US News Syria: prisoners affiliated with ISIS try to escape with children in a tank truck

21:45  22 september  2020
21:45  22 september  2020 Source:   observers.france24.com

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Nearly 800 women and children affiliated with Isis escaped from a camp in northern Syria on Turkey launches offensive into Syria . A Turkish army's tank drives down from a truck towards the Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of

At least 10,000 Islamic State prisoners are in camps across northeastern Syria , according to Kurdish and U.S. officials. More than 800 suspected IS detainees escaped the Ayn Issa camp in northern Syria on Sunday, Kurdish forces said in a statement, five days into Turkey's military incursion into

Des combattantes kurdes sortent un par un six enfants de la cabine d’un camion-citerne, en compagnie de cinq femmes affiliées à l’Etat Islamique qui s’évadaient du camp Al Hol. Captures d’écran. © Supplied by France 24 Kurdish fighters take six children out of the cabin of a tank truck one by one, in the company of five women affiliated with the Islamic State who escaped from the Al Hol camp. Screenshot.

A video posted on social media on September 11 shows an operation to arrest five women and six children belonging to the Islamic State organization. They had tried to escape, hidden in a tanker, from the Al-Hol camp, the largest in Syria, which is home to thousands of internally displaced persons including several thousand jihadist families, detained by Kurdish fighters from the Syrian democratic forces since the end of 2018. These attempts to escape are frequent according to our Observer, and in the first place endanger the children of these prisoners.

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Screaming ISIS fighters panic and desperately try to escape in makeshift tank before being blown up in Syria in dramatic Go-pro footage. Having watched their comrades being gunned down by soldiers from Hezbollah and the Syrian Army, the ISIS fighter tried escape in a makeshift tank , before being

The 249 women and 700 children formerly part of the “caliphate” were held in a secure annexe at the Ain Issa camp. They began to riot and scared away the guards after He also dismissed the reports of escaped Isis prisoners as “disinformation” aimed at provoking the US and other western countries.

In this video released on September 11 by a local Facebook news page, a tank truck is stopped by Syrian Kurdish fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Knocks can be heard from inside the cistern and the crying of children. “Open the door, quickly!” One of the fighters orders the driver of the truck. As he does so, worried, the screams and beatings resume more and more intensely. Once the door of the tank is detached, we see several garbage bags coming down from the truck, then children with pale faces, who obviously cannot move their legs or their arms. "Bring them water!" Shouts one of the Kurdish fighters as the children, in tears, continue to be evacuated and lying on the ground.

We are only showing screenshots of this video due to the presence of minors.

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Almost 800 women affiliated with Islamic State and their children have fled a camp where they were being A Turkish military truck carries tanks on the way to Northern Syria for the military operation in Kurdish Turkey-backed Syrian rebel fighters sit in a military tank in the village of Yabisa, near the

Children at the Kurdish-run Al Hol detention camp in northern Syria in March. Another cell member, who was later killed in a drone strike, is believed to have killed Mr. Foley. The Justice Department intends to eventually bring the two to the Eastern District of Virginia for trial, but a court fight in Britain

A fighter unlocks the door of the tank with the help of the driver and begins to take out small children, one by one, and give them to her colleague who puts them to the ground and wets their faces.

After a few minutes, the women in turn begin to leave the cistern. Most of them wear the full veil or hide their face with their dress. The operation continues for almost ten minutes, during which the children, suffering from the extreme heat, are sprayed with water to revive them. They are all very young.

A total of six children and five women came out of the cab of the tanker.

"Where are you from?", Launches one of the Kurdish fighters to a woman whose face you cannot see. "From Iraq" answers the latter. The driver says he was carrying food "for the [local] Hattab company". "But I have no idea how these women got into the truck. I just got the vehicle back as it is!", He replies to the fighters who question him. The mothers do not give more details on the organization of the operation, content to say that it was their families in Iraq who organized this escape attempt.

Lebanon sinks a little deeper into the political crisis

 Lebanon sinks a little deeper into the political crisis © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Lebanon wakes up on Sunday without the slightest prospect of exiting the crisis has after the renunciation of the Prime Minister designated Moustapha Adib, incapable to form a government due to political wrangling over portfolios, despite international pressure.

The white British ISIS child executioner: Horrific propaganda video appears to show blue-eyed boy with jihadi fighter name 'Abu Abdullah Al-Britani' shooting a prisoner in the head in Syria . Chilling video shows five young boys carrying out executions of prisoners with handguns.

“ ISIS burned a family of five people, including three children , in central al-Riyad [district of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk],” a security source told the Iraqi News website on condition of Burning an entire family alive is one of numerous atrocities committed by IS militants, who control larges parts of Iraq and Syria .

This scene dates from September 10, 2020, as our Observer confirmed to us, who had access in particular to the videos of their interrogation. It takes place just outside the Al-Hol camp, 40 km from the city of Hasaké, in northeastern Syria. Established in 1991 during the First Gulf War by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), since the end of 2018 has brought together nearly 70,000 people, including 18,000 women and children of 82 nationalities affiliated to the State group Islamic, placed under the protection of the SDF and the Kurdish Autonomous Administration (Rojava).

A source within the administration of the Al-Hol camp communicated to the Observers editorial staff a second video, filmed after the rescue operation. The Kurdish fighters question the driver of the tanker there on the circumstances in which the group would have got into the vehicle.

We are only showing a screenshot of this video due to the presence of minors. The driver says he comes from a village of Tell Hamiss, in the governorate of Hassaké, about fifty km from Al Hol. He transported water on behalf of the Norwegian NGO for the displaced persons of the NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council).

Many detainees affiliated with the EI group try by all means to escape to Idleb, a province in the west of the country controlled by Turkish forces and Syrian militias, in order to then reach Turkey. An report from the Middle East Institute indicates that these women can thus go to the embassy of their respective country or reside illegally but freely in Turkey.

In addition, the Turkish intelligence services collaborate with those of other countries in order to evacuate women from the Islamic State organization to their countries of origin via Turkey. For Turkey, these former detainees who have arrived on its territory are another means of pressure on the European Union, since it can threaten to send them back to their country of origin.

Nagorno-Karabakh: Emmanuel Macron denounces the sending of Syrian "jihadists" and denounces "a red line" .
© Reuters The impact of gunfire near a house damaged by a bombardment during the fighting in the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, in the city of Agdam, October 1, 2020. "A red line has been crossed" in Nagorno-Karabakh, Emmanuel Macron said overnight from Thursday to Friday. The French president denounced the sending of Syrian jihadists to the separatist region, where violent clashes continue to claim deaths. A team of journalists from Le Monde was also injured.

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