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12:15  05 july  2020
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North and South commemorate the start of the Korean War, 70 years ago

 North and South commemorate the start of the Korean War, 70 years ago © Supplied by Le Point Seoul and Pyongyang separately commemorated, Thursday, the 70 years ago of the Korean War, a conflict which has left millions dead and is still not technically finished. It was on June 25, 1950 that North Korean forces invaded the South in an attempt to forcibly reunite a peninsula that Moscow and Washington had divided at the end of the Second World War and of Japanese colonization.

Jean-Louis Letellier devant l’endroit où reposent les cendres du vétéran anglais Dan Robinson dont il tient le portrait, au cimetière militaire de Cambes-en-Plaine. © Stéphane Geufroi Jean-Louis Letellier in front of the place where the ashes of the English veteran Dan Robinson, whose portrait he is holding, rest in the military cemetery of Cambes-en-Plaine.

Dan Robinson, a British veteran who landed in Normandy in 1944, has been buried in the Cambes-en-Plaine military cemetery for over twenty years. Without a gravestone, without a name. And without authorization.

He is there, under the lawn. Divine, cursed. “Here there are 224 graves and 225 people. Jean-Louis Letellier points to a place where there is nothing, and signs discreetly. “Dan Robinson is buried right there. » On the right, third alley starting from the bottom, at the end of the white tombstones. But don't look for his name. In the Cambes-en-Plaine cemetery, there is none. Stashed without a plaque in the English Garden of History. Without a grave, because it has not fallen on the field of honor.

Prince Charles: this long protocol which he must respect to speak to his mother, Elizabeth II

 Prince Charles: this long protocol which he must respect to speak to his mother, Elizabeth II © Abaca Prince Charles: this long protocol which he must respect to speak to his mother, Elizabeth II Guest on set of Daily this Thursday June 25, Marc Roche delivered some anecdotes on the royal family of England. The specialist in the British Crown reveals the protocol that Prince Charles must follow in order to have access to his mother, Elizabeth II. A family really like no other . Since her father’s accession to the English throne, the life of Elizabeth II has been turned upside down.

Daniel Robinson est mort à 77 ans. Il avait rejoint l’armée britannique à 19 ans. © David Robinson Daniel Robinson died at the age of 77. He joined the British army at the age of 19.

Landed at the end of June 1944 in Normandy with the 59th Staffordshire Division, Dan Robinson, lad of the suburbs of Birmingham, escaped German fire during the terrible operation Charnwood (or "Wood of the mass grave" ...) which led to the liberation of part of Caen and surrounding villages. "My father told me that when he looked at the 18 year old kids around him, he felt like an old man at 23", remembers his son David Robinson, who still lives in England.

Touched by a bus explosion a few months later at the German border, Dan returned to England, spent weeks in hospital, received the military medal. He marries May, has four children, two girls and two boys, and becomes salesman then manager of stores. Life goes by like this. Once retired, he begins an annual pilgrimage to Normandy. In 1990, "they all landed with us", recalls Jean-Louis Letellier.

Belgium. Fifteen migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom rescued at sea

 Belgium. Fifteen migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom rescued at sea © KURT DESPLENTER / AFP The Belgian coast guards rescued fifteen migrants boarded a canoe in the North Sea (file photo). Belgian authorities announced this Sunday, June 28, that they had rescued fifteen migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom by sea. They were on board a seven-seat canoe that left from Dunkirk (North) on Friday evening.

Interested in history, insatiable curious, the Norman born in 1951 "once the war is over" , then just founded the Association of Friends of Charnwood. "From the outset, we decided to welcome veterans into host families rather than the hotel. » Rich idea. The years pass, the bonds are woven. Dan Robinson, the veteran covered with medals becomes a friend, "a father" for Jean-Louis Letellier who lost his too early. David, the conscript from the other side, his "English brother".

Le cimetière militaire britannique de Cambes-en-Plaine. © Stéphane Geufroi The British military cemetery of Cambes-en-Plaine. Buried without authorization

The little story born of the Great was already beautiful. She became extraordinary when in June 1998 Dan Robinson died at the age of 77 and his family discovered his will. He wants to be buried in the Cambes-en-Plaine military cemetery. "I saw my father standing there each summer, in front of his fallen comrades of the 59th: Jack, Tansie, Jimmy, Norman, Billy, Doc ... details his son. For him, it should be an honor to sit alongside these brave men. "He also said that he wanted more specifically to be there, next to one of his friends, who should have been his witness to marriage, breathed Jean-Louis Letellier. We don't really know.

French ex-prime minister Fillon sentenced to prison

 French ex-prime minister Fillon sentenced to prison Former French presidential candidate François Fillon has been sentenced to imprisonment for his wife's mock employment. © Photo: Thomas Samson / AFP / dpa Francois Fillon (r), former Prime Minister of France, and his wife Penelope Fillon (2nd from right) leaving the courthouse. A Paris court sentenced five years in prison on Monday, three of them on probation, according to the French media. His wife Penelope was also sentenced to three years' probation.

What is certain is that Dan Robinson wants to rest forever in Cambes. So David calls Jean-Louis, who contacts the then village mayor, Charles Decaen. "He replied:" It is impossible, he did not die during the war! »» The veteran's family insists. Jean-Louis Letellier and the mayor did not drop the case. "We looked for solutions for several months, until I called the embassy. » Nothing to do. One does not joke with death, in military cemeteries.

"So, a few months later, I summoned Dan's whole family. They came from England with the urn. I took my wheelbarrow and ... " He stops, strangles a sob, takes a look at the portrait he took with him for the photo. "I can still see myself making the hole ..." The urn is put down, the hole filled up. Neither seen nor known. “With the family, the mayor, we have kept it a secret ever since. But now we can say, no one would dare ask us to back off.

A secret of more than twenty years

Dan Robinson is there, at the end of the aisle, watching over his friends who fell so young. Discreetly. "Yes, my father's grave is anonymous, recognizes David, but he is not anonymous for his family and our friends in Normandy.

This Tuesday, July 7, the ceremony of the Liberation of the communes of the north of Caen, at the cemetery of Cambes, will have a bitter taste. Without an audience, and, for the first time, without David Robinson, stuck on the other side of the Channel by this damn Covid. Jean-Louis Letellier, he will be there to represent the last remaining combatants and his English father. "And, in a few months, if all goes well, David and his wife Stephanie will return to Normandy to meditate, continues Jean-Louis Letellier. Then, we will go on vacation for a few days together. » With family.

Two former secret agents sentenced to 8 and 12 years in prison for treason in favor of China .
© Béatrice LE GRAND / OUEST-FRANCE archives Two former French secret agents were sentenced to 8 and 12 years in prison (illustration ). Judged at the assizes for having betrayed for the benefit of China, two retired secret agents were sentenced to prison terms on Friday in Paris. Two ex-French secret agents who were on trial for having betrayed for the benefit of China were sentenced Friday in Paris to 8 and 12 years in prison, in a very rare trial, which was held behind closed doors.

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