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20:40  09 august  2020
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Die Erlasse des Präsidenten: Donald Trump bei der Pressekonferenz in seinem Golfklub in Bedminster, New Jersey. © Jim Watson / AFP The presidential decrees: Donald Trump at the press conference at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

tenant protection, help for the unemployed and taxpayers: because the US Congress cannot agree on a new corona package, President Trump decides on measures on his own initiative. But his decrees are full of holes.

Going it alone against the misery in the country

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump's campaign team had all sorts of optimistic plans. Summer should be the time when America overcomes the corona pandemic, when people leave suffering behind, go back to work and spend money. The president campaigned for the shops, restaurants and schools to be reopened. For a while he tried out a new campaign slogan on Twitter, which was supposed to express this departure, at the end of which America would be great again: "Transition to Greatness".

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It turned out differently. The virus continues to hold the US tight in its stranglehold. Millions of citizens are unemployed, they are afraid of falling into debt, poverty or losing their homes. And with the first Americans starting to vote on their next president in a few weeks' time, the incumbent, whose polls are not good, apparently thought it appropriate to take care of the misery in the country. In any case, when visiting one of his golf clubs over the weekend, Donald Trump took the time to sign several decrees designed to cushion the dramatic social consequences of the pandemic.

It is unclear whether the four edicts are lawful and whether they will help much. In one of the decrees, Trump decreed that in certain cases defaulting tenants who have fallen behind due to the economic crisis may not be thrown out of their apartments. Such protection moratoriums have existed or existed in many cities, counties and states, and the US Congress had issued one. In many cases, however, these rulings, which have meant the difference between a safe home and homelessness for millions of people, have now expired. Experts estimate that

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Trump's decree only protects the residents of a quarter of all rental apartments in the USA. Millions of other people who have lost their jobs and run out of money to rent will still face eviction if their state or community does not help them.

The new unemployment benefit that Trump invented in a second decree is similarly incomplete. In the spring, Congress passed the very generous resolution to transfer all recognized unemployed an additional $ 600 a week from the federal coffers until the end of July - $ 2,400 a month, but only until the end of July. Without this help, a significant part of the population would have long been impoverished. Trump's decree reduces the additional amount to $ 400, but at least extends the payments.

Donald Trump uses the stalemate in the congress to show himself as a carer.

But since the congress has not yet approved any money for this, Trump finances the grants from the budget of the disaster control agency Fema. A quarter of the costs will also be borne by the states, which are already in dire financial straits because of the crisis. In this respect, it remains to be seen whether the aid will actually reach a significant number of people in need, unless a court overturns it.

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The third decree gives citizens who have taken out government student loans the option to temporarily suspend payment of their installments. That makes it easier for millions of people to make ends meet now, but only if they have studied. The decree does not reduce your debt burden.

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Finally, the fourth decree was a typical Trump maneuver: the president has long wanted to lower the tax that is deducted from citizens' salaries to finance the state pension. But because only Congress could pass this tax cut - and it absolutely does not want to pass it - the President has now allowed all employers by decree not to deduct the contribution from their employees for the time being. Whether this is legal is controversial. Many companies will probably prefer not to take any risks. After all, nobody knows who will be president in a few months' time, which party will have a majority in which chamber of parliament, and whether Trump's instructions will not all be invalid.

But it is precisely this uncertainty caused by the upcoming election that is part of the problem. Trump only issued his decrees because Democrats and Republicans in Congress had not previously been able to agree on a new Corona aid package. The Democrats were demanding more than the Republicans were willing to give, and both sides were tough on not wanting to buckle in the middle of the election campaign.

This stalemate, in turn, gave the president, who otherwise tries every opportunity to explain why the situation in America is actually very good, the opportunity to finally present himself as a carer with his decrees - and at the same time to scold him a bit to distribute. The Democrats "have decided to take this vital aid hostage in order to enforce their most extreme left-wing demands, and we cannot allow that," said Trump on Saturday before signing the decrees. And he himself couldn’t help the whole problem anyway, the president added. "It's China's fault."

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