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01:10  01 july  2020
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Tunisia: clashes between police officers and demonstrators demanding jobs in Tataouine

 Tunisia: clashes between police officers and demonstrators demanding jobs in Tataouine © AFP - FATHI NASRI Clashes broke out between police officers and demonstrators in Tataouine, in the south of Tunisia, Sunday June 21, 2020. Clashes broke out Sunday between police and demonstrators gathered to demand jobs in Tataouine, in the south of Tunisia. The police force fired tear gas on Sunday 20 June in Tataouine in Tunisia to disperse demonstrators demanding jobs and the release of an activist who threw stones at them and blocked roads with flaming tires.

" Iran will hold a sword of Damocles over the economic stability of the Middle East, endangering nations like Russia and China that rely on stable energy prices " The United States' overwhelming preference is to work with this council to extend the arms embargo , to protect human life, to protect our national

Washington , he wrote, will make sure an arms embargo imposed on Iran remains in place, “one Hook then tried to win minds in Moscow and Beijing , writing that they “have more to gain from The UN sanctions in question were lifted in return for Iran abandoning plans to develop nuclear weapons

  Iran: à l'ONU, Washington se heurte à Moscou et Pékin pour prolonger l'embargo sur les armes © Provided by Le Point

Lifting in October the arms embargo for Iran would amount to giving this country a "sword of Damocles on the economic stability of the Middle East," warned the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the UN on Tuesday, whose arguments were rejected en masse by Beijing and Moscow.

This could "endanger countries like Russia and China that depend on stable energy prices," said the US official during a Security Council video conference.

"China opposes pressure from the United States to extend the arms embargo," said Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun. "Having left the JCPOA, the United States is no longer a member" of this nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 "and no longer has the right to trigger" a return of international sanctions to the United Nations, he added.

Tunisia: resumption of clashes between police and demonstrators in the South

 Tunisia: resumption of clashes between police and demonstrators in the South © FATHI NASRI Protesters in Tataouine clash with the security forces who fired tear gas during a demonstration for employment in this marginalized city in the south Tunisian on June 21, 2020 Clashes resumed on Monday between law enforcement and demonstrators in Tataouine in southern Tunisia, plagued for a month by social unrest amid unemployment and marginalization of this region.

“We know that the extension of the embargo will put more pressure on Tehran to start acting like a normal state. The world needs this to happen. Let’s take real action on behalf of this council, extending the arms embargo , ” he said during an online meeting of the UN Security Council on

If Washington is unsuccessful in extending the arms embargo , it has threatened to trigger at the Security Council a return of all U . N Britain, France and Germany all expressed concern to the council that lifting the arms embargo on Iran would have major implications for regional security and stability.

Russia has also rejected American pressure. "We cannot accept" American attempts to have the UN "legitimize" the "maximum pressure policy". "What we get in the end is an uncontrollable escalation," said Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia.

At the end of a session that Mike Pompeo had quickly left, replaced by an American diplomat, his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, once again denounced the American policy which, in his opinion, amounts to a "return of the law of the jungle ".

The lifting of the arms embargo imposed on Iran, scheduled for October 18 in a resolution that ratified the JCPOA in 2015, is the condition for the continuation of this nuclear agreement, he stressed. The two subjects are "inseparable," insisted the Iranian minister, calling on the Security Council "not to let any of its members abuse the process" provided for in its resolution.

China will accede to the Arms Trade Treaty

 China will accede to the Arms Trade Treaty © RFI / Stéphane Lagarde The soldiers of the People's Liberation Army (illustration image). China will accede to the Arms Trade Treaty, adopted in 2013 by the United Nations. A decision that will strengthen peace in the world, assured Beijing on Monday June 22. The accession to this treaty approved on Saturday June 20 by the main Chinese legislative body is a particularly political decision.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday urged the UN Security Council to extend an arms embargo on Tehran. The US is adamant about prolonging the ban on conventional arms sales to its adversary which expires in October and has threatened to use a disputed legal move to force a return

If Washington is unsuccessful in extending the arms embargo , it has threatened to trigger at the Security Council a return of all U . N . sanctions on Britain, France and Germany said earlier this month that they believed lifting the arms embargo would "have major implications for regional security and

Without announcing a vote date, the United States recently submitted to its 14 Security Council partners a draft resolution providing for an unlimited extension of the arms embargo on Iran.

Russia and China, endowed with a veto power and who are said to have intentions to sell arms to Iran, have already expressed their opposition to any extension of the embargo.

European embarrassment

American demand has plunged the Europeans, signatories of the JCPOA and who want to preserve it at all costs despite the blows from the United States.

The Security Council currently has five European members (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Estonia and Belgium) and it is not certain that Washington has a majority of nine votes in favor of its text. If these nine voices are not at the meeting, China and Russia would not even need to use a veto for a rejection of the text, note diplomats.

According to the American draft resolution, obtained by AFP, any sale of arms to Iran would be prohibited like any export of Iranian armaments. The resolution would authorize members of the United Nations to use force to enforce the embargo.

American sanctions: Syria will not "submit" to Washington

 American sanctions: Syria will not © LOUAI BESHARA The Syrian Minister for Foreign Affairs Walid Mouallem gives a press conference in the capital Damascus, June 23, 2020 Damascus will not "submit" to Washington’s demands following the new US sanctions, the Syrian foreign minister said on Tuesday that the punitive measures are aimed at undermining support for President Bashar al-Assad before elections in his country.

The U.S. wants to extend an arms embargo against Iran . WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appealed to the UN Security Council Tuesday to extend an expiring arms embargo on Iran , arguing "the world's most heinous terrorist regime" is a threat to international peace and security

Washington has threatened to bring back all UN sanctions on Iran as leverage to get backing from the 15-member Security Council on extending the UN arms embargo on Tehran. Germany’s SPD clashes with coalition allies over NATO nuclear sharing.

In the past, the United States has threatened, if the arms embargo is not extended, to initiate a process of general reimposition of international sanctions on Iran, provided for by the JCPOA.

Tuesday, Mike Pompeo did not evoke this threat nor the American will to see international economic sanctions applied again against Tehran, accused of wanting to acquire the atomic weapon and of destabilizing the Middle East, especially in Yemen, Lebanon or Syria.

Since Washington's withdrawal in May 2018 from this agreement, the European Union, Russia and China, which continue to be members of the JCPOA, deny the United States the right to activate this process of reimposition of international sanctions .

Ambassador of the European Union to the UN, Olof Skoog thus stressed before the Security Council that since May 2018 "the United States had not participated in any meeting or activity within the framework of the" nuclear agreement " of 2015, suggesting that they could not therefore use it to reimpose sanctions at the UN.

Referring to the Iranian transgressions with regard to this agreement (accumulation of enriched uranium beyond the authorized limit, development of new centrifuges ...), Olof Skoog asked Iran "to return without delay to a full implementation of its commitments ".

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Iran: opponent Rouhollah Zam sentenced to death .
© ALI SHIRBAND / MIZAN NEWS / AFP Opponent Rouhollah Zam during his trial before the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on June 2, 2020. In Iran, arrested last October, the opponent Rouhollah Zam was sentenced to death on Tuesday, June 30. A refugee in France until his mysterious disappearance then reappearance in Tehran, he animated a platform of critical information of the Islamic Republic. He was notably accused of "spying for the benefit of French intelligence".

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