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23:05  13 august  2020
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Israel: Concerns multiply for Benyamin Netanyahu

 Israel: Concerns multiply for Benyamin Netanyahu © Provided by Le Point Faced with the growing wave of demonstrations against him, Benyamin Netanyahu is in offensive mode. After qualifying the protesters as “anarchists”, he rose to power again during the Council of Ministers on Sunday: “Their objective is in fact to trample on our democracy. Another accusation: the protest movement is a coronavirus incubator (which is not proven).

Photo d'archives de Benjamin Netanyahu à Jérusalem le 5 juin 1996, quelques jours après les législatives qui le conduisent au poste de Premier ministre d'Israël pour la première fois © MENAHEM KAHANA File photo of Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on June 5, 1996, a few days after the legislative elections which led him to the post of Prime Minister of 'Israel for the first time

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reindeer of all Prime Ministers in Israel's history, Benjamin Netanyahu is a "magician" of political survival, a past master in the art of being returned to his post despite harsh criticism and legal troubles.

With the announcement of the normalization of relations between his country and the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Netanyahu offers himself a chance to raise the esteem of his compatriots amid a political and health crisis that has seen thousands Israelis have taken to the streets in recent weeks.

Normalization between Israel and the Emirates: a "historic day", says Netanyahu (tweet)

 Normalization between Israel and the Emirates: a © Provided by Le Point The normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates , announced Thursday in a surprise manner by the US President Donald Trump is a "historic day", responded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . "Yom histori" ("historic day"), wrote in Hebrew on Twitter Mr. Netanyahu commenting on the declaration of the US president on a normalization of relations between the Emirates and Israel, which was also part of his project peace for the Middle East.

Le Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu donne une conférence de presse le 13 août 2020 pour annoncer l'accord de paix entre Israël et les EAU © Abir SULTAN Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a press conference on August 13, 2020 to announce the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE

Often nicknamed "King Bibi" by his supporters, Benjamin Netanyahu, 70, leads since May a government "of union and emergency", formed with his ex-rival in the elections Benny Gantz.

The two men, who clashed over three campaigns in less than a year, finally reached a power-sharing agreement intended to bring the country out of the deadlock and manage the Covid-19 pandemic that has plagued the Israeli economy.

Photo d'archives du Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu lors d'une réunion du gouvernement, à Jérusalem le 8 mars 2020 © Oded Balilty File photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a government meeting in Jerusalem on March 8, 2020

The agreement provides for a rotation of the head of government with Mr. Gantz who is to succeed Mr. Netanyahu in the fall of 2021, but the local press is already glossing over an early election due to mounting tensions between the two leaders.

Peace agreement between Israel and the Emirates: "A historic step" in the region according to Berlin

 Peace agreement between Israel and the Emirates: © AFP / POOL / FABRIZIO BENSCH Heiko Maas on August 13. On Friday August 14, the German Minister of Finance described the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates as "an important contribution to peace in the region". German Foreign Minister , Heiko Maas, ruled on Friday August 14 that the agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was an important contribution to peace in the region.

Hailed almost unanimously by the political class for this "historic" agreement with the United Arab Emirates, the Israeli Prime Minister can savor a key moment in his career: his first "normalization" agreement with an Arab country.

In the past, this normalization was closely linked to the peace process with the Palestinians, which was to serve as a bridge to relations with the Arab world and more broadly Muslim. But for Mr. Netanyahu, it is rather normalization with Arab countries that will push the Palestinians to a peace deal with Israel.

- An ideologue father -

The hoarse voice of a tenor, irremovable silver hair, often wearing a blue suit and tie over a white shirt, Benjamin Netanyahu, the only prime minister of the country to be born after the creation of Israel in 1948, is a fine strategist accustomed to darting.

Born in Tel Aviv on October 21, 1949, he inherited a strong ideological baggage from his father Benzion, who was the personal assistant of Zeev Jabotinsky, leader of the so-called "revisionist" Zionist tendency, in favor of a "Grand Israel".

Israeli settlers denounce the abandonment of the annexation of part of the West Bank

 Israeli settlers denounce the abandonment of the annexation of part of the West Bank © HAZEM BADER / AFP An Israeli police car at the entrance to the Otniel settlement (illustrative image). This is one of the consequences of the agreement announced Thursday between Israel and the United Arab Emirates for a normalization of their relations: the Israeli government gives up annexing parts of the West Bank, in accordance with a campaign promise by Benyamin Netanyahu.

Mr. Netanyahu advocates a vision of Israel as a “Jewish state” with borders stretching northeast to Jordan. Hence his promise to annex the Jordan Valley located in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by the Hebrew state, a question postponed in exchange for this agreement, in the words of US President Donald Trump.

Young Netanyahu is doing his military service in a prestigious commando team. The Middle East was then in the aftermath of the Six Day War which in 1967 saw Israel seize the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as well as the Syrian Golan and Egyptian Sinai.

In 1976, Benjamin's older brother, Yoni, commander of the unit responsible for freeing hostages from a Tel Aviv / Paris flight hijacked by two Palestinian and German organizations in Uganda, was killed during the Israeli assault.

This death deeply shakes Benjamin Netanyahu who will make the "fight against terrorism", which he often associates with the Palestinians, one of the common threads of his career.

- Personal war -

A born speaker, pugnacious, he became a diplomat in Washington, then ambassador to the UN in the 1980s. Back in Israel, he was elected deputy in 1988 under the banner of the Likud (right), of which he becomes, with its American style, the rising star.

Gaza Strip: Israel closes the fishing area after rocket fire

 Gaza Strip: Israel closes the fishing area after rocket fire © MOHAMMED SALEM / REUTERS The port of Gaza, August 16, 2020, after the Israeli decision to close the fishing area. The Israeli army on Sunday (August 16) closed the Gaza Strip sea area, preventing fishermen from going out to sea, after rockets were launched and incendiary balloons were sent from the Palestinian enclave into Israel.

In 1996, At 47, Mr. Netanyahu triumphed over Dean Shimon Peres and became the youngest prime minister in Israel's history.

His reign was short-lived: three years. But, after a brief retirement, he returned to his passion, politics, and took over the head of Likud. In 2009, he became Prime Minister again. Since then, Israel has known only "Bibi" qualified by its critics as "authoritarian" leader, "corrupt" and putting his personal interests before the general interest.

Married and father of three children, the most enduring Israeli prime minister has won another, less glorious title: that of the only head of government to be indicted in the performance of his duties for corruption, abuse of power and embezzlement.

On the strength of a "normalization" pact with the United Arab Emirates, Benjamin Netanyahu will undoubtedly have once again surprised his opponents but could also have to face the pro-colony movement which rather than an agreement with Abu Dhabi dreamed of l annexation by Israel of the hundred Jewish settlements in the West Bank ...

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