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13:21  30 may  2020
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Covid-19: MSF calls to mobilize in the face of the "catastrophe" in Yemen

 Covid-19: MSF calls to mobilize in the face of the © AFP - NABIL HASAN The al-Kubi hospital in Aden, Yemen, May 17, 2020. The NGO Médecins sans frontières has appealed for the mobilization of the United Nations and donor countries to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Yemen. Doctors Without Borders was alarmed on Thursday, May 21, of the ongoing "disaster" in Yemen where the pandemic of new coronavirus is spreading, due to lack of human and material resources in a country ravaged by five years of war.

Dethatch the Lawn . Thatch, or the matted accumulation of organic debris between grass blades and roots, can Inspect the lawn for a one-inch layer of thatch. Use a thatching rake or power dethatcher to remove thatch. Afterwards, the lawn will look terrible, but it 'll recover in about three to four weeks.

Maintaining Your Lawn - Proper lawn maintenance includes frequent watering and mowing. Water as soon as the grass starts to dry out. Its color will change from green to bluish grey, and it will lose some of its bounce. If the grass doesn't spring back a few seconds after you step on it , it needs water.

Clewing cleans up

  Eine akkurat gepflegte Rasenfläche? Lassen Sie das! © Isa Lim

Last weekend I was with friends in the country. It took eight years to convert an old barn - and the whole thing has become really tasty. Where ancient times the four small farmers in the village drove their pitifully few pigs and sheep into the evenings, there is now a medium-sized, elongated room with two beautiful large wood stoves in which you can watch the fire as it burns.

They brought the old Herringbone parquet, which my hosts laid on the floor, from England, and the landlady then randomly painted individual woods in transparent colors light gray, light blue or white - which seems incredibly elegant. In the gallery, which they set up in the newly built roof for the guest room, part of it is pleasantly imperfect - and therefore absolutely perfect - boarded with wide planks of white poplar wood. I have seen houses like this in Belgium or Holland, where people are used to interpreting traditions very freely and very contemporary.

Lebanon: 20 years later, the Israeli withdrawal, a recruitment tool for Hezbollah

 Lebanon: 20 years later, the Israeli withdrawal, a recruitment tool for Hezbollah © Provided by Le Point Jalal was barely three years old when Israel withdrew in 2000 from South Lebanon , after a bloody war of wear and tear on the Hezbollah . Two decades later, this "victory" remains at the heart of the flawless allegiance he dedicates to the Shiite organization.

Maintain a healthy lawn : a well fed, watered and regularly fertilised lawn is less likely to be susceptible to weeds. Once your lawn is established make sure you fertilise it in spring, early summer and autumn to encourage thick, lush growth. Related Guides.

Stop watering when it 's full. Consider the soil type and surface features. Grass growing on compacted, fine soil or on slopes needs lighter, more frequent Mix it into the soil before seeding or laying sod, or spread it in a thin layer raked over your existing lawn . Commercial fertilizers usually contain three

We drank champagne in the afternoon. Outside, thick clouds in all shades of gray passed by, the wind blew through the mighty trees and the tall grass on the not exactly small plot moved like a ballet or a video by the British artist Ed Atkins - I never thought that Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania could be so beautiful.

At some point came the moment when I had drunk enough to feel strong enough to tell them my opinion about the gardens that you often find in Germany: and - unlike my friends - it was practically only accurate well-kept, low-cut lawns. With a few poor trees maybe. And a hedge, so that other people don't look away. When I was done, the two of them thought I shouldn't be so strict. They would have tried it too, but they failed because getting a lawn like that would not be easy. That made me think, but only briefly.

Châteauroux: the airport which is not experiencing the crisis

 Châteauroux: the airport which is not experiencing the crisis © GUILLAUME SOUVANT Many international companies have chosen to park their long haul flights, nailed to the ground by the pandemic, at Châteauroux (Indre) airport in the center of the France, May 22, 2020 Several dozen planes nailed to the tarmac while waiting for clear skies. While the air sector is collapsing due to the coronavirus, Châteauroux airport, it operates at full speed, between parking for long haul and medical freight.

It ’s better to spread the fertilizer on a lower spreader setting to avoid spreading too much in one area at once. If applied properly, you shouldn’t be running We’ve already written a post about watering your Atlanta lawn . I recommend checking up on that if you need watering tips. Establishing a new lawn ?

Affordable Lawn Care at the Click of a Button. Schedule your area's top lawn care services in minutes. LawnStarter has simplified the process and made it better. The process is now completely automated through our All pros must pass screening and maintain high ratings, ensuring you

It was a very nice, very long evening. But I didn't change my view of lawn. With my friends everything fit together, the old house with the large doors that were also the windows, the May storm, the rain, the clouds, all the northern German weather. And the plants, flowers, grasses that seem to thrive on the property, apparently completely undisturbed. On the other hand, when I see lawn, I only see: emptiness. Boredom. The complete absence of ideas or interesting thoughts.

Therefore my tip: Don't do this to yourself. If you do not have the time, the desire or the means to make a second Sissinghurst out of your garden (AD 3/2012), then at least say goodbye to the idea of ​​your personality by cutting green to a maximum length of five centimeters To give expression to grass. Just let things grow, because that's where poetry is. And a generosity that is sure to suit you.

Guy Bedos went on a "hunger strike" before his death: his daughter Victoria tells of his last hours .
© AGENCY / BESTIMAGE Guy Bedos went on a "hunger strike" before his death: his daughter Victoria tells of his last hours On May 4, Victoria Bedos addressed a heartbreaking letter to her late father in Paris Match. She reveals the last hours of Guy Bedos and how he had decided to go on a hunger strike. This Thursday, May 4 takes place l funeral of Guy Bedos which we learned, on May 28, the death at the age of 85 .

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