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12:11  29 july  2020
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An electrical failure at Creil station wreaks havoc

 An electrical failure at Creil station wreaks havoc © LP / Paul Abran Many travelers wanting to reach Paris, especially for their vacation departure, found themselves without a fallback solution at Creil station after a catenary broke, resulting in network paralysis. The rupture of a catenary at Creil station this Friday afternoon severely disrupted the circulation of all the trains running on the Picard network. Power outages led to train cancellations and delays of more than four hours.

So, how can you start listening, trusting and acting on your gut feeling , which is so important for systematic discretionary traders? This gives you confidence and trains your spidey senses. If everything looks great about a trade but something just doesn’t feel right, get your ass out of there.

The " gut feeling " is real, and we use it all the time. They are likely to have a good sense of how long a project will take, how long a meeting will last, or what time to leave for an 3/3 of the Flexibility Spectrum: For someone who is very accommodating, you may often second-guess your own intuition.

  So kann man das eigene Bauchgefühl trainieren © Unsplash / Kal Visuals The gut feeling is more than a good guide. It also warns of dangers. Those who pay enough attention to their inner voice often end up making better decisions.

Important decisions in life are better made rationally, some say. Listen to your gut feeling, say the others. So much in advance: Both are right.

Inner Voice, Intuition: The gut feeling has many names. Not only is it good advice on whether to do something or not, it also warns you of dangers.

"For example, a firefighter knows exactly how long he can extinguish flames in a house and when it is time to go the distance to protect his life," says mentalist and author Florian Ilgen (" The Power of Intuition - Why you have to have the courage to change at the right moment "), which does stage shows around thought phenomena.

Hauts-de-Seine: a year and a half after its departure, the Ellen tunnel boring machine arrived at the station at 9.40am!

 Hauts-de-Seine: a year and a half after its departure, the Ellen tunnel boring machine arrived at the station at 9.40am! © LP / M.L. Clamart, this Tuesday. Starting in February 2019 from Bagneux, the Ellen tunnel boring machine, which moves underground at an average rate of 12 m per day on average, has just pierced the wall of the Fort-d'Issy-Vanves-Clamart station. He arrived with an impressive roar, as if one could hear the earth shaking. The underground journey of the Ellen tunnel boring machine of the Grand Paris Express, which left Bagneux on February 14, 2019, ended on Tuesday morning.

Your “ gut feeling ” grows by constantly engaging in conversations and exposing yourself to the English language – reading, watching TV programs and Are you ready to start developing your own “ gut feeling ” for natural English? Have you any questions related to this topic? Let me know all of that in

We all get them. Those gut feelings that tell us something's not quite right. It's what you do with them that has the power to change everything! Learn how

That the fireman knows this has something to do with his wealth of experience, which is stored in the subconscious.

If danger is imminent, the inner voice answers in a matter of seconds, quietly and warningly. This is also the reason why many instinctively do not go to remote places alone in the dark.

No connection with the stomach area

The connection with the stomach area is misleading for the gut feeling. "You don't really know where this feeling comes from," says psychologist Tobias Maldei. He is a scientist at the University of Trier.

"A decision is pending or there is danger, and some notice something in the stomach, others in the chest or on the shoulder," explains Maldei. However, "gut feeling" has become common in the language.

What if we stopped eating fish stuffed with plastic?

 What if we stopped eating fish stuffed with plastic? © istock.com/svariophoto if you want to eat a product that looks like fish, go for the imitation fish, made from tofu It's not just sunlight or waves that can fragment the plastic. An Irish study has shown that a species of small crustaceans can break down microplastics in four days. If this is bad news for us, there are indeed solutions to reduce your consumption of fish.

GUT HEALING GUIDE 🥦 Make your own delicious & simple healing food! How to Gain Weight - 3 Reasons Why You Struggle to Gain Weight & How to Fix it Naturally - Продолжительность: 16:03 Gut Feelings 5 503 просмотра.

Discover how to identify, develop, and honor your intuitive voice. You may also get that gut feeling that it isn't a good idea to go somewhere, and then you later hear that you would have run into Some tools that you can use include meditation exercises and actual training programs that you can take.

The emotions that can be felt in the body are connected with the implicit memory, explains the psychologist.

This is the part of memory that affects a person's experience and behavior without becoming conscious.

More thorough and faster than the head

The advantage of the gut feeling: "It thinks faster and also more thoroughly than the head", explains Ilgen. The process behind it: you have an experience, a knowledge or you get information.

All of this is stored in a kind of body-own archive, and in decision or dangerous situations the intuition calls up what it needs in the archive.

For example, a person knows immediately that he should duck away from the other party who is swinging. Perceived and thought through consciously, this process would take too long.

Many do not perceive gut feelings

"The more experiences one has in a given area of ​​life, the more reliable the gut feeling is," says Maldei. However, one problem is that many have forgotten how to perceive their gut feelings.

Italy. A senator launches the Italexit party, on the model of Brexit

 Italy. A senator launches the Italexit party, on the model of Brexit © REUTERS TV The Italian senator, Gianluigi Paragone, here at the exit of the Senate in 2018. An Italian senator launched Thursday July 23, Italexit, sovereignist party who aims to get his country out of the EU on the British Brexit mode.

So how can you tap into your own subconscious and learn to thin-slice effectively? I want you think about how you’ve thin-sliced in your own lives: Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone…and found out later you were right? Learn how to spot all 7 microexpressions in our faces tutorial.

Here are tips for trusting your gut feeling about someone. Don't forget to Subscribe and click the bell to get notifications of new training videos.?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Facebook: facebook.com/arenewedlife.

Many people are convinced that decisions are best made on a rational basis. So they looked for arguments and weighed up advantages and disadvantages. They believe that emotions should be left out - from the perspective of both experts, this is wrong.

"The best decisions are those where the gut feeling says yes", Florian Ilgen is convinced.

Consciously perceiving feelings

The perception of gut feeling can be trained. "This includes a good dose of mindfulness in everyday life," says psychologist Maldei.

In other words: consciously perceive certain situations, especially with a view to the feelings that arise.

"Feelings should be perceived as they are, but you shouldn't be evaluated," explains Maldei. It can be helpful to do short meditations several times a day.

It's about taking time for yourself, looking inside yourself and seeing how you're doing. "This can also be done in the fresh air, for example on a walk through nature," says Florian Ilgen.

The mentalist advocates that people should give their emotions more room. It is important to differentiate the gut feeling from other emotions such as fear, greed or love.

"Otherwise there is a risk that intuition will perish and will not be noticed."

A strong self-confidence is important for the gut feeling. So you should dare to rely on what you feel is right. This works if you make intuitive decisions as often as possible.

The more often you let your intuition guide you, the more you can rely on your gut feeling.

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REPORT. In Spain, the days of coal are numbered .
© Baptiste Langlois Frán Gómez and María Luisa Valdés in front of the Soto de la Barca power station. Half of the last fifteen thermal power plants in the country closed at the end of June. In Asturias, a region with a strong mining tradition, the population understands but fears the economic consequences. The times seem so distant to them. That of trucks loaded with coal, parked anarchically in front of the restaurant La Casera.

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