US News Security: "Gérald Darmanin needs to target the traffickers in order to persist politically", denounces the LFI deputy Ugo Bernalicis

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Free Democrats: Hamburg FDP leader Katja Suding resigns from politics

 Free Democrats: Hamburg FDP leader Katja Suding resigns from politics © dpa The FDP member of the Bundestag will no longer run for the 2021 federal election. The deputy federal chairwoman and member of the Bundestag will withdraw in 2021. She is also no longer running for the state chairmanship. A good half a year after the election failure of the FDP in Hamburg , the state chairwoman Katja Suding announced her departure from the politics .

Gérald Moussa Darmanin (born 11 October 1982) is a French politician serving as Minister of the Interior in the government of Prime Minister Jean Castex since 2020.

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France rebellious is organizing a conference on security

Le député (LFI) du Nord, Ugo Bernalicis. this Monday © Nicolas Messyasz / SIPA The deputy (LFI) of the North , Ugo Bernalicis. INTERVIEW - France rebellious is organizing a symposium on security

this Monday It is, according to La France rebellious , the time to "come to sanity" in matters of security . While the government has vigorously seized on these issues and that the term "wildness" is debated even within its ranks , deputies Ugo Bernalicis and Danièle Obono are organizing a conference on Monday intended to develop the proposals of the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon - who concludes the event - in the fight against delinquency.

Order of Rafale planes by Greece: why Dassault can say thank you to Erdogan

 Order of Rafale planes by Greece: why Dassault can say thank you to Erdogan By putting Athens under pressure in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish president facilitated the first export order of the French fighter plane in Europe. A timely contract for Dassault and the Ministry of the Armed Forces. After Egypt, Qatar and India, Greece made a sensational entry into the Rafale club.

Despite London being a prime destination for human traffickers , 10 of 33 local authorities reported zero trafficked children, and an additional four local authorities were Ecpat and Missing Children say that in order to stem the flow of exploited children disappearing from care services, the child protection

procurement, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, a financial or other material benefit, of the illegal entry of a person into a State Party of which the person is not a national or a permanent resident. What does Article 6 of the Migrant Smuggling Protocol require states to do?

Deputy for the North (LFI), Ugo Bernalicis answered questions from 20 Minutes. For him, Emmanuel Macron "asked Gerald Darmanin to play Nicolas Sarkozy, to occupy the media by talking about insecurity, savagery and separatism. He tells himself that if he does not sanctify the right-wing electorate, his re-election in 2022 will be impossible. "

Your party is not necessarily expected on issues of security and delinquency. What is the meaning of your approach?

We have chosen to launch this initiative in reaction to the media-political campaign which is currently underway. We cannot allow the ideas currently circulated on security to develop without providing an elaborate counter-narrative.

For us, this theme is important to us. I'm not saying it's central, but we treat it in a disciplined and reasoned way. In our adversaries' own field, that is to say that of security issues, we have more expertise and relevant proposals than them. Why deny yourself to let it be known? Like other ministries, we are not afraid to lead Home Affairs.

European companies accused of helping China to monitor its population

 European companies accused of helping China to monitor its population Surveillance cameras, facial recognition and biometrics ... In a new investigative report entitled "Out of Control" unveiled on Monday, Amnesty International denounced commercial links between Beijing and several European companies which have provided China with surveillance equipment.

“It is collective security , it is about our collective responsibility to stand up to the Russians,” Esper argued. The defense secretary has been vocal about his belief that NATO members should be coughing up more cash in order to “deter” Russia.

To win the Democratic nomination, a presidential candidate needed to receive support from a majority of the pledged delegates on the first ballot: 1,991 pledged On April 10, 2020, political scientist Josh Putnam discussed the challenges of recalculating bonus delegates in a FiveThirtyEight article

So you say that La France Insoumise has the keys to solving the problems of insecurity and delinquency that some French people face?

We are ready to lead this country. Yes, we have concrete proposals to implement! It is our political role to translate the theses of researchers in the field. I'm not saying it will be easy at the Ministry of the Interior, but it's not the security issues that worry me the most, Place Beauvau. Rather, it is certain corporations, otherwise known as “majority police unions”, which make me fear some difficulties.

Managing this ministry means, above all, giving police officers a sense of their profession. We want the police to be peacekeepers, for there to be a de-escalation, a reestablishment of the link between the police and the population. It is therefore necessary to put in place the local police destroyed by Nicolas Sarkozy.

I am struck when I see the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin , explain that we must support our police officers without batting an eyelid and never question them. Me, I am for an irreproachable police force, therefore it is sometimes necessary to blame them, which does not mean that one calls into question the institution and its very existence. The agents are surely very happy to hear this. But the next day, when they return to work, the Neo tablets they were promised are defective, the bulletproof vests have expired, the police station smells of urine and the partitions are not soundproofed… This is the daily life of the police officer! We must therefore strengthen material resources to make this profession worthy.

"Hitler did not finish the job" ... Valérie Benaim in shock in TPMP after a terrible comment!

 Tonight, Tuesday, September 21, the debate is relaunched between Valérie Bénaïm and a fan of rapper Freeze Corleone on the controversy that everyone has been talking about for a few days ... © Screenshot C8 "Hitler didn't not finished the work "... Valérie Benaim in shock in TPMP after an awful comment! September 17, the rapper Freeze Corleone was targeted by an investigation for "incitement to racial hatred" and "racist insult" in his clips and texts.

What happens when you need a military security clearance? Not everyone who works for the government has or needs one, and not everyone qualifies. You would need to have a specific reason to know that information before you were granted access.

In order to counter the persistent and ever-changing threat of terrorism, experts say officials need to do more to ensure the safety of air travel. Why are airliners attractive targets for terrorism? "You get a lot of victims at once.

Some people tell you against the police. What do you answer them?

I want to be very clear: I am not against the police. I am against a certain number of behaviors in the national police. The police have a special responsibility, and they derive their authority and therefore their legitimacy from their behavior.

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has, in recent weeks, created controversy by speaking of the "savage" of society. What do you think of these statements?

This is copy and paste Sarkozy, ten years apart! He would never fail to talk to us about the karcher ... Sometimes even Marine Le Pen. The rhetoric of "wildness" is peculiar to the far right, which has circulated the term to stigmatize young people from lower-income neighborhoods. And it is not just the LFI deputy who tells you: the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, believes that this term plays into the hands of Marine Le Pen and her party. I think Emmanuel Macron understood that it was necessary to govern on the right, but it was not worth playing the game of the National Rally either!

Jean Lassalle: the deputy caught up by the gendarmes after a huge carelessness

 Jean Lassalle: the deputy caught up by the gendarmes after a huge carelessness © SIPA Jean Lassalle: the deputy caught by the gendarmes after a huge carelessness The Béarn deputy took reckless risks this weekend. All this to get to a rugby match for his son. Was he really in the moon? We could seriously ask the question. Especially when we know that the deputy from Bearn and decidedly uncontrollable, Jean Lassalle decided this Sunday, September 20 to simply park ... on a railway track.

A researcher who is also a care provider needs to be very clear that a decision to participate or not in a study will False: S/he needs both parental permission & child assent. T/F School authority's permission to conduct For data security issues, consult with your organization's Security Official.

Do I have better insight into a given type of targeting than Facebook would?This can be difficult to know in every situation, but when you think you have information that we don't have, you should provide that information through targeting to help us find the best people to show your ads to.

Gérald Darmanin has toughened his tone in the face of the consumption of drugs. How do you see his speech and the generalization of the fixed fine for cannabis consumption?

Here again, he spits out Sarkozy. It uses the rhetoric and criminal and judicial policy followed since the 1970s. The result is that there has never been so much drug use in France. The increase in repression does not stop trafficking, lots of figures show.

I find it strange to see Gérald Darmanin come to Lille to explain that surveillance cameras have to be installed to fight against drug trafficking when there have never been so many cameras in our country and the traffic has never been has never been so intense. What we need are judicial police investigations. From time to time, we will call out to the person who deals at the corner of the street, the "chouf" who is watching, and nab two or three consumers to say that we are fighting against trafficking. We continue to play a number policy which does not work. But it is ridiculous to operate like this!

Other than political communication, I don't see what it is. If I were cynical, I would even say that the right and politicians like Gérald Darmanin need there to be traffickers and insecurity to survive politically.

In your opinion, what is proposed by the Minister of the Interior is obsolete?

Gérald Darmanin is simply responding to a political order. I think the President of the Republic asked him to play Nicolas Sarkozy, to occupy the media by talking about insecurity, savagery and separatism. He needs us not to talk about the social. Emmanuel Macron tells himself that if he does not sanctify the right-wing electorate, his re-election in 2022 will be impossible. It is all the same strange to place oneself as a bulwark of the RN by applying its program ...

Controversy over climate protection: How much renewables does Germany need?

 Controversy over climate protection: How much renewables does Germany need? Stop global warming, Germany should be climate neutral by 2050. Coal, oil and gas need to be replaced. A lot of wind and solar power is needed for this. But there is criticism of the government's expansion plan. Why? © DW / K.

You are therefore opposed to the policy of the fight against drugs led by the government. What does your party propose regarding cannabis and the fight against drug trafficking?

We propose the decriminalization of the consumption of all narcotics so that consumers who suffer from addictions can benefit from medical and health care. Countries that have gone through this decriminalization for the consumer have had extraordinary results. Take the example of Portugal, which decriminalized all substances. They went from 100,000 heroin addicts to 10,000 in ten years. They took charge of consumers, stepped up the fight against trafficking, and it worked.

Regarding cannabis, we are for the legalization and supervision of production. It remains the most widely used and consumed narcotic in France. The effects produced, especially in terms of disturbing public order, are not the same as other drugs so it is handled much better. The experience of the Netherlands, Canada or others has shown that countries that legalize resulted in lower consumption.

Politics "Ensauvagement", "trivialization of violence" ... On insecurity, the executive seeks his words PoliticsSecurity: Gerald Darmanin in the footsteps of Nicolas Sarkozy? The specter of the politics of the number worries the police officers

Before the deployment of 5G, what remains of the white zones in France? .
White zones without internet access still exist in France, but the gap is closing more and more, according to INSEE. © afp.com/NICOLAS ASFOURI A sticker promotes 5G in a Huawei store in Beijing, in May 2020 At a time when the debate around 5G in France is raging, some opponents network deployment points to the white zones still present in France.

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