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13:40  26 may  2020
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Mexico: a threatened journalist murdered in the street

 Mexico: a threatened journalist murdered in the street A Mexican journalist, Jorge Armenta, was assassinated in northern Mexico on Saturday, bringing to three the number of journalists murdered since January in this country, one of the most violent on the planet. © DR A Mexican journalist, Jorge Armenta, was murdered Saturday in the north of the country, as well as a municipal police, bringing to three the number of journalists killed in Mexico since the beginning of the year, a- we learned from a judicial source.

The clatter stops this summer, that's for sure. The further future of the Spiekeroog horse-drawn tram is uncertain, however. This year, the subject of storm surge security is pressing for her 135th birthday. The problem is the aging gate in the dike through which the train is pulled.

Die Museumspferdebahn gilt als Attraktion für Spiekeroog-Urlauber, doch der historischen Pferdebahn auf der ostfriesischen Insel droht das Aus. © Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa The museum horse-drawn tram is an attraction for Spiekeroog holidaymakers, but the historic horse-drawn tram on the East Frisian island is threatening to run out.

From a financial point of view, the matter is clear. The mayor of the island community, Matthias Piszczan (CDU), calculated: a minimum of two million euros that the tourism company Nordseebad Spiekeroog would cost a new chart - compared to a medium six-figure amount for the simple gap closure.

Hélène Giannecchini: looking death in the face

 Hélène Giannecchini: looking death in the face © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Seeing with your own eyes is the etymological meaning of the word "autopsy". It is also the title of the magnificent book by Hélène Giannecchini who, in 2014, already signed a very beautiful biography of the photographer Alix Cléo Roubaud, who died at 31 years of age by a pulmonary embolism.

"But the route of the former island railway from 1885 runs through the chart," explains Piszczan. She was also pulled by horses. In July 1885, the connection from the village to the then men's bathing beach was inaugurated and later expanded to the shipping pier.

From the means of transport to the tourist attraction

"People used to stand here and wait for the holiday guests to enjoy how impractical they were dressed," says Dieter Mader while walking through the picturesque village center. The 74-year-old is the chairman of the Spiekeroog museum association. «When they have blasphemed enough, they will be home - but always with a shake of the head: Going into the water voluntarily? Only people from the mainland come up with something so crazy. »

Pakistan: an airliner with more than 100 people on board crashes in Karachi

 Pakistan: an airliner with more than 100 people on board crashes in Karachi © Farooq Naeem, AFP An aircraft of the company Pakistan international Airlines (PIA) in Islamabad in 2016. An aircraft of the company Pakistan International Airlines with a hundred people on board crashed Friday in Karachi, the capital of the South, said the Pakistani aviation authority. The crash took place in a residential area of ​​Karachi in Pakistan.

In the middle of the 19th century, the first vacationers visited the island, as Mader explains. The pioneer was Norderney with his seaside resort. "It was thought here: man, that's a great idea - let people run into the water and make money." Today, in the high season, more than 6000 people frolic in Spiekeroog with just under 800 residents. «We always depend on guests feeling comfortable and coming back. We don't have anything else, »says Mader.

The train has changed from a means of transport to a tourist attraction - around 15,000 people ride the museum horse-drawn tram every year. It is a rarity. For example, a horse tram runs in Döbeln in Saxony. On Spiekeroog, the team with 16 seats jerks back and forth several times a day on the approximately one-kilometer route in summer. Two horses alternately pull it.

worry about an old tradition

«It has tradition. When I think of Spiekeroog, the horse-drawn tram is simply part of it, »says vacationer Natalie Waldforst. She fondly remembers the trip last year that her children could have petted the horse. This time it won't work, because the outdated dike chart is now secured with sandbags in autumn and winter. Because the corona virus came and the tourists initially stayed away, the bags were left behind even after the storm surge season.

But what's next? The mayor thinks of fundraising. Or moving the train station in front of the dike - which would further shorten the short distance. "It would be a huge effort, but you could also use the old junction again and drive to the campsite," says Piszczan.

The railway has seen some changes in its long history: the division into men's and women's bathing beaches was abolished, converted from horses to diesel trains in 1949 and operations ceased in 1981 - but the old tradition was revived directly through the museum horse-drawn tramway.

EU waives sanctions against China .
© Beatrix Oprée Street fighting in Hong Kong: police officers use tear gas to fire demonstrators. ⇥ Photo: dpa Brussels / Beijing. Despite the Chinese violation of international law, Europeans cannot bring themselves to take concrete measures against Beijing. The EU-China summit in autumn is also said to be maintained. The EU condemns China's security law for Hong Kong, but unlike the United States, does not consider sanctions.

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