death in the face

 Hélène Giannecchini: looking death in the face © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Seeing with your own eyes is the etymological meaning of the word "autopsy". It is also the title of the magnificent book by Hélène Giannecchini who, in 2014, already signed a very beautiful biography of the photographer Alix Cléo Roubaud, who died at 31 years of age by a pulmonary embolism.

François Hollande ’s partner snubbed the role, rejecting the endless media scrutiny and disruption to her career. Published: 11 Mar 2018. The preening young French president’s beauty budget will scandalise those on the minimum wage and do nothing for his collapsing ratings, writes freelance

Hollande broke from his father ’s far-right politics, but he never presented himself as much of a rebel. His big youthful adventure consisted of traveling But before he became president, they used to call him badly dressed, old, archaic, he knows nothing about the economy.” But the day he was elected

The socialist especially drew the political conclusions from the crisis. “It reminded us that we are all vulnerable. The world is vulnerable (...) A virus, and it is the activity of the whole world that stops. Vulnerable, it means that democracy, the principles of freedom, are instantly challenged. This vulnerability obliges us, I think, to design the world with much more solidarity and solidity, ”he said. François Hollande also attacked those who “wondered about the state, too many public services, too many civil servants”. "Myself, while I was president, we were talking about fiscal fatigue, saying" why go to finance these hospitals, these schools ... "", he recalled, referring to a formula used notably by the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Pierre Moscovici, to characterize the fiscal measures at the start of the Holland five-year term. "We need these public services!" Not simply because there is a crisis but because it is part of what guarantees our health and our social cohesion, ”insisted the former president.

Execution scheduled for Tuesday in the United States, the first in 75 days

 Execution scheduled for Tuesday in the United States, the first in 75 days © PAUL BUCK The death chamber of the Huntsville (Texas) penitentiary, in 2000 Executions should resume Tuesday evening in the United States after two months and half interruption related to the new coronavirus, with a lethal injection planned in Missouri. Walter Barton, 64, was sentenced to death for the murder of an octogenarian, stabbed with knives in 1991, which he denies having committed.

Hollande said at the start of his visit that he and the Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, were opening a "new era" with a strategic partnership Hollande , who came to the French presidency in May, made an initial break with the French past by officially recognising the deaths of Algerians at a

PARIS — French President François Hollande said Tuesday that France could not accept a transatlantic trade agreement between the EU and U.S. at "At this stage [of talks ] France says 'No.'" While Hollande and other French officials have spoken out previously against a quick TTIP deal, his

"It is not entirely normal for the State to decide whether the beaches should be opened"

While a controversy opposes the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on the question of the opening of Parisian parks and gardens, demanded by the city council but refused by the Elysée Palace, François Hollande added his grain of salt: "In France, it is not entirely normal that it is the State which decides if the beaches should be open, if the parks should be open. But still, there are elected officials for that, who have responsibilities. ” Opening the parks is "better than seeing families on the sidewalk near the gutters as I saw on Sunday to try to get some fresh air, if I can put it that way," he insisted. .

Then questioned about the "Ségur de la santé" opened by the government for a major consultation on the future of the health system, the ex-head of state said that he was assuming his share of the crisis affecting hospitals and which preceded the pandemic. “I presided over France for five years. So I have my share of responsibility also in the hospital situation. I can say that we have created 30,000 positions in public hospitals under my authority. I can say that we have increased the payroll by 7% ... ”, underlined François Hollande. But, he recognized, "for years, we forced the hospital, and we imposed - and I did my part, so I don't want to exclude myself at all, even if I have brought in additional resources - over-administration ”.

Julie Gayet nice and “very fucked up”: this compliment which will make François Hollande's partner turn pink

 Julie Gayet nice and “very fucked up”: this compliment which will make François Hollande's partner turn pink © PATRICK BERNARD / BESTIMAGE Julie Gayet nice and “well fucked up”: this compliment which will make François Hollande’s partner turn pink Julie Gayet, 47, has shared his life with former President of the Republic François Hollande since the formalization of their romance on January 9, 2014. The brilliant actress recently received nice compliments from a famous journalist. What is the link between Julie Gayet and Laetitia Gayet? No.

Francois Hollande today spoke for the first time about the health of his grief-stricken ex-partner, after confirming that he 'doesn't want' another first lady in the While Miss Trierweiler has indicated she is prepared to forgive and forget following revelations of his affair with an actress, her furious uncle

Two years later his wife invited his mistress and daughter to attend the president's funeral. Mazarine, now 39, has already recounted the trauma of When asked directly if Mr Mitterrand was indeed Hravn’s father , his mother Ms Forsne said: ‘I’m willing to talk about my relationship with Francois

No question for the former president of supporting a questioning of the 35 hours at the hospital, mentioned by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. "You imagine, you are going to say to staff who have worked without counting their time, who have worked overtime that may not even be paid, you are going to tell them: we must also cut the 35 hours? (...) Please do not delete what is today regarded as a social asset! ”, Launched François Hollande.

François Hollande responds on the weakening of mask stocks

Asked about the question of the very reduced mask stocks that France had at the start of the pandemic, François Hollande first referred to a decision taken in 2011 on the change of mask storage system. “In 2013, the administration considered that it was necessary to confirm this decision and put the masks where they could be used, that is to say with hospitals, local communities, businesses. I think that this orientation, which is not based on questions of cost but of proximity and efficiency, was good ”, assumed the ex-president. “Afterwards, that supposed that there was a control of the storage of the masks, of knowing where we were. I did it three times, ”he said. “When I left, there were therefore 743 million masks. And when the crisis hit, there were only 140 or 150 million left. It means that masks were destroyed from 2017 and there was not enough stock of masks. ”

Faced with the major economic crisis affecting France, the former president anticipates "more than a million more unemployed by the end of the year". He proposed a “five-point plan”: preventing layoffs by “proposing a contract to companies”, a “bonus for hiring young people”, making “equity” available to companies, restoring 'ISF and increased taxation of capital, and a "deconfinement check for 10 million people, from 300 to 700 euros for the most modest".

Death of George Floyd: the police officer who tackled him on the ground was arrested .
© Copyright 2020, L'Obs He had been fired from the police. He is now arrested. Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis policeman who kept his knee on George Floyd's neck, was arrested on Friday, May 29, reports the New York Times website, which quotes Minnesota authorities. His arrest is linked to the death of this black man following his muscular arrest. A drama that sparked anger in this city, and across the country.

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